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Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah Sing Duet

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2011.09.02 16:00 Mwave Choe, MinJi

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah, the two leads of SBS’s ‘Scent of a Woman’ sang a duet for the September 3 broadcast of their hit drama.

The pair, who have been lauded for their emotive acting skills, sang “Us, Once Again,” originally sung by Kim Min Jong and Lee Sora, as “singing a duet with a guy I’m in love with” is on the wish list of things that Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Sun Ah) wants to do before she dies.

The scene, which was filmed in a karaoke club in Seoul on August 30, is said to express heartfelt happiness, rather than the sorrowful nature of the both the drama and the song.

Kwak Ji Min (27) has finally taken off her school uniform.

Kwak will play the role of Ara, the lone female member in a hip hop group, in The Beat Goes On. The movie will open in theaters on March 15.

Kwak will finally replace her school uniform and play a character in her 20s, which is more in line with her real age.

In 2004, Kwak got the attention of the film industry with her appearance in the movie Samaria (directed by Kim Ki Duk). She subsequently appeared in Digital Dasepo Girl, Girl by Girl, I Am Sam, and Merry Daegu, appearing as a high school student in many of her roles, most likely due to her youthful image, coupled with her round face and big eyes.

But that same Kwak Ji Min appeared in a hot bed scene and showcased her aggressive acting in The Beat Goes On. In the film, her character, Ara, reunites with her three member hip hop group after 3 years, and ends up blackmailing Min Soo (Lee Young Hoon) over an alleged sex tape.

Though there′s blackmail involved, the film is far removed from a typical crime/blackmail movie. The movie prominently features the hip hop lifestyle of the past and the present, along with the rekindling of old relationships between the group members.

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah Sing Duet

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah Sing Duet

Still, the heartrending lyrics fit well with the circumstances facing the lovers. Kang Ji Wook sings, “I had to find you among these many people; hold my hand.” In reply, Lee Yeon Jae, who is dying from cancer, sings, “I had to meet you in difficult times; hold me, I have too many sorrowful memories.”

The song was also recorded in a studio in order to express perfect harmony, and will be released as a sound source.

The production crew said, “The pair performed so well, that affectionate and heartbreaking feelings were naturally generation. The scene will be remembered as one of the best scenes of the drama.”

Meanwhile, the latest episode, which aired on August 28, ended with Kang Ji Wook in a car crash, after trying to save Lee Yeon Jae, stimulating viewers’ curiosity on how the following episode will unfold.

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What was the reason behind your decision to appear in The Beat Goes On?

Kwak Ji Min: Director Byun Sung Hyun′s movie tastes were similar to mine, therefore the process went smoothly. Director Byun met with me and revealed that he enjoyed the movie Trainspotting. [I told him] I enjoyed it as well. I was excited because we talked about movies that we both enjoyed.

The Beat Goes On was filmed in 2009 and will be released in theaters on March 15. After seeing the movie again at the premiere, do you have any regrets?

Kwak Ji Min: While we received the ′OK′ from the director, there was one scene that I wanted to redo. Furthermore, the crossroad scene where [my character] met with Min Soo lacked emotional connection due to [the scene] being shot on a different day. I also would have liked to re-shoot the kissing scenes with Min Soo (Lee Young Hoon) and Chang Dae (Bong Tae Gyu).

How was the fast scheduling pace of the movie, due to its low budget?

Kwak Ji Min: I had worked with director Kim before so it wasn′t difficult. Director Kim can finish shooting in 10 days, with some scenes being completed even quicker.

Ara is a free-spirited individual who follows her heart. Most people find it hard to understand her, and think of her as a character from a different dimension. Would you agree with that statement?

Kwak Ji Min: [Ara′s] personality is quite different from mine. I found it challenging to understand her and kept wondering what Ara would be thinking during my acting. She is lovable and odd at the same time, with a touch of klutziness. She also has a lot of emotional ups and downs and it was challenging to portray her character due to my inability to understand her.

What was the atmosphere on the production set like?

Kwak Ji Min: The oppas (Lee and Bong) were very accommodating. Bong, in contrast with his appearance, was very sensitive and meticulous and I had to pay him a lot of extra attention.

What was the bed scene with Lee Young Hoon like?

Kwak Ji Min: It was difficult for me as it was my first bed scene. However, it wasn′t nerve-wracking. In fact, I was more nervous because of Lee′s comment about [the bed scene], where he said it was too difficult."

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah Sing Duet

You seem to play extraordinary characters. Do you think Samaria has anything to do with that?

Kwak Ji Min: After Samaria, I got cast for impudent and distinctive character roles. I can′t tell myself, but [people say] that I have a rather distinctive look. Although I never got a role quite as powerful as the one in Samaria, I continued to work diligently. It′s just that the film made it into theaters after two years; it wasn′t a hiatus.

It seems like we haven′t seen you much in variety programs.

Kwak Ji Min: I appeared in a few variety programs in the past and enjoyed them. Although I would like to appear more often, I can′t due to the fact that I would need to appear regularly on a show. It is rather difficult to fit that into my schedule."

What kind of actress do you want to become?

Kwak Ji Min: I don′t dream of becoming successful but I would like to act for a long time, sort of like a salaried worker. Instead of making it big and going away, I would like to have a normal retirement. I want to be a comfortable actress, someone who could be considered as a friend.

What are your goals in regards to future character roles?

Kwak Ji Min: I′d like to relax and play a normal character, someone who may even appear foolish due to the extent of her kindness."

What significance does The Beat Goes On hold for Kwak Ji Min?

Kwak Ji Min: I was able to take off my school uniform thanks to this movie. Strangely enough, I played the same role [that of a high school student] in many of my productions. Therefore, I have many uniforms at home; about 10 or so. It seems like I collected them on purpose.

There was also a time when I wore the same uniform in two separate productions. As for the current production, it was meaningful just from the simple fact that I didn’t play the role of a high school student.

What kind of message does The Beat Goes On give to viewers?

Kwak Ji Min: The message is that in the crossroad of life, sometimes the path that seems right can turn out to be the wrong path. People can make mistakes but they shouldn′t get stressed out or become impatient. I hope everyone who considers themselves as being young watches this movie.

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Translation credit: Ju Ahn Lee

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