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Poseidon’s Choi Siwon Is Good Looking Even in the Rain

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2011.09.02 18:09 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

Even the falling rain could not stop Super Junior’s Choi Siwon from perfecting his scene…and from showing off his perfect body.

How many singers out there can receive favorable reviews in both the ballad and dance genres like this woman?

Baek Ji Young’s skill in making dance sound like what dance should be and ballads sound like what ballads should be is unrivaled. She took over the K-Pop world in August 2009 with My Ear’s Candy, and now she’s back with another dance piece.

Poseidon’s Choi Siwon Is Good Looking Even in the Rain

Poseidon’s Choi Siwon Is Good Looking Even in the Rain

Choi was cast in KBS2’s ‘Poseidon’ (Written by Jo Kyu Won, Produced by Yoo Chul Young) as elite coast guard Poseidon member, Kim Sun Woo.

The drama will air its first episode on September 19, and will follow Kim Sun Woo as he joins investigation division 9 with Jung Ryul (Lee Sung Jae) and Soo Yoon (Lee Si Young).

The shooting for this particular scene took place on August 25 at Port Incheon; the crucial scene shows when Sun Woo first becomes involved in a scandalous incident, and Choi showed off a body more impressive than that of a real-life coast guard.

The shooting took place late at night, and had to be filmed in the midst of a heavy downpour, but Choi didn’t stop running and falling down for over three hours. After staying up all night for this scene, he started showing signs that he’d come down with a light cold, but still kept at it, like a pro.

The production company Annex Telecom said, “Choi Siwon kept the active feel of the scene alive even though it would have been difficult for him to keep running at full speed in the thick rain. Please pay attention to his many charms, ranging from his charismatic acting to his bright and sweet image.”

Poseidon, which is the first drama in Korea to tell real stories from coast guard mystery investigations, will be airing as the follow-up to Spy Myeongwol.

Photo credit: Annex Telecom

Baek Ji Young released her mini album Good Boy on May 17, and will greet fans on TV for the first time in a long time.

The title song, Good Boy, is a dance song. She continued to sing for OSTs of various dramas for a year, but she’s back with an album under her own name, determined to take over the scene yet again.

2PM’s Taecyeon helped her in My Ear’s Candy, and this time she’s joined forces with B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung. Will she shake up the music scene again?

“The first version of Good Boy didn’t have a very long rap part so I didn’t really need anyone," said Baek Ji Young. "Then I rapped a bit, but it came out better than expected, so we made it longer and I thought it would be great to sing it with a junior. I thought I would be able to show off something new. (Laugh) Then I came to work with Yong Jun Hyung thanks to my friendship with [Cube Entertainment’s] agency rep Hong Seung Seong.”

This is the answer she gave in response to the joke that she’s a ‘male dance idol killer.′ On one level, they’re exchanging favors because Baek Ji Young previously sang for singer Mario, who was signed with the same agency as B2ST.

However, that she had helped someone associated with him couldn’t have been the reason she chose Yong Jun Hyung. I became curious as to why she chose him out of all the other male idol singers.

“I promoted with B2ST when I had released the single As Usual. I saw B2ST and felt that Yong Jun Hyung is a singer/songwriter and he’s great at rapping. That’s why I came to work with him.”

Poseidon’s Choi Siwon Is Good Looking Even in the Rain

Thankfully, the results of her work with Yong Jun Hyung exceeded her expectations.

“The lyrics for the original guide were very cliché, but they changed a lot after they went through Yong Jun Hyung. He seemed really shy when I met him in person, but when he was working I could see he was very talented and hardworking.”

Sometimes singers don’t perform together onstage even though they’ve sung for the same song, but Baek Ji Young brought Yong Jun Hyung onstage to perform with her. She’s expecting a synergistic effect to arise from the feat.

Of course, Good Boy can’t escape comparisons to My Ear’s Candy. Both are dance pieces, and both feature popular male idols onstage.

“A lot of people forget this, but it’s already been three years since I promoted My Ear’s Candy. I actually don’t remember what I was like at the time. Good Boy is a song my staff and I dug out. I had fun working on it rather than worrying that it’s going to be compared.”

It’s already been 13 years since she entered the music scene, and she′s proved she′s a veteran who can be bold in any situation. She is cool about promoting a dance single although she isn′t that young anymore.

“I am old, but I’m still active as a senior singer. Nine times out of 10, I received ballad songs, but I thought that now was the time to sing an up-tempo and fast song. I want to sing ballads even after I turn 40.”

Baek Ji Young can make hearts flutter with her sad ballads, but she can also make you dance to her bouncy music. Baek Ji Young proves that age is, indeed, nothing but a number.

Photo credit: WS Entertainment
Translation credit: Erika Kim

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