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[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

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2012.12.05 19:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

We knew this would be an epic episode just by the title, which refers back to the great battle during the Han Dynasty that decided which side would win everything once and for all.

A lot of chances were taken with little certainty that things would work out, as our evil characters continue to threaten, torture, and conspire to bring down Anthony, but luckily for him, he’s not alone in this battle anymore.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Anthony finds out from Kenji that President Watanabe is on his deathbed and Kenji has just decided he wants all of his daddy’s money back.

Anthony argues back, saying this is against the contract that he signed with President Watanabe, but Kenji points out that according to the contract, the company should have started filming today, not hold a press conference.

Anthony tries to say that President Watanabe already gave consent, but Kenji doesn’t care, since it was only a verbal agreement. Besides, the boss now is Kenji.

As Kenji leaves, the Jaekuk Chairman and Jin Wan wish Anthony the best of luck trying to stay alive. Go Eun watches in worry from afar.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Back in the waiting room of the press conference, Hyun Min and Mina are giving each other dirty glares as Director Goo lectures them to play nice, since they’re all in this together and they should put their emotions into the camera and not out.

The cast finally makes it on stage to the relief of everyone involved in the production. Cameras flash as Hyun Min and Mina put on fake smiles.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Applause rings from inside, as Anthony stands where he was, still shocked, still processing what has happened. Go Eun questions him, but Anthony just walks away.

Photo time for just the two actors arrives and the two continue to smile and laugh.

But speaking through their teeth, they insult each other. Bitna glares at Hyun Min and Mina together, as Go Eun looks back and waves to her mom.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Then she turns to Anthony’s empty seat beside her and her face stiffens.

Anthony is at Kenji’s office, asking for an explanation.
Kenji doesn’t care about Anthony’s drama, but the money that should be his that’s invested in it.

Anthony promises that he’ll repay the investment and Kenji asks if he’s willing to sacrifice his hand for it. Anthony’s certain, but he wants to make sure that they are on the same page.

Kenji tells Anthony to go check, since President Watanabe is in Korea, wanting to die in Korea.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Just as Kenji said, President Watanabe is in a hospital, barely alive, as Akiko cries by his side. Anthony hurries to the hospital room, but when Anthony gets there, it’s already too late. President Watanabe has just passed.

As President Watanabe’s lifeless body is wheeled out, Akiko hands Anthony his last letter.

The letter is an apology letter for not keeping his promise to watch Anthony’s drama.

Anthony watches President Watanabe go, as he says, “You might not have kept the promise, but I will keep it. You will definitely watch The Morning of Gyeonseong even in hell.”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

The Jaekuk Chairman gets the message of President Watanabe’s death.

Although Jin Wan’s certain that Anthony won’t be able to get enough money to start filming, the Chairman tells Jin Wan to stay on his toes because it’s not over yet. They have to stomp Anthony until he can no longer get up.

Even Jin Wan is a bit hesitant at the idea, since there’s no way Anthony can recover from this mess, but the Chairman is sure. Anthony is a man who will come back and kill the Chairman.

“The war is not over,” says the Chairman.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

At World Productions, the staff lament over the loss of President Watanabe and the 3.3 billion won that they now owe. They only have 100,000,000 won left after spending everything.

At this point borrowing money will be too hard and even if money fell out from the sky to repay Kenji, they need to start filming.

Go Eun tells everyone to keep their chins up, since miracles might happen.
Anthony walks in, agreeing on the statement. “But miracles aren’t for waiting, but for making.”

He throws a short pep talk for the staff and begins a meeting to figure out where they’ll get the money. Anthony plans to use the remaining money to at least film the first episode.

“It’s better to run with all your might to the horizon rather than dying of thirst next to a dried-up oasis.”

They plan to meet with several banks while continuing the filming process. “From now on, we’re sprinting towards the horizon and escaping the desert!”

As the meeting ends, Go Eun checks to see Anthony’s mood, but he only scolds her to go write the script.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Work continues, despite the difficult situation World Productions is in.

Shopping for equipment, Dong Suk keeps Director Goo in check and prevents him from buying expensive cameras.

Anthony and Seok Hyun meet with a bank manager, who approves a loan, much to Anthony’s relief, but just then the manager receives a call from a higher-up. When the phone call ends, the manager announces that it’ll be hard to give them a loan.

Anthony asks for the reason, but doesn’t get an answer.

The same thing happens at different banks as Anthony begins to realize that this isn’t a mere coincidence at all.

It’s the work of the Chairman, who has been calling all the major bank companies to put a stop on any loans that could be given to Anthony.

Another problem occurs on the set as the rental boat company is now demanding twice the pay, which will go over World Production’s budget.

Director Goo gets on the phone to complain and Anthony finally reveals that the first episode investment money has been cut off. He promises that the problem will soon be solved.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Meanwhile, Hyun Min is flipping through his script. But he’s not memorizing his lines at all. Instead, he’s just counting how many times Mina comes out.

Hyun Min finally blows up at all of Mina’s scenes as Kwang Soo reveals that the count is Hyun Min at 37 and Mina at 38. Mina wins.

Hyun Min curses Mina’s name, as Kwang Soo suggests that Hyun Min spend this time to study one more line. But one glare from Hyun Min shuts Kwang Soo right up.

Both actors notice something is up as the shooting has been delayed for so long. They finally find out that the money to film episode 1 has been cut.

Director Goo reassures the team that Anthony will solve everything, but for now, they’ll call it a day. Mina puzzles over issue.

We find out that the rental boat never came because of Jin Wan, who is determined to let the broadcast station know that Anthony has no money to fund the drama.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Word spreads to the station, as Anthony tells Woon Hyung what’s happening. Woon Hyung tells Anthony that the station will give Anthony the promised money per episode now, but that is all Woon Hyung can do.

Anthony has to come up with the rest of the sum on his own, or else, the station may sue World Productions for leaving an empty slot in the TV schedule.

After the long day, Anthony returns to his office, and for the first time ever, he appears completely weak and vulnerable.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

He receives a call from Mina, who worries for Anthony. He tells her not to worry about it and is about to hang up, when Mina calls him out. She asks if he remembers what they said to each other before on Christmas and asks to meet.

Anthony declines, saying she should focus on her scripts.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

We’re taken down memory lane. It’s Christmas time and Anthony’s reading a book, as Mina lies on Anthony’s lap.

Out of curiosity, Mina asks Anthony if he’ll be willing to take her help when she’s at the position to do so in the future. Anthony smirks, taking the offer, but adds that the situation will never happen.

Back in the present, Mina asks to meet with Jin Wan.

At World Productions, Anthony announces that he’s headed to Myung Dong to make a deal with loan sharks.

Everyone is against the idea, since Anthony has done it before and it took everything away from him, including his house.

But Anthony replies that CEO Jang is the only hope that the company has at the moment. Anthony leaves, brushing by Go Eun on the way.

Go Eun’s informed that Anthony’s on his way to a loan shark as Dong Suk tries to go and stop him.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

CEO Jang meets with Anthony, shaking his head that Anthony’s still in the drama business after what it did to him. He asks what Anthony has in mind for security, and Anthony replies that his hand, which will make this drama into a success, is his security.

CEO Jang asks how much his hand or his body is worth. “I don’t care if you’re a man of this country, to me, your body is not even work 10 won.”

Anthony pathetically begs for help, as he’s dragged out.

CEO Jang tells Anthony to give up making dramas, since it has ruined him once before.

CEO Jang proves to not be your typical loan shark, but a wise one, as he says, “Do you know what’s scarier than money? It’s the desire of humans. If you don’t want to ruin your life, throw that desire away as well.”

Anthony begs with tears in his eyes as CEO Jang firmly rejects him.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Outside of the house, Anthony echoes CEO Jang’s words about human desires and how dramas are so important in Anthony’s eyes. He begins to cry in anger as we’re taken back to the past.

A couple of students are getting scolded for not bringing school support fees. The teacher sends all the students who can bring the fee tomorrow back into their seats, but one kid remains in front of the classroom.

It’s Anthony.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

The teacher hits him until Anthony answers that he’ll bring the fees, but Anthony remains silent, taking in the beatings.

Little Anthony returns home to his blind mother, who has dinner prepared for him.

Anthony demands to know why their family is so poor, as his mother asks what happened at school. Anthony begins to yell that he’s not going to live like his mom. He’s going to make money like crazy and do everything that he wants.

We’re back in the present as Anthony stares out into the landscape in deep thought. Go Eun watches him from her studio rooftop.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Anthony returns to his office, when an unwanted visitor arrives.
The Jaekuk Chairman enters the office, just as thunder claps loudly and rain starts to pour.

Anthony applauds the Chairman for going out of his way to bring Anthony down, but asks why he’s doing all this. The Chairman smiles, saying Anthony is a lot like him, which is why he liked Anthony so much.

Getting angrier by the second, Anthony asks why the Chairman is still doing this, even after kicking him out three years ago.

“Give me The Morning of Gyeongseong,” says the Chairman. He’ll give him money in return and repay back Kenji.

Anthony asks why the Chairman is sticking his neck out to steal The Morning of Gyeongseong.

“I plan on getting something bigger than that, but only a person with that desire will remember what it is.” says the Chairman, who tells Anthony to think about it: get money and live, or die with nothing left over.

The Chairman leaves, as Go Eun watches on.

Anthony finally notices her there, but he walks by her without a word.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Go Eun runs out after him, asking if he’s going to the Chairman.
Anthony doesn’t answer, but Go Eun lets his arm go.

Go Eun tells him to go to the Chairman and get that money. She’ll also let go of The Morning of Gyeongseong. “We can work together in the next project.”

Go Eun shoots him a weak smile, saying she’s write a better piece and they can work on that later.

Anthony says nothing, as he watches her with sad eyes.

“I’m sorry.”
Anthony hops into his car and drives off, leaving Go Eun in the rain. She beams a smile at him, which quickly disappears with the disappointment of her first project crashing.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Anthony arrives at the house of the Chairman, who is surprised that Anthony came so soon. He asks Anthony what his decision is.

The Morning of Gyeongseong…I cannot let you have it.”
The Chairman is shocked since there’s only a week left for Anthony to pay back the money.

Anthony knows, but there’s no way he’s going to let the Chairman take it.

“I’m going to leave this up to the skies to take care of. Who knows, you might become like Cao Cao, running away in the sea next to the Red Cliff,” says Anthony.

The Chairman laughs, but adds that it’s Cao Cao, who will get everything in the end. “Do you think you’ll win over me?”

Anthony doesn’t even flinch. “Do you think I’ll lose?”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

After Anthony leaves, the Chairman receives another visitor.
Woon Hyung…(NOOOOOOO!!!) and he doesn’t look too happy to be there.

Outside of the office, Go Eun waits for Anthony to return.
When he does, he immediately scolds her for staying out in the rain when she should be taking care of her health to write up scripts.

When Go Eun stares in confusion, Anthony adds, “I decided to fight back.”
She asks if they can win, but Anthony has no answer for her.

Meanwhile, Mina’s at a bar in deep thought, when she’s joined by Jin Wan.
She straightforwardly asks if Jin Wan’s in on this, and Jin Wan replies that Anthony’s done.

Jin Wan also reveals something Mina wasn’t expecting to hear - the Chairman personally stepped up to do all this.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

The next day, the staff of World Productions hands Anthony a white envelope.
With Go Eun, the staff pooled in part of their salary for the production, even if it’s just a drop in the bucket. Go Eun adds that she took it out of the money she received with her contract and asks for him to use it for her drama.

Just then, Director Goo makes a grand entrance with a saving account bank book. “Pay me the interest with the next project.”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Anthony stares at the bankbook and the envelope in quiet and slowly looks up at all the smiling faces of his staff.

He asks for everyone to listen carefully.

Then his face gets serious. “Do you think I’ll be thankful over this?”
The smiles get wiped off of everyone’s faces, as Anthony tells them to take care of themselves.

He storms into his room, leaving everyone rolling their eyes, as if they didn’t expect Anthony to become a real human being overnight.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

But once the doors are closed in his room, Anthony bursts into uncontrollable tears, utterly touched by the actions of his staff. He quickly gets his pills to control the crying and wipes his tears away. We die.

The next day, we’re at Hyun Min’s house.

He’s puzzled as Go Eun asks Hyun Min to help out a bit, since half of the investment went to Hyun Min’s pay.

Finally understanding what Go Eun’s saying, Hyun Min gets up in shock that she wants him to cough up money for the production. Hyun Min starts yelling gibberish, asking why he needs to do that.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Wrapping her words neatly with nice wrapping paper and a bow, Go Eun explains to Hyun Min that their production is in danger and that everyone has to come together to support each other, instead of just watching Anthony suffer alone.

Hyun Min nods his head, and then asks why Go Eun’s doing all this.

“Do you… like Anthony?” Hyun Min explains that it’s weird that Go Eun is going around asking for money. Slight caught off-guard , Go Eun starts to spew that it’s because the project is about to spill over and she’s just doing whatever she can to help out.

“I know it’s not easy to give 10 billion won, but as this drama’s land mark, the drama’s main character, if you have any affection for The Morning of Gyeongseong, please…”

Did Go Eun get through to thick-skulled Hyun Min?

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Hyun Min lies on the couch with a book over his head. Kwang Soo and the Agency CEO , pondering together at what Hyun Min could possibly be doing. “He didn’t really read the book before falling asleep, right?”

Suddenly, Hyun Min gets up and asks Kwang Soo what he thinks, surprising Kwang Soo that Hyun Min was worrying about that the entire time.

“I’m the drama’s landmarking, of course I have to worry about it,” says Hyun Min. Kwang Soo corrects Hyun Min that it’s landmark.

Then in a very charismatic but dramatic way, Hyun Min tells the Agency CEO to call up Anthony that he’ll be sending 10 billion won Anthony’s way. The Agency CEO double checks, and Anthony coolly says to hurry it up.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Anthony receives the call and the Agency CEO says that Hyun Min has decided to do something great for the drama. Just as the conversation unfolds, Hyun Min stops in his tracks, realizing the disaster that he just created and bolts towards the CEO and stops him.

Hyun Min shouts that he can’t give up his money at all and that Anthony should continue working hard while suffering.

Just then, they both realize that Anthony’s still on the line and has heard everything.

“Tell Hyun Min to continue working hard while swimming in the ocean,” says Anthony.

Go Eun overhears the conversation, disappointed that Hyun Min didn’t pull through.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Another call comes in for Anthony. Mina says she’ll be waiting for Anthony until he comes.

Meanwhile, Hyun Min’s complaining to his CEO for not thinking ahead of Hyun Min’s actions and acting so quickly for the first time ever. The CEO argues back, but Hyun Min is just too much to handle.

And for a second, we thought Hyun Min would do something out of the kindness of his heart.

Anthony arrives at the café where he dumped Mina five years ago.
He asks why she wanted to meet.

“If I dump you know, what will happen to you?” asks Mina. But that’s not why she called him out. She hands him a bankbook. “Take this, so you can make sure that I don’t get dumped from this production.”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

She’s lending him half a billion dollars and wanting his love as interest, although she jokes that it’ll be hard. She hopes that this money will help Anthony make World Productions like 21st Century Fox, Anthony’s dream many years back when he was in Jaekuk.

The dream rings a bell, as Anthony remembers his plan to create a giant drama set out on an open field to earn a ton of money. He has previously shared the idea with Chairman and promised the Chairman to make it like Fox.

It starts to make sense of what the Chairman said earlier about wanting something bigger. He gets up to leave, but he turns back to Mina twice - once to thank her for the money and a second for being a huge help.

Mina has no idea what’s going on, but she smiles.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Just as Anthony thought, the Chairman and Jin Wan are planning on creative a giant set for The Morning of Gyeongseong, which they later plan to turn into a tourist attraction.

It’s not the field that Anthony heads to, but to the land owner, who’s surprised that someone’s interested in his property.

Anthony says that in a couple of days, a wealthy man will come to buy it, but the owner mustn’t sign the land away.

The owner is skeptical, but Anthony convinces the owner that if he trusts Anthony, the owner will earn a whole mess of money. The owner doesn’t trust him, and Anthony leaves his business card with the owner.

At the broadcast station, Woon Hyung is being convinced by Deputy Manager Kim urges for Woon Hyung to switch out the production company or else, they’re both screwed.

Anthony finally receives the call that he’s been waiting for.
The owner remarks that someone did come visit, offering a large sum of money for his property Just like Anthony said, the owner didn’t sign a contract.

Anthony promises to help the owner earn more money, only if the owner will invest half of it to Anthony. “Do you think you can trust me and follow my plan?”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Meanwhile, Jin Wan informs the Chairman that they offered double the price for the land, but the owner declined. The Chairman decides to meet him personally.

At the dinner, Jin Wan tells the Chairman that the owner has no plans to sell the land, since it is sacred ground given from the heavens. The Chairman says not to worry, since money will change the owner’s mind.

Just then, the owner comes to the room. The Chairman offers a seat, but the owner doesn’t see any reason why and asks what the Chairman wants.

Anthony has already predicted that the Chairman will straightforwardly ask for the land at triple the price.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Just as Anthony coached, the owner declines the offer.

“After you have scratched his ego and start to leave, the last offer will arrive,” says Anthony.

The owner starts to leave and just as Anthony said, the Chairman gives the last offer – five times the original price.

In the office, Anthony waits for the phone call on how the deal went.

The phone rings and the owner announces that he finished signing the contract. The money from Jaekuk will be received at noon the next day. Anthony smiles, saying he’ll visit the next day with the contract for the investment.

And we’re back in business.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

The next day, Anthony heads out to get the investment signed, when a group of men in black suits stop Anthony. “CEO Kenji wants to talk to you.”

Anthony explains that he’s on his way to get the money for Kenji, but the group doesn’t care. They were just ordered to bring Anthony in front of Kenji.

Realizing they’re not going to let Anthony go, he says he’ll follow, when he suddenly sprints away from the yakuza.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Anthony runs, but then is caught in front of a fence. He throws the binder with the investment contract inside over the fence and begins to climb is when a yakuza member drags him down, forcing Anthony to run to a different direction.

Meanwhile, Go Eun’s back at Hyun Min’s house, asking him to reconsider.
Hyun Min’s still being stubborn and unwilling to even lend the company the money.

Hyun Min explains that it was hard for him to get where he was too, and he’s not willing to spill water into a pot that has no bottom. He promises to do it, if Anthony is able to even get some funding from anywhere.

Anthony’s hiding behind a corner, when Go Eun calls, attracting the attention of the yakuza.

Fortunately, they walk away.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Without listening to what Go Eun has to say, Anthony starts giving directions to the place of the contract binder. He tells her that she must get the binder and get it signed no matter what.

Just then, the yakuza finds Anthony and drags him away, making him drop his phone.

Go Eun hangs up the phone and pulls Hyun Min to go somewhere with him.

Back at Jaekuk Productions, the Chairman beams at the property contract. Jin Wan wonders if Anthony will give up The Morning of Gyeonseong, but the Chairman is not worried, since after today, the project will automatically be his.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

Tied up to a chair, Anthony gains consciousness to see Kenji and his yakuza members standing in front. Anthony tries to tell Kenji that he has the money and that he just needs to go get it.

But Kenji doesn’t trust him.

“But there is one easy way I can get the payment right this moment,” says Kenji. “Give The Morning of Gyeongseong to Jaekuk.”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

It all hits Anthony, as Kenji has been working with the Chairman to steal the drama. Kenji doesn’t care, as long as he receives his money from Jaekuk.

“So decide. Give The Morning of Gyeongseong to Jaekuk and pay me back, or pay me back with your hand as promised.”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs


It really gets good with every episode.

Just when we think the drama’s going to run out of plausible conflicts, it throws one right at us.

We don’t know how realistic the conflicts are, since we don’t work in the deep undergrounds of the drama world, but whatever. It’s making this drama that much more exciting.

Anthony is so brilliant.

His plan to get the money was so genius, especially how he got the Chairman to indirectly fund the drama. We wonder how the Chairman is going to when he finds out that it′s his money that′s making The Morning of Gyeongseong.

It′s going to be quite a sight to see.

It shows that it doesn′t matter if you have all the money in the world if your brain′s not going to follow along.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 9 – The Battle of the Red Cliffs

We′re also glad to get a glimpse of Anthony′s past, since it gave us another hint to why Anthony′s runs on numbers and money.

It explains a lot about Anthony and why he′s willing to put his life on the line for money.

But hopefully now, he′ll learn that there′s more to life than just being ridiculously, filthy rich.

While this is the first time we’ve seen Anthony so defeated, it was also the first time Anthony realizes just what awesome allies he has on his team.

We’re glad he’s finally opened his eyes to find that his people aren’t just people he can control, but people that he must trust and fall back on for support.

Perhaps now, he will stop trying to do everything on his own and actually ask for help.

Oh, and that scene where he bursts into tears? We will forever remember it.

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