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[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

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2012.12.04 14:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

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[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Jung Woo tells Soo Yeon that he doesn’t want to be secret friends anymore.

“Let’s be secret lovers.”

The umbrella covers their faces from Harry’s view as a burst of jealousy spirals around him.

To our slight disappointment, it’s not a kiss we see, but just Jung Woo holding Joy closely.

She pushes him away, saying that she doesn’t appreciate his joke, but Jung Woo insists it’s not a joke.

“I told you that you sound the same. Don’t speak.” He takes her towards his car. “Don’t smile. You look like her. I might actually go crazy.”

Steaming in jealousy, Harry gets out of the car and starts to head over their way, when his bum leg acts up and Harry almost falls over in pain. He then sees Jung Woo driving Joy away.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Joy asks where he’s taking her, but he doesn’t know. It’s his first time on a date. (Aww)

She wants him to let her out, but he ignores her and changes the subject to Seoul sightseeing and how she wanted just one friend.

“I think you picked a great friend,” says Jung Woo. “For 14 years, I’ve waited for Soo Yeon and thought about what to do when we meet again.” He continues to tells her everything from where he wanted to go to what kind of food he wanted to eat with Soo Yeon.

“Lace dress,” says Jung Woo, triggering Joy’s memory back to the playground, where he asks her to be his friend. “Joy. Joy,” calls out Jung Woo.

Before they know it, Jung Woo has brought them to their destination – the restaurant Soo Yeon’s mother works at.

He explains that this is the place that he wanted to bring his date to.
He asks her to eat with him because it’s his birthday. “Because I’m really happy. On days that I’m happy, it’s my birthday.”

Joy declines, saying that she doesn’t want to eat at a place like this. She tells him to drive her somewhere else.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

While brooding in jealousy, Harry spots Assistant Nam stepping into the Fake Mom’s store.

Fake Mom asks Assistant Nam to get a hold of Harry, because that’s how she’ll get Joy as her designer and their money worries will disappear.

Assistant Nam is confused about this Joy character, until a bell dings in his head.He smiles, now knowing where Soo Yeon is.

Jung Woo and Joy end up at an expensive restaurant where one bottle of wine is 700 dollars a pop. Jung Woo is shocked at the prices as Joy explains that the wine is called ‘Crazy Head,’ which she thought was fitting for Jung Woo.

He says he’s worthy of being her secret lover, since she’s already picking out wine for him. She asks if he’s free the next day, and instantly, Jung Woo says of course. She wants to go to Hong Kong to go shopping and Jung Woo smirks.

“This is why I think you’re Soo Yeon,” says Jung Woo. “Just my style.”

Joy′s expression changes, but quickly recovers.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Then out of nowhere, Jung Woo grabs her hand, saying he can’t just be her boyfriend for shopping. “I don’t care where we go in Hong Kong, but hold onto my hand so you don’t get lost.”

He plans on taking her to the playground, since he hasn’t been able to ride the see-saw since 14 years ago. “You can’t ride that alone.”

She pulls away from Jung Woo’s grasp, calling him completely insane, but the only thing registering in Jung Woo’s head is the memory when Soo Yeon’s hand slipped away during the kidnapping.

Jung Woo gets up. “Seriously, before I go crazy-” Before Jung Woo can complete his sentence, Joy slaps him across the face. She glares at him, saying she should have never dealt with him in the first place.

Jung Woo smirks. “I feel a little better now that I got hit once.” Joy stares at him with a puzzled look and Jung Woo calls it a day and goes outside to take her home.

Joy holds her hand to stop it from shaking.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

When they get back to her car, she leaves Jung Woo without a word and drives off. Jung Woo watches her go when his thoughts are interrupted by Fake Mom and Assistant Nam.

Assistant Nam excuses himself, leaving Jung Woo with his stepmother.

“You must like me,” says Jung Woo. He brings up Joy’s blackmail photos and Fake Mom scoffs, disappointed that Joy ran straight to the police instead of settling it one-on-one. Jung Woo warns Fake Mom not to mess with Joy and leaves.

It’s not until a while later when Joy is overcome with panic and painful memories of Jung Woo. She calls Harry for comfort, when she finds out that Harry’s actually in the hospital.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Jung Woo calls Joy, who doesn’t answer. When he hangs up, the phone rings. It’s not Joy. It’s Harry instead.

Harry makes it point to include that he couldn’t pick up Jung Woo’s call because he was talking to Joy.

Jung Woo gets to the point and asks to talk with Harry, but Harry declines, since his leg is his priority now. As Harry is about hang up, Jung Woo asks Harry to speed up the meeting. “Or else, I might feel more guilty towards you.”

Meanwhile at home, Eun Joo is going through boxes of presents that Ahreum brought for Jung Woo. When Jung Woo comes home (he calls for his ‘girlfriend’ first) before noticing his little sister, who came to make sure Eun Joo and Soo Yeon’s mom aren’t tormenting Jung Woo.

Just then, Soo Yeon’s mother comes and asks why Jung Woo suddenly wants chicken stew. He holds his chest and says his heart feels empty, momentarily upsetting Soo Yeon’s mother.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

As she heads to the kitchen, Soo Yeon’s mother talks about how she went out on her day off to see people and work part-time jobs. Jung Woo approves, but says she shouldn’t work too hard or else she’ll get old fast.

He suggests that she go to a dance academy with him and Soo Yeon’s mom is appalled that he wants to pay money for dancing when they already have a dance master in the house. She proceeds to show Jung Woo, embarrassing the heck out of Eun Joo.

Soon, Jung Woo joins in, making Ahreum want to hide in a hole. Hurray for adorable family moments.

Joy finally comes home to greet Harry’s doctor on his way out. The doctor says that due to his infection, his leg muscles have weakened. He’s not allowed to be on the bike.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

When the doctor leaves, Harry asks if she fought with Fake Mom, testing Joy on whether or not she’ll tell him the truth. She does and also that she regrets messing with Jung Woo.

“He remembers too much about Soo Yeon - of course, it’s probably because of guilt, although it seems to lasting a lot longer.”

Harry asks so what, and Joy replies, “I was trying to torture Han Jung Woo, but I feel more tortured instead. I don’t want to bring up the memories of Lee Soo Yeon, the murderer’s daughter.”

She adds that she probably would have died alone with no one looking for her if it weren’t for Harry (Oh how wrong you are).

“I wanted to show him that it’s too late now, but there’s no use for it now. Not only me, but for everyone,” says Soo Yeon. “I want Lee Soo Yeon to be a dead person forever. I’ve learned that again while being in Seoul.”

She asks for Harry’s approval, and Harry offers his hand, which Joy holds onto.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

At night, Jung Woo picks all the laundry off the line and brings it inside (along with the clothespins on his hair). He then checks to see if everyone’s sleeping, before heading into his room for privacy.

Just when he lets his guard down, Ahreum pops out from under the covers, making Jung Woo slightly surprised, but as if he’s been expecting her. He tries to kick her out, but she sticks onto him like glue.

She watches him fold laundry, pitying his life after running out of the house.

Then Ahreum brings up that their father’s hidden son appeared and Fake Mom wants a divorce. Jung Woo puts his arm around her as she fake cries, but Jung Woo tells her to cut the BS and asks if Ahreum is a girl.

Ahreum’s offended, saying she is. Jung Woo asks for an answer from a girl.

“Do you think Soo Yeon hates me? How much do you think she’ll hate me?”

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Ahreum hesitates and tries to avoid the answer, but if it was her, she would get revenge no matter what. Jung Woo lets out a sigh, but Ahreum says it’s different for Jung Woo, especially if she knows what he went through for her.

“No, no. It’s a given that she’ll hate me. She’ll even want to beat me up,” says Jung Woo. “Then she’ll glare at me and say, ‘I should have never dealt with you from the beginning.’”

Just then, Eun Joo bursts into the room and orders Ahreum to go to bed.
Eun Joo then tells Jung Woo to wake up. That girl isn’t Soo Yeon.

“It’s okay for you to meet other women, but don’t meet her thinking she’s Soo Yeon.”

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

The next day at the police station, Jung Woo tries to bribe his junior colleague into telling him some details of the case. Just when the junior is about to spill everything, the bathroom stall pops open as Partner Joo complains loudly about his #2 issues.

Jung Woo leaves the bathroom, but comes back just as the junior mentions the number used is from France. Jung Woo calls for his work wifey for more information, and Partner Joo tells Jung Woo to ask Joy since she’s from France.

Jung Woo then remembers the time when Joy asked for his number because she lost her phone. He shakes the thought away in denial and the cleaning lady pulls him aside, away from Partner Joo, who pretends to not care.

With Partner Joo eavesdropping, the cleaning lady tells Jung Woo that she overheard in a meeting that the chemical that the murderer used was tetrodotoxin.

Jung Woo looks over the cleaning lady’s wrist, when the kidnapper-karaoke owner struts into the station. He sees Jung Woo and immediately starts accusing Jung Woo as the murderer as Partner Joo holds him back.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

During the questioning, the kidnapper-karaoke owner continues to yell that Jung Woo is the murderer. Everyone in the station tries to keep Jung Woo from exploding at the kidnapper, even reminding him of what he did to Jung Woo 14 years ago.

The kidnapper feels no guilt. and asks why they’re bringing up a mistake that he made once upon a time. Jung Woo grits his teeth as the cleaning lady holds him down, whispering to just ignore it.

The team boss yells at the kidnapper, saying because of him, Jung Woo hasn’t been able to leave where he was for the past 14 years.

As the kidnapper’s taken to a separate room for investigation, he accuses Jung Woo as the murderer, making Partner Joo lie, saying Jung Woo was with him

The kidnapper scoffs. “Then who was the murderer, the dead Lee Soo Yeon?”

At the mention of her name, Jung woo can’t hold it in anymore and grabs the kidnapper by the collar, warning him to never mention Soo Yeon’s name again.

The kidnapper chokes, as Jung Woo continues to say that he’s going to have the kidnapper and the person who put him up for it to jail and pay back for all the pain that Soo Yeon felt.

A tear rolls out his eye as he tells the kidnapper to wait for it.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

The scene cuts into CEO Han eating dinner by himself at the table.

Fake Mom is sucking up to CEO Han, when the young assistant interrupts them. CEO Han shoos the Fake Mom away as young assistant, who informs CEO Han that a European company called Boutique H will be investing in CEO Han’s newest development plan.

The twist is that the head director of Boutique H is Harry, who was trying to withdraw his money from CEO Han’s bank. CEO Han demands where Assistant Nam is.

Assistant Nam is secretly chatting with Harry. He remarks that it’s extremely hard for him to check if Soo Yeon’s doing well inside that house of his. Another one of Harry’s secrets exposed.

Assistant Nam warns Harry not to underestimate him and demands more money.
Harry tells Assistant Nam that he wants information on CEO Han’s secret funds in return, just as CEO Han calls Assistant Han, ordering him to set up a meeting with Harry.

Assistant Nam asks why Harry wants to get tangled up with the Han family, including Fake Mom, who wasn’t part of Harry’s plan. “This is getting fun.”

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Getting ready for the house party, Joy shops around for Harry’s suit for the night, when Jung Woo appears out of nowhere and volunteers to be a model. Joy ignores him, moving onto the next suit, as Jung Woo watches on, a little bothered that Joy had lost her phone and the phone the druggie napper used was from France.

Purposely torturing Jung Woo even further, Joy calls Harry to pick out a suit for him. But when she’s done with the call, she turns around and realizes that Jung Woo is gone and the suit he wore is hung on on the clothing rack.

Before she knows it, she’s running outside to find him.
He’s right outside the boutique, waiting by his car.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Quickly dropping her concerned face, Joy rushes to her own car when Jung Woo asks to talk to her. Coldy, she ignores him and drives off.

Joy receives a text message from Jung Woo, begging for just five minutes as he chases behind her.

Soo Yeon sees him in the rear view mirror and scoffs, dropping her phone in the passenger seat.

It’s Jung Woo turn to laugh, catching her speeding.

“You just violated the rules. You promised to be secret lovers with me,” says Jung Woo as Soo Yeon rolls her eyes at him.

Using this time, Jung Woo asks Soo Yeon about her lost cell phone. She annoyingly replies that she doesn’t know. When Jung Woo is distracted by a text message, she drives off to her home.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

To her surprise and perhaps shock, Harry had invited Jung Woo into the house to talk.

Jung Woo has something personal and work-related to ask and Jung Woo starts off with the car accident with the druggie-napper.

Harry faintly remembers the incident, but when he hears that the druggie-napper has been murdered, his face changes.

Jung Woo mentions the CCTV and Harry immediately understands it’s because Joy seemed so shocked. But to him, it’s natural as he’s seen Joy since they were young and he’s used to seeing Joy like that.

Harry begins to explain that something particular happened to Joy - a car accident. Harry blames the accident for his bum knee and Joy’s fear. Jung Woo asks how old they were and Harry begins to recite the same adoption speech - word for word - that Joy gave to Jung Woo at the tent bar about not knowing what they were.

Harry says Joy’s probably already told Jung Woo this, and it’s because Harry and Joy have a lot in common. But Jung Woo doesn’t back down.

“The Soo Yeon that I’m looking for and Joy have a lot in common as well.” Jung Woo insists that he knows what a hard situation it is for Joy if she is Soo Yeon, since she has to recover her memories and just how much she probably hates him.

But everything that Joy does only reminds Jung Woo of Soo Yeon.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

After hearing him out, Harry replies that maybe Joy should have a DNA test. He promises to persuade Joy. As Jung Woo decline the offer, Joy jumps into the conversation, saying she’ll do it if Harry wants her to.

She tells Jung Woo that it was Harry who saved her during a car accident when they were little.

“I was so out of it that I didn’t even know how much pain I was in,” explains Joy. “But Harry held onto my hand and told me to get up. ‘If you don’t go, I won’t go anywhere.’”

She then addresses Jung Woo and how he cannot forget Soo Yeon’s voice. “I know that feeling, because I can’t forget Harry’s voice from then either.”

Joy begins to tear up as she asks Jung Woo if he’s still waiting for her. “If she’s not coming, it means she’s abandoned you.”

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

A tear drops from Joy’s eyes as she offers to take a DNA exam, but Jung Woo gets up, once again declining the offer. If he wanted to do it, he would have already done it.

“I’ve waited 14 years...I can wait a bit more,” says Jung Woo. “There’s street lamp near Soo Yeon’s house. From there to the house, it’s 280 steps.”

Joy stares at him, more tears forming in her eyes.

Jung Woo continues, “If she’s grown distant for the past 14 years, I wonder how many more steps it’ll take for her to return. You’re wrong. It doesn’t mean that she’s abandoned me because she’s not coming. It just means that she’s on her way here.”

Jung Woo ends it there, as Joy continues to cry silently, feeling pain, as Harry just looks on with a stone face.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Jung Woo steps into an underground parking lot of the apartment of the druggie napper, when he sees Partner Joo and his colleagues investigating the area, wishing someone had a black box somewhere to see if the murderer was caught on tape.

Partner Joo goes on and on, mocking Jung Woo as Jung Woo steps closer to Partner Joo. The other colleagues see right away and hide away, leaving Partner Joo to run off scared.

But it’s all a joke, as Partner Joo parodies My Sassy Girl, apologizing to Jung Woo for mocking him.

Ignoring all that, Jung Woo talks about how one of the cars that haven’t been checked, because the owner is a flight attendant and out of the country, may have the black box with the answers. But before Jung Woo can share any more details, he tells Partner Joo that he must join the case, because Soo Yeon/Joy is on the line.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Back at the station, Partner Joo tries to sweet talk the team boss, saying that Jung Woo has been helping the team even while off the case. The team boss rejects the idea, until he sees Jung Woo loitering around the station with a sad face and nothing to do.

Team boss finally explodes at Jung Woo for being pathetic and tells him to follow. When the team boss is out of earsight, Jung Woo and Partner Joo give each other high fives, before chasing after the team boss.

Back on the case, Jung Woo finds out that the police believe the murderer was a girl, pretending to be a man with all the tools and shoe prints left in the apartment.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Meanwhile, CEO Han is waiting for Harry to arrive for dinner, when Harry calls, saying his leg has become a problem and cannot eat dinner. But Harry’s bluffing about the leg, since he’s playing a round of pool.

He rubs salt where it hurts on CEO Han’s wounds, asking if he should postpone the withdrawal in order to not be a sore in CEO Han’s side. Then Harry invites CEO Han to the party.

At the station, the corrupt chief is scolding the team boss for allowing Jung Woo back on the case. He plans on blaming the team boss for any mistakes that could happen.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Just then, one of the detectives comes into with information on the online delivery of the dry ice and the person who ordered it is a woman.

They search for the identity of the orderer with the social security number given....and it turns out to be Kim Myung Hee.

Jung Woo freezes and looks at the address.
It’s Soo Yeon′s mom.

Jung Woo insists that Soo Yeon’s mom’s identity has been stolen, but the team boss has no choice but to assign a police officer at the house for safe measure.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Partner Joo explains that they are close to catching the real murderer, when Soo Yeon’s mom sarcastically admits that it was she, who killed the druggie-napper. She begins to cry, not wanting to be such a burden on her children, which is why she just decided to kill the druggie-napper.

Partner Joo tries to calm her down, when Soo Yeon’s mom suddenly realizes that Jung Woo is probably uncontrollably angry. She insists on going to stop Jung Woo from doing something drastic, as Partner Joo blocks her way.

With tears pouring down her face, Soo Yeon’s mother cries, “Jung Woo is my son! He’s my son too now. If something bad happens to him, I really can’t live!”

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Fortunately, Jung Woo’s not flipping out and doing crazy things.
Instead, he’s back at the parking lot.

Just then the flight attendant and owner of the car arrives to hand Jung Woo the black box.

As he looks through the video recorded from the car, Jung Woo notices something suspicious. He rewinds back and forth and finally notices that there is a person inside another car and not just any person, but Joy.

Surprised to see Joy in the same complex of the druggie-napper during the estimated time of the murder, Jung Woo goes into shock as tears start to flow out. He shakes his head in denial, but he can’t let go of the feeling that Joy is probably the murderer.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Meanwhile, Harry takes off the necklace that his mother gave him back then. The picture of his mother stares back at him, as memories of the last time he saw his mother’s face come pouring in.

Joy calls for help and Harry quickly puts on the key necklace around his neck. The key that’s presumed to open all the money that was saved up for Harry at the Swiss bank.

Harry walks out of the secret room in his den as he unlocks the door for Joy.

Joy asks Harry to pick out her shoes, when Harry says he has a present for her last night in Seoul.

He takes off the key necklace and puts it around Joy.
The close distance startles Joy as Harry starts to lean in.

He closes his eyes for the kiss, when Joy suddenly turns her head away.

Harry’s disappointed, but he hides it quickly.
“It’s okay. I can wait for as long as you need.”

He then compliments that the key necklace looks better on her.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

The party starts as Harry chit chats with all of his guest.

CEO Han makes his way in with his young assistant as they search for Harry.

Knowing that Harry Borrison has an injured leg, they spot Harry easily, but as he turns around to face them, both CEO Han and the young assistant recognizing him as the boy who almost ran into them with the bike.

Harry confidently stares CEO Han down when he meets eyes with them.

He introduces himself and shakes hands with CEO Han, who has no idea that Harry is the man who he’s been looking for for the past 14 years.

Some time later, Joy is fixing up Harry’s foot cast, when Harry tells her to look left, catching CEO Han staring at them. She doesn’t get a good vibe from him as Harry stares at the key necklace on Joy’s neck.

Harry asks if he should go scold CEO Han, and Joy says no. “If i get scared, I’ll let you know.”

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Meanwhile, Partner Joo finally receives information on who the phone belongs to. It’s someone named Jo Il Woo, according to Partner Joo, but he’s corrected. It’s actually Joy Roo.

Just then, the name rings a bell. One of the policemen inform Partner Joo that the last person the druggie-napper called was to Harry’s house. He begins to call Jung Woo in worry, when their colleague runs over, asking about the black box that Jung Woo took.

Partner Joo runs off, saying they must find Jung Woo.

Back at the party, CEO Han questions Joy’s identity.

He notices that Joy continues to finger the key necklace, but before he can get a good look at the key, Harry pulls her away.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

Suddenly, Joy turns around and sees Jung Woo watching her with a small smile.

In a weepy tone, young Soo Yeon says in a voice over, “I won’t kill anyone.”

Jung Woo replies, “I know. I really know.”

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′


Before we say anything else, we have to wonder: how does Jung Woo know where Joy is every time? Maybe it’s because he’s a detective and all, but wow. His stalking skills are above par.

We have to admit, it’s getting quite frustrating to see Joy being so stubborn.

Yes, she’s been wronged and in pain and wants to get revenge on Jung Woo, but come on!

He’s trying so hard to make it up to her, and she just blows it off like it’s nothing. The dude is still in love with her and desperately trying to find her, but it’s so infused in her brain that he left her that she chooses to ignore all that.

And now she’s annoyed that he’s on her tail, when, honestly, she’s the one who brought this upon herself by toying with him.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 8 – ′It just means that she’s on her way here.′

If she wanted to suppress her past memories, she probably shouldn’t have messed with Jung Woo’s head and she regrets that, but what was she expecting? For Jung Woo not to remember her and for her old memories not to come back? We just don’t get what Joy was thinking.

But the thing with Joy is, she has a legit reason to why she’s acting like this, so we’re pretty torn on her behavior. We hate her, but can’t hate her.

But if Joy′s trying to keep her identiy hidden, she should work harder on trying not to be Soo Yeon.

Crying every time Jung Woo mentions a Soo Yeon-thing is not the world’s best cover up, Joy.

Another thing that crossed our minds is that if Joy is the murderer of the druggie-napper, then is she also trying to attack her mother as well? Why else would Soo Yeon′s mother′s name get thrown into this case? Who else would know about Soo Yeon′s mom′s social security number?

If this is true, then Joy is not your regular girl planning a last-minute revenge. She′s got this entire thing calculated, and that just scared us quite a bit.

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