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Change in MBC’s Year-end Awards Upsets Public

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2011.12.28 17:35 Mwave Park, HyunMin

Upon announcing the change to its year-end award system, MBC met with strong opposition from netizens.

The backlash seems to be mainly coming from those who were angered that Yoo Jae Suk, the strongest candidate for the grand prize of the MBC Entertainment Awards, ultimately lost his chance to be awarded even before the ceremony commenced.

MBC stated in a press release on December 27, “Starting from this year, we’ll change the way of granting grand prizes in entertainment awards and drama awards from awarding individuals to awarding pieces of works,” citing the reason as “To avoid many co-recipients and prevent controversies over the fairness of selecting winners.”

Change in MBC’s Year-end Awards Upsets Public

But netizens lashed out at MBC by saying, “It is a shallow trick designed by MBC after watching the KBS Entertainment Awards," “MBC got rid of its gold medal and replaced it with a team award," “There is already the best award for programs, then why did they have to remove the grand prize?” and “It is a trick to give the grand prize to the program, I Am A Singer.”

While some of the netizens may be spreading baseless theories, the last comment does have grounds in some truth. The altered award system has allowed for a greater possibility of I Am A Singer winning the grand prize.

I Am A Singer has garnered a lot of attention as each episode became a hot topic, giving a boost to MBC’s Sunday entertainment shows. However, in spite of its high popularity, it does not have a single entertainer like Yoo Jae Suk, who has been leading entertaining programs like Infinity Challenge and Come to Play, which means there is no candidate for the grand prize in the program.

But with the altered award system, I Am A Singer gets to look to the possibility of grabbing the grand prize. To be sure, Quiz to Change the World and Radio Star can also throw down the gauntlet.

Change in MBC’s Year-end Awards Upsets Public

With the change in the awarding system, MBC might be able to make the competition more interesting than the one that would have likely been dominated by Yoo Jae Suk.

But the change can backfire, leaving room to fuel controversies over fairness rather than achieving fairness.

But the way that MBC has chosen to grant the grand prize has already changed, and another alteration would almost definitely invite more opposition. It′s premature to judge whether the change will help maintain the fairness of the awards as MBC has maintained, or if it′s a trick to draw attention or pick the winners that it wants to pick.

Hopefully, MBC makes a wise choice that is acceptable and understandable to viewers, bearing in mind the fact that controversies could be harsh depending on results.

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