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[Interview] Kim Jae Joong Loves His Fellow JYJ Members

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2012.12.09 13:00 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

He has eyes that make you feel like you′ll fall into a trance, a warm tone and good looks, all things that make him popular among the ladies. Perhaps because of this, there are few stars who have suffered from stalker fans as much as he did.

Despite his pains, however, Kim Jae Joong recently took on his first big screen piece with the film The Jackal is Coming, which can be said to be about incidents that he may have experienced before.

The film is actually supposed to be about a legendary killer and her kidnapping of a giant top star, but what actually draws attention are the things that happen to Kim Jae Joong in the movie that may have happened to him in real life.

[Interview] Kim Jae Joong Loves His Fellow JYJ Members

How did he feel while filming this movie?

"Stalker fans? I′m an expert on them. (Laugh) I′ve had stalkers and experienced painful love relationships, just like my character in the movie. Actually, in real life, the stalker fans are beyond imagination so the stalkers in the movie seem mild. I had fun without concerning myself over it. I made it more enjoyable for myself."

The fact that he said the stalkers in the movie seemed mild showed just how much he had suffered from stalker (sasaeng) fans - so why, then, did he choose to take on this film?

"I liked how it was a comedy and wasn′t too heavy, and how my role was of a character I had never acted in before. That Song Ji Hyo nuna (big sister), who′s a labelmate, would be starring in the movie also affected my decision. I read the scenario again and in the end I decided to appear in the film."

Of course, his screen debut also brought on many regrets. He also suffered physically because he had been filming the MBC drama Time Slip Dr. Jin at the same time as the movie.

He still showed he was satisfied with the movie, however, saying, "It was an opportunity through which I could see a new side to myself."

But he did feel some personal regret, as he joked that "his face came out too big."

The anticipation and regrets that follow every first experience seemed to follow Kim Jae Joong around.

[Interview] Kim Jae Joong Loves His Fellow JYJ Members

Thankfully, he had his fellow JYJ members Park Yoo Chun and Kim Junsu to help him whenever he hit a crisis. A giant smile appeared on Kim Jae Joong′s face when he started talking about the members that had helped him through thick and thin.

He said he′s proud when he sees how Park Yoo Chun is active as an actor and how Kim Junsu is promoting as a solo singer.

"We′re all professional when we′re apart, but when we′re together it′s like nothing has changed. We′ve been together for about 10 years now. Recently I′ve especially felt that though I′m the biggest brother, the other guys seem to think they′re bigger (Laugh)."

"We′re busy with our individual promotions, so whenever we meet we all become happy and we keep laughing, but one day I found that I keep kissing them after I drink soju. (Laugh) I love Junsu, and I love Yoo Chun. They′re all so handsome; they could′ve become less good-looking with age, but they′ve grown up so well. I′m always sorry and I′m always thankful."

The smile never left his mouth while he talked, making him look as if he was thinking about a lover he really loves.

He even started joking, "Maybe this will start up gay rumors," with a big laugh.

Kim Jae Joong has made his big screen debut alone, but he definitely showed that he will never be lonely thanks to his fellow members.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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