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Kim Jae Joong Has Officially Caught the Acting Bug

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2011.09.02 16:27 Mwave Choe, MinJi

JYJ member Kim Jae Joong recently revealed his thoughts on acting.

Standing at 188 cm, with a slim figure, small face, slender hands and white-skin, he is a person one would think could only see in a comic book.

Enews met with the rookie actor Yoo Min Kyu with his good looks and flawless body dimensions. He was recently seen on tvN’s Shut Up: Flower Boy Band where he portrayed the bassist Kim Ha Jin, of the drama’s fictional band Easy on the Eyes. He received praise for his portrayal of the tough-on-the-outside youth who also sheds tears because of his one-sided love. He is proving to be an actor worth watching-out for.

Kim Jae Joong Has Officially Caught the Acting Bug

Kim Jae Joong Has Officially Caught the Acting Bug

On September 7, the singer tweeted, “Acting has a peculiar charm. Singing, dancing, directing, producing, writing, and photography are all exciting and enjoyable, but acting is a whole new world.”

Kim is currently starring in the SBS TV drama ‘Protect the Boss’ as Cha Mu Won, the tactics manager and director of DN Group. Despite the fact that the drama is Kim’s first Korean drama, viewers have responded positively to his steady performance throughout the series.

Netizens responded to the tweet with comments like, “Director Cha Fighting!” “It’s cool that he’s so into acting,” “I hope you appear in another drama once ‘Protect the Boss’ ends,” and “I want to see more of your acting.”

Photo credit: Kim Jae Joong’s Twitter

Who is Yoo Min Kyu?

Yoo first made his headway into the celebrity world by starting out as a model when he was twenty years old. As a student he found himself growing 10cm a year to outgrow his classmates and at the suggestion of his eldest sister, he auditioned to be a model.

“I didn’t have that strong of a desire to be a model. Even on the day of the audition, I kept contemplating whether I should go or not. There was an individual there who saw me favorably and that first year alone I stood more than ten years on the runway. Since everything seemed to be working out I thought acting and all the other areas would easily work themselves out as well.”

Unfortunately reality was different than what he had thought. Though he did receive occasional casting offers for acting and modeling here and there, they didn’t prove to be too successful and he fell into a year and half period of ‘pain’.

While deeply contemplating ‘what am I doing?’ a miracle-like chance came his way. He had caught the attention of Park Joo Hye, CEO of the production company, Oh Boy Project which was managing the production for Shut Up: Flower Boy Band as well as the model agency DCM. He went on to appear on the audition program on tvN Flower Boy Casting, Oh! Boy, which began airing last November, and ended up winning the competition and being cast in the drama.

“Many people assume that my journey here has been easy but there was a lot of complications along the way. Especially a lot of people think because of Flower Boy Casting, Oh! Boy I was able to be cast in the drama easily but the competition was vicious. Maybe you didn’t feel it in the drama? My earnestness (Laugh).”.

Kim Jae Joong Has Officially Caught the Acting Bug

From Traditional Drums to Kendo, An Abundance of Talent

Yoo Min Kyu is the best case to break the assumption that all models look like they have a strict personality. With a tall figure, long legs and arms, slim figure, etc he has all the basic traits of a model. With big eyes, high nose the 1987-born Yoo is twenty-six in Korean age but has the fresh and youthful look of a high school youth which shows not only on the runway but on the big screen and on television.

“I’ve heard here and there that I resemble Lee Min Ho in his Goo Joon Pyo role from Boys Over Flowers. I’ve heard it a couple of times but of course for me, it’s an honor (Laugh).”

Aside from his aesthetical merits, he has displayed a wide variety of skills and talents in other areas as well. In his third year of elementary school, he came to first touch a janggu (traditional two-headed Korean drum) and came to first dream to be a human cultural asset. He went on to study at Seoul’s Gukak National High School specializing in janggu.

Aside from janggu he has a strong interest in kendo. In his first year of elementary school he began to follow his friend to learn kendo and practiced it for seventeen years. He even competed in national events in his middle and high school years where he even won a few events.

“I’m the type of person to fall into something completely once I fall into it. So I think that’s the reason I came to do acting for so long. I experience a thrill and joy when I see myself on screen. I experience a 1.5 times greater thrill when I’m acting than modeling.”

His personality is very chill too. He answers without hesitation or stammering. He was honest and clear in what he liked and disliked.

When asked which actress from his drama was closest to his ideal type he answered without blinking, “I don’t know if it’s because I portray a one-sided love to her but Kim Ye Rim.”

When asked who he was closest to among the band actors he answered, “I’m close with all of them but I’m closest with Kim Min Suk.”

Kim Jae Joong Has Officially Caught the Acting Bug

Cha Seung Won, Kang Dong Won Are His Role Models!

Yoo’s role models are Cha Seung Won and Kang Dong Won. The reason being that both Cha and Kang began their careers as models and later became top stars as actors, which Yoo also aspires to become.

“Cha Seung Won senior displays an unprecedented level of charisma on the runway but also fully immerses himself into his roles as an actor. Kang Dong Won senior too is not only just good-looking but conveys emotion to his characters. As models-turned-actors, I aspire to become like them.”

Among the genres of comic, mellow, action and fantasy, Yoo answered that he′s most interested in comic and action genres. He hopes to bring comic relief at the expense of his own image while also displaying charisma overflowing action in other productions. He even brought laughter to the set of the interview after sharing he’d like to be like the superhero Spiderman and then proceeding to pretend shoot web strings.

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band was just my beginning. Until the day I become an action hero star I will do my best. Please continue to watch out for me. (Laugh)”

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan
Translation credit: Stewart Ho

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