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Jae Joong Fans Don’t Miss a Thing

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2011.09.02 11:34 Mwave Choe, MinJi

We’ll never cease to be astounded by the eagle-eyes of Korean netizens. Fans recently uploaded a screencap of a scene from the SBS drama, ‘Protect the Boss’, starring Kim Jae Joong.

Have you ever burned with passions for a job you enjoyed?

Although it might be an obvious question, surprisingly a considerable number of people let go of ‘their happiness’ when faced with reality. Maybe it’s because of fear. When talking about a ‘job we enjoy’ we hesitate to include the ‘I’ into the equation.

Just as we realized we couldn’t be friends with Peter Pan as we got older, reality continues to weigh us down. With that in mind, the fact that Haha was able to release a full-length album after all these years naturally makes us shake our heads in amazement. Although Haha got his start as a singer, he made a smooth transition into the variety programs, and finally returned to his roots and finally, made his long-awaited comeback as a singer.

Jae Joong Fans Don’t Miss a Thing

Jae Joong Fans Don’t Miss a Thing

At first glance, there’s nothing remarkable about the photo –; and second…and third.
But fans spotted two framed photos in the background of Kim; one showed him reading scripts, and the other was the album cover of the drama’s OST. The photos were both released online weeks before the drama’s broadcast.

Netizens reacted to these screencaps by saying, “Those fans are great,” “How could they recognize the photos?” “They are absolutely real fans of Kim”, “I will not miss out on anything from now on while watching his show.”

Photo credit: Online community/SBS

Haha and Taw, who made their debut back in 2001 as members of Z-Kiri, have joined forces once again. The two, under the name Taw & Haha, will release their full-length album Acoustic Tuning Time on March 22.

In a day and age where singlehood is not the curse it once was, the album will contain the title track The Person by My Side, as well as 13 other songs.

Two weeks after the end of the music video shooting, Haha and Taw met with us, and we were curious to find out what kind of music not only brought them back together but also made them produce a full-length album.

It’s been a long time since you two last released a album, hasn’t it?

Haha: While it’s thrilling, it is also very nerve-wracking. Actually, whenever I was with Taw hyung, we faced many complications. Back in 2001 when we released our Z-Kiri album, we had to shelve the album even before it was heard by fans. And in 2005, after four years of album recording, not once could I properly carry out my music activities.

Afterwards, we said amongst ourselves that we weren’t meant to be working together and even cried because of it. That was when we started to drift apart and go our separate ways and you could say that we found success in our respective fields. That’s why we decided to get back together and give it another go.

We thought that if we couldn’t make it work this time, we would never be able to release an album.

Haha’s image as a variety show member is quite strong with the public.

Taw: Many people find it difficult to accept Haha as a singer, probably due to the success of his variety shows. Many people have said ‘Oh right, Haha was a singer once’ at the news of our album release.

In my case, although I didn’t make any appearances on TV, I continued to work in the music scene diligently and even found my niche. If we are able to mix our personalities evenly, I don’t think Haha’s [variety program] image will be a problem.

In fact, I think the skills Haha possesses as a variety show member will be a great tool that could appeal to many viewers during our performances on the stage.

Both of you found success in your respective fields, so why did you decide to get back together?

Haha: If we say ‘We did it out of spite’ other people might ask ‘Who do you think you are?’ but we really wanted to properly finish the music that we started. Above all, [the album] contains the emotions of people my age. Everyone in the class of ’94 will be able to identify with our song. Moreover, the music is the root of my life. To have to choose between music and variety program is just silly. Although there is the ‘variety program Haha’, don’t forget I got my start through music.

Are you expecting a synergistic result from your combined efforts?

Haha: We never expected a synergistic effect. In fact, you know our history quite well.

Therefore, we were thrilled when Love reached the top of various music charts after its early release. We were grateful for our fans and moved to tears.”

(Note to readers: Previously, Haha and Taw had to shelve their album activities due to complications arising from their agency and other issues that they had no control over.)

Jae Joong Fans Don’t Miss a Thing

Is there anything you would like to show to the fans through your latest album?

Haha: Of course, we’d like [for the album] to be a big hit. However, that might seem a bit greedy and I’d settle for the significance of working again with Taw.

Furthermore, I’d like for us to hold a concert this year. When you think about at it, our hazy image as singers is my fault. I would love to show my musical side through this album.

Taw: I’m thankful just to be able to release an album with Haha. Truth be told, a full-length album wasn’t suitable for the current music market and an impractical decision even from our own standpoint.

However, the support of our fans for our song Love has eased those worries. I believe we will be able to put our minds at ease and start afresh.

Haha revealed that music was the root of his life. He also said that to choose between music and variety programs was like asking someone if they liked their mother or father. That’s how much Haha loves music.

Next to him, is Taw, who stayed busy channeling all his efforts into music. Just from those facts, we can probably safely ignore the ‘funny variety program comedian’ Haha prejudice and listen to the 14 tracks in the two men’s comeback album Acoustic Tuning Time.

Photo credit: Quan Entertainment
Translation credit: Ju Ahn Lee

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