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′School 2013′ Shows the Ugly Side of Today′s Schools

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2012.12.04 11:30 Mwave Jeon Su Mi Translation Credit : Erika Kim

KBS2′s School 2013 didn′t ease into things; it opened the doors to reality for everyone from its first episode.

The first episode of School 2013, which aired on December 3, invited audiences in to a story that showed what exactly happens behind closed school doors.

′School 2013′ Shows the Ugly Side of Today′s Schools

The classroom environment that appeared in School 2013 was different from the fresh and energetic one viewers remembered it to be.

The characters of the drama acted out the shocking incidents often only seen on the internet through blurry and low quality videos filmed secretly by students. Students smoked cigarettes inside and outside of school, they suffered from peer violence and a strict power hierarchy bared its teeth among them.

On top of that, the sharp conflict between the teacher Jung In Jae (Jang Nara) and Oh Jung Ho (Kwak Jung Wook) showed how far teacher authority has fallen.

′School 2013′ Shows the Ugly Side of Today′s Schools

The life of the unambitious Go Nam Soon (Lee Jong Seok), who goes to school by day and works part-time at a detective agency by night, also showed how some students in their teens simply attend school to get their diplomas without any goals or dreams.

Viewers were staggered at the sights shown in the first episode. Viewer boards were covered with comments such as, "The first episode was so shocking!" "It′s a pretty realistic depiction of the schools of today," "I can see Jang Nara will suffer as a teacher," "I didn′t know it would be this bad; my jaw kept dropping" and "I′m looking forward to the classroom that these modern characters will put together."

Attention was next drawn to why Kang Se Chan (Choi Daniel) gave up his high-income job as a star instructor to become a short-term teacher, and what would happen next after a chair was thrown into a meeting between teachers and parents.

The next episode will air on December 4.

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