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Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

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2012.11.30 19:00 Mwave Stewart Ho

A major and long-winded legal battle between SM Entertainment and JYJ finally came to a conclusion this week, and one Wonder Girls member announced her surprise engagement.

Meanwhile, controversy continued in Japan over yet another snub of K-Pop singers in Japan’s year-end awards, while Lee Hyori had to step forward to clarify rumors of her apparent retirement.

All this and more in this week’s Rise and Fall!

Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

Stars on the Rise

1. SM Entertainment and JYJ Agree To End Their Drawn-Out Legal Battles

For many DBSK and JYJ fans alike, the stunning turn of events this past week was an answer to fans’ prayers as both SM Entertainment and JYJ mutually agreed to end their three year legal battles.

In the agreement, both sides decided to end their legal cases against each other with SM Entertainment agreeing to terminate the JYJ members’ contract and no longer interfere in their activities.

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2. Wonder Girls’ Sun Announces Surprise Engagement

While virtually all Wonder Girls fans knew of member Sun’s serious relationship with her non-celebrity boyfriend, almost no one could have anticipated her sudden engagement announcement, making her one of the first of the new generation of idol stars to be getting hitched.

Sun proceeded to pen a letter herself to fans and ask for their blessing while batting away the inevitable rumors over pregnancies and group withdrawals.

Much interest and questions are swarming now over Sun and what her future holds, but many already seem to agree that based on what they’ve seen so far of her husband-to-be, she seems to be in good hands!

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3. Big Bang Settles Final Concert Dates For Global Tour

Fans knew the end of Big Bang’s epic, year-long, global tour was coming, but with this week’s announcement of the final dates and times for their grand finale, it marks a bittersweet end for both Big Bang and fans.

The Big Bang members will perform their final shows for their 2012 Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour from January 25 to 27 after traveling through 12 nations, 24 cities and performing in front of nearly 800,000 individuals.

The group is expected to go out with a bang after writing a new chapter in K-Pop history.

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Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

Stars Falling Flat

1. K-Pop Singers Excluded From NHK′s ′Red & White Song Battle′

More signs that national and political tensions between Korea and Japan had spilled over to both nation’s respective entertainment industries came with the refusal of NHK’s Red & White Song Battle to put Korean singers in its lineup this year.

It marks a stark contrast from last year, when some of Japan’s biggest K-Pop groups such as DBSK, SNSD and Kara were all eagerly invited.

Though NHK later denied dispute over the Dokdo Islands as being the cause of the snub, attributing it instead to criterias being unmet, virtually no one in the Korean entertainment industry was convinced and many have expressed that it was expected.

With tensions lingering, fans will have to watch and see if the effects will continue to grow as K-Pop artists look to continue building on their success in Japan in 2013.

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2. Lee Hyori Clarifies Rumors She’s Retiring From Modeling

With her ‘CF Queen’ title, it was understandable why so many in both the entertainment and advertising industries were shocked when reports initially began to surface that Lee Hyori was retiring from CF modeling.

Her agency eventually stepped forward to clarify that though Lee Hyori was likely to not star in any more alcohol-related ads or for any companies that used animal byproducts, she was not completely retiring from advertisement modeling.

Her agency expressed that she was especially eager to help promote or aid positive work, showing Lee Hyori is a true “social-tainer” by heart.

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3. Smash’s Nam Hyun Joon Revealed to Still be Suffering From a Ruptured Ligament

While idol stars are known for spilling blood, sweat and tears for their success and fans, Smash’s Nam Hyun Joon took the meaning to a whole new level, as belatedly revealed by his agency.

The Smash leader was revealed to still be suffering from a ruptured ligament from a car accident that took place a month ago after putting off surgery and proper treatment to prevent the delay of his group’s album and activities.

And with a concert series in Japan on top of Smash’s everyday activities, fans are praying he’ll be able to receive the treatment he needs soon and that Nam Hyun Joon doesn’t overdo it before then.

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Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment, SM Entertainment

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