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[Interview] The Hard-Core Supporting Actor, Kim In Kwon

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2011.12.19 15:32 Mwave Lee, JinHo

“He was the most impressive actor,” said Joe Odagiri.
“He’s the actor that can stand out the most with this film,” said Jang Dong Gun.

Kim In Kwon is the man being showered with praise by top stars from Korea, China and Japan. If he′s proud of himself, it would be with good reason.

But he shook his head, however, and said, “I don’t think it’s good praise to say that a supporting role stands out,” and he added, “It feels uncomfortable to be seen that way.” Why does he think so? Enews met with Kim In Kwon to find out.

[Interview] The Hard-Core Supporting Actor, Kim In Kwon

Kim In Kwon up close

Perhaps it was because of his strong acting, but I expected him to be skilled with words and very witty. My expectations, however, led nowhere. Kim was calm and serious during the interview. When he started talking about film and acting, he especially became more charismatic.

His image off-screen was completely different from his image on it. Still, a smile came to his lips when we started talking of his three daughters.

[Interview] The Hard-Core Supporting Actor, Kim In Kwon

Feels uncomfortable with praise

I first started off with the praise he was receiving these days. In My Way, he still managed to shine between the likes of top actors Jang Dong Gun and Joe Odagiri.

“Personally, I’m thankful to be thought of that way. But I believe that saying the supporting role’s acting stands out isn’t really praise. The center of this film should be Jang Dong Gun, Joe Odagiri and Fan Bing Bing. Telling me that I stand out means I’m interrupting the flow of the film. I feel sorry to the people around me when I hear that.”

From his firm answer I could glimpse his philosophy on film. But I still thought his working with top actors from Korea and Japan would be meaningful to him.

“It’s my first collaboration in 10 years with Dong Gun. He’s a great big brother who treats me like his youngest brother. Joe Odagiri is so mischievous. I couldn’t tell where he would go next, because he would do things like suddenly lie down on the ground. He had a very warm heart, though. I’m honored to have worked with the two.”

[Interview] The Hard-Core Supporting Actor, Kim In Kwon

“I am a sammaine.”

Kim is already the father of three daughters, but because of the endless casting calls, he didn’t get to spend much time with his children. When his third child was born, he wasn’t able to be there because he was still shooting My Way.

“My third daughter was born while I was on a shoot. The shooting schedule overlapped with my wife’s pregnancy period, so I was of no help to her. I was so sorry, but my wife actually liked it, saying I ‘was a hindrance, anyway’. (Laugh) She said going out to earn a lot of money was what would help her. Though she said that, I think inside she would’ve been sad.”

It’s been 13 years since he made his debut, and during that time he’s been in 23 pieces. Now he’s cleared a place for himself as Chungmuro’s biggest scene stealer, but his passion for acting still leaves him wanting more. I wondered what types of roles he would like to take on in his future.

“I’m actually a sammaine (Japanese for third-tier actors). It may sound like too much, but I don’t think sammaine is a bad word. It means I’m an actor who can support other actors so that they can shine. I’m happy with that. It’s just that sometimes I dream of becoming the lead that pierces the center of the story.”

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