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[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

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2012.11.27 12:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

We ended episode two with two lucky pairs with the same music tastes going on a romantic date under the stars.

While not all the idols were matched up, and some were embarrassingly left behind, one thing was clear – all four male idols were pursuing the same girl.

Will this obsession continue? Or will the boys start looking at other girls?

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

We start off episode three with the song shuffle event, where all four girls have gone on their dates or were eliminated from the game, but poor JB has no clue that any of this has happened, so he waits as his song, Asoto Union’s Think About Chu, flows into the cold empty air with no owner to claim it.

Okay, scratch that. Someone does come to claim JB, but it’s the last person JB was hoping for. Hyung Sik, the other abandoned member of the group, comes to embrace JB into his arms.

The unclaimed four – Hyung Sik, JB, Jei, and Seung Ah instead go on a happy group date, which is probably more fun and less awkward anyway.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

Meanwhile, Jun.K and Nam Ji Hyun go on a moonlit date as Jun.K naturally slips his hands into Ji Hyun’s. Although he’s holding hands with Nam Ji Hyun, Jun.K feels sorry for ditching Seung Ah, and Nam Ji Hyun says she’ll be fine and he shouldn’t be worrying about all the girls at camp.

In a private interview, Jun.K comments that Ji Hyun is overflowing with adorableness and thanks the staff for letting him spend a good time with her. However, on the other side, Nam Ji Hyun complains that even on their walk together, he was constantly thinking about Jei.

After the dates are over, all the idols gather and they joke about the people who got left behind. Jei slips her way next to Jun.K, and in a very swift movement, Jun.K puts his arm around her.

She bickers to his camera that she feels like she’s being tricked by Jun.K since he said he would play a K-Pop song during the song shuffle (he ended up playing a pop song).

“What are your true feelings?” asks Jei, as she shoots him a glare.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

During her interview, Jei admits that it’s getting harder and harder for her to be cool about Jun.K being with other girls.

“At the beginning, I had some certainty (that he would pick her), but now I have no idea. Maybe 50%? It’s dropped quite a bit.”

After some hesitation, Jei says that Nam Ji Hyun has a bigger chance of being chosen by Jun.K.

Meanwhile, Jun.K is asked if there’s a girl that he has good feelings for and he replies without hesitation, “Yes. I just decided. I can just choose right now.”

Cut to Jun.K and Nam Ji Hyun having a fun photo time together. Hyung Sik immediately hears Nam Ji Hyun’s laughter and his attention snaps to her.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

Everyone returns to the guest house and are instructed to send a text message on who they feel most attracted to at this point. This will be the first time each idol reveals who he or she has good feelings for to the audience.

One by one the text messages are revealed.

Going with their first impressions and first dates, Hye Jeong chooses Mir, while Seung Ah picks JB, letting comfort win over everything.

After being confused about how she feels about Jun.K, Jei sends in her text and her choice ends up being Jun.K. “The first meeting is always the most important – it’s really true. I don’t think I can ignore it…the first meeting,” says Jei.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

Now just one girl left, the one that all the boys are chasing after.

Through her private interview, Nam Ji Hyun talks specifically about the two guys she had one-on-one dates with. So who is it – Hyung Sik or Jun.K?

“Hyung Sik was really comfortable. Maybe it was because I saw him as a little brother instead of a guy, I started talking more.”

Uh oh...is Hyung Sik friendzoned??

On the flipside, Nam Ji Hyun notes that Jun.K is a really nice guy, teaching her how to drive and all but she gets the feeling that he’s just really nice to all the girls.

Nam Ji Hyun’s text is finally revealed, but with the show wanting us to suffer, the name of her man is blurred and we’re forced to moved on.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

It’s now the boys’ turns. JB is up next, but before he reveals his text, he states that he’s certain that all the boys are looking at the same women.

And of course, he ends up choosing Nam Ji Hyun.

Both Mir and Hyung Sik follow after JB’s footsteps and also pick Nam Ji Hyun.

“Since the beginning until now, my heart was fluttering and I was nervous,” says Hyung Sik. “It’s been a really long time since I’ve felt like this.”

JB then predicts that Jun.K will also choose Nam Ji Hyun, although Jun.K is always pretending that he’s not interested in her.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

Is JB correct?

We cut back to when Jun.K confidently says that he’s already chosen the girl that he has good feelings for.

“Jei, whom I’ve talked to the most through the first date.”

He explains that Nam Ji Hyun is cute and all that, but he didn’t have a lot of opportunities to talk to her, while with Jei, he’s been talking to her throughout the entire day.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

The show finally decides to end our agony and proceed to revealing who Nam Ji Hyun has chosen. Is it Jun.K or Hyung Sik?

Her text appears on the screen again and the blurred out name is revealed.
Hyung Sik.

“I think Hyung Sik has broken down a lot of my thoughts on [dating] younger men,” says Nam Ji Hyun. She also adds that Jun.K seems to take care of Jei more.

Choosing each other, Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun, Jun.K and Jei succeed in becoming a first date couple.

But this is just the beginning.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

The next morning, the girls are shown four different necklaces, which were chosen by each male idol. Whichever necklace the girls choose, the person who brought that necklace will be her date for the day.

Outside, the boys wait both nervously and eagerly, wondering and hoping that the girl they want to go on a date with will choose their item.

JB says he bought the necklace while walking around a few places. With a bit of uncertainty, he says he says he wants to get to know Hye Jeong for the day.

Unlike JB, who put a lot of thought into choosing his necklace, Mir said he pulled his out of his jewelry box and hopes that Jei will pick his.

Jun.K wants Jei or Nam Ji Hyun as his date today, while Hyung Sik says it’s time for him to start talking to the other ladies of the guest house.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

Inside the house, the girls agree that if two or more girls choose the same necklace, they’ll have a simple rock. paper, scissors battle to sort things out. Then the girls count to three and pinpoint to the necklace of their choice.

The first lady out of the house is Seung Ah, who pulls out the necklace out of the box.

Jun.K smirks at it′s a necklace with a snake pendant hanging from it.

None of the boys step up to claim it, as they comment that it’s quite unique.

“It must be nobody’s,” says Mir, but within seconds, he confidently walks towards Seung Ah as Seung Ah immediately scolds him for thinking that girls will pick out this kind of necklace.

“I got it because none of the other girls wanted it.”

The reptile-loving Mir lets out a sigh as he puts the necklace around Seung Ah’s neck and they’re off to their date.

Meanwhile, JB, who was paired up with Seung Ah the previous day, can’t help but to feel a little saddened to see his past date go.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

Next up is Jei, who brightens up with Jun.K complimenting on her cuteness.
She’s ready to find her man as she marches right up to the men, but they have her back up a bit, feeling burdened.

With a smile, Jei opens her jewelry box to reveal a necklace with a musical note.

Jun.K drops his head and Hyung Sik compliments on the design, but it’s JB who steps up and claims it. As he shyly puts the necklace around Jei’s neck, Jun.K turns away in jealousy.

Jun.K even notes that they’re already holding hands as Jei and JB walk away.

Hyung Sik says that Jun.K should have just stepped in and taken her away, saying Jei was his woman. Jun.K laughs off the embarrassment as the last two women come out of the house.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

After insisting that they’re not disappointed that the man of their choice isn’t there, the girls decide to reveal the necklace at the same time.

They both open their boxes. Nam Ji Hyun has a dolphin necklace while Hye Jeong picked out the star pendant.

The girls are asked to turn away as the two men step up.

“It’s mine.”

Hye Jeong turns around and sees Jun.K standing behind her, which means Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun are coupled up once again (It’s FATE).

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

“When I saw that she picked out my necklace, I thought that I was her fate,” says Hyung Sik with a big smile. “Chul Yong (Mir), you’re not her fate, but I am through things like this.”

Likewise, Nam Ji Hyun had no idea something like this could happened. “Is this fate? Is this the fate that Chul Young was talking about?”

After putting the necklace on Hye Jeong, Jun.K reveals that he kept telling the ladies to look at the beautiful stars as a hint on his necklace.

Slightly embarrassed of the situation, Jun.K takes a hold of Hyung Sik’s hand. Then realizing his bumbling mistake, he reaches out for Hye Jeong and she takes his hand.

The four couples end up at the beach, and while Mir’s in the bathroom, all the other couples talk about how Seung Ah is always calming Mir down, but something about the couple matches. Seung Ah agrees and announces that they plan on bickering and pouncing at each other all day.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

The idols are told that only one couple will be going to a café where fortunes are read, and excited, Jei reaches and touches JB’s arm.

For one slight second, Jun.K’s eyes flare up and he reacts, but then he remembers that Jei’s not his partner and calms himself down. He then grabs Hye Jeong’s arm and sheepishly smiles.

Jun.K tells the Jei-JB couple to have fun, and Jei watches him go, but JB pulls her back to his side.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

In the car, Jei and JB, who are five years apart, loosen up, start talking about their first impressions of each other. Jei comments that JB initially seemed really sharp and cold, but the way he spoke was very soft.

As they continued their chit chat, JB notices a looose strand of hair in her face and he gently brushes it out of her face.

But Jei then goes and ruins the romantic moment by asking about Seung Ah - but JB doesn′t take the bait, and talks about Seung Ah in a slightly doubtful tone.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

Speaking of which, Seung Ah and Mir end up on a café, but while Seung Ah is filming a video, we notice Mir’s not by her side because Mir’s already stepped inside, leaving Seung Ah outside by herself.

She scolds him to come out and he complains that he’s hungry. But more than a romantic couple, the two appear as a mother taking care of her immature child.

Privately, Mir later reveals that it’s just how he is and he needs a girl who can handle that.

The scene cuts into a later time when Mir sits face to face with the girl he’s most interested in, but instead the immature and goofy Mir, who swore he wouldn’t change, a sincere Mir seriously talks to one of the female idols - the one that completely changed his way of thinking during the trip.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

Meanwhile, Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun hop into a car as Hyung Sik comments that things are now just flowing naturally and Nam Ji Hyun replies that she had a feeling the dolphin necklace belonged to him.

Just then, Nam Ji Hyun notices that her lipstick has smeared away. She tells Hyung Sik to tell her if something is amiss like this, proving that he’s now a person that she trusts to tell her things like that. .

“I’ll be your mirror,” replies Hyung Sik.

As the drive continues, Hyung Sik comments that since the other couples are with paired up differently that before, they probably have a wider range of choices now.

Nam Ji Hyun asks if he didn’t want to be paired up with her. Hyung Sik immediately denies it and tries to explain what he meant, but Nam Ji Hyun insists that she’s cool with it.

But it’s obvious she’s not, because she keeps bringing up the topic and apologizing for picking his dolphin necklace and not allowing Hyung Sik to meet other girls. Hyung Sik is completely confused and laughs that he’s suddenly become the bad guy.

They talk things out and everything seems settled….and then Nam Ji Hyun jokingly (?) brings the topic back, making Hyung Sik start sweat bullets again.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

Meanwhile, Jun.K and Hye Jeong try to drop formal language, but it proves harder for Hye Jeong. Even so, Hye Jeong straightforwardly says today’s date feels a bit different than before.

“The first date was hard, but now that everything’s out in the open, it’s nice.”

“You like it because everything’s open?” repeats Jun.K.
“I like it because I’m here with you, oppa.”

They bashfully laugh, but soon the two are closely walking down the beach, writing each other names on the sand and sharing drinks together.

In their own times, Jun.K reveals that he had a fun date with Hye Jeong and that he wants to get to know a little bit more about her.

Hye Jeong shares that her date with Jun.K felt as if it was a real date with a real boyfriend. “He’s very kind and knows how to read the atmosphere.”

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

Back on the beach, Jei and JB end up at the same place as Hye Jeong and Jun.K.

Jun.K notes JB’s undying smile and JB replies that he’s extremely happy.

After short greetings, the two couples quickly split, avoiding each other and going in different directions.

Although he was on a happy date with Hye Jeong, Jun.K shares in his personal interview that Jei just looked so happy. “They looked like they’ve been dating for 100 days. She was linking arms with JB and touching each other so naturally. I think that Jei will probably end up liking JB.”

Is someone green with envy?

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

Sitting down at the café, Hyung Sik notices that he put the necklace on upside down on Nam Ji Hyun. He gets up to fix it for her, but she rejects his offer.

But a few moments later after the embarrassment has died down, she realizes that Hyung Sik can’t stop looking at it and asks, “Will you fix it for me?” and he replies yes.

Standing behind her, Hyung Sik fixes her necklace, as a shy smile arrives on Nam Ji Hyun’s face.

After fixing her necklace, he sits down and checks it. Nam Ji Hyun steals glimpses of Hyung Sik for a long period, as he receives a video message on his phone: the second mission.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

Parodying the drama Coffee Prince, the boys must tie the girls’ hair.

While Hyung Sik’s worrying about tying her hair, something crosses Nam Ji Hyun’s mind and she starts to blush.

They head out of the café to fulfill the mission when Nam Ji Hyun notices that Hyung Sik’s slowly dropping his formal speech towards her. He denies it, but soon she says, “It’s not that bad.”

They head to the beach and admire the nice weather with the sun shining down on them.

Hyung Sik holds her hand, leading her safely away from the rocks, but Nam Ji Hyun points out that he just wants to hold her hand. They sit by the beach and listen to music together.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

At the same time, Jun.K and Hye Jeong receive the hair tying mission and Hye Jeong hands Jun.K a hair tie, asking him to tie it pretty for her.

Jun.K skips around, trying to get his jittery feelings away before returning back to her and asking how you’re supposed to tie hair. He shares later on that he was really nervous about it.

Feeling the pressure, Jun.K takes off his jacket before pondering and getting proper instructions on how to tie Hye Jeong’s hair. After a couple of tries, Jun.K finally succeeds in tying her hair.

Hye Jeong later reveals that she really enjoyed the date, surrounded by the beauty of the place. “I really did a date-like date with Jun.K.”

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

JB and Jei get the mission as well, but the two awkwardly avoid it until their snacks are all eaten up. Then finally, JB gets up to do the mission.

Just like Jun.K, JB struggles to tie Jei’s hair, somehow failing twice. Jei laughs at his clumsiness, but then she kindly teaches him how to do it. Third time’s the charm and JB finally succeeds.

“I never had a reason for a guy to tie my hair. It was really weird, a bit awkward as well,” says Jei.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

While everyone’s well on their mission, Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun are still having fun, listening to music and partying out to Justin Bieber’s Baby. With the sun pouring down on them, dance time is over and it’s time for them to complete the mission.

Setting the camera on the ground, Hyung Sik prepares himself to tie Nam Ji Hyun’s hair.

Using both hands, Hyung Sik carefully gathers all of Nam Ji Hyun’s hair, as she shyly hides her face behind her hands. As he finishes tying, Nam Ji Hyun walks away, laughing, not knowing what to do with her emotions.

During his interview, Hyung Sik says there’s a problem.

“I wanted to date other people because I thought my heart would harden where it was,” said Hyung Sik. “After spending today with her again, I think my heart is hardening….and the weather is so nice and the scenery is so beautiful…It’s a real big problem.”

Nam Ji Hyun is also feeling the same, saying that things are getting more sincere.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

While everyone’s having a romantic date with the perfect weather and the beautiful scenery, Mir and Seung Ah are still bickering at each other. Mir brings up that the area smells like poop and Seung Ah tells him to shut up and drags him along.

They find the best boulder for Seung Ah to have her hair tied and Mir comments that she’s the type of girl who doesn’t look pretty with her hair tied. She shoots him a death glare, and he finally gets to work.

Gathering all her hair, Mir compares her hair to a broom (another shut up from Seung Ah), but unlike the other boys, he gets the job done swiftly, even adding his own twist of using three hair ties in one pony tail.
Perhaps Mir has had practice tying hair with his older sister.

As they walk down the road, Seung Ah says she’s really not the loud type but when she meets Mir, her entire personality changes.

Mir, during an interview, admits that Seung Ah is definitely not his type.
And what are the chances of Mir choosing her?

“0.7 percent. Unless a cockroach comes into my brain while I’m sleeping and disturbs a nerve, it’s very unlikely.”

Similarly, Seung Ah sees Mir as a nice little brother. She’s certain their probability of getting together is 0%. This is a bit sad for us, because they are such an amusing couple together.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

One by one, the couples start heading towards the next destination.

On their way, Jei and JB exchange a playful conversation about how Jei untied the ponytail he made for her and also their huge difference in height. JB adorably calls her a little child.

On the bus, Mir and Seung Ah continue their fighting, this time Mir making fun of her nasty foot smell.

Meanwhile, Jei announces that JB’s mad at her and Hye Jeong adds it’s because JB didn’t get a kiss from Jei. All attention get poured onto JB, as he freaks out and denies the claim. Even Jei joins in the teasing and plays along, making JB embarrassed.

As the bus starts moving, Nam Ji Hyun comments that her insides are shaking from drinking too much. The group laughs, as Hyung Sik pets Nam Ji Hyun on the head.

It takes her a few seconds to realize what just happened and she asks Hyung Sik about why he did that.

“Because you were cute.”

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

On their way to the island, the idols are given another task.

Following after the movie Love Actually, the idols are instructed to secretly film the idol that they like. Their feelings will be revealed later on during the halftime selection.

Each idol has a camera attached to their hands, as they start filming their favorite idol so far.

They arrive at the island and decide to go horseback riding.

Seeing JB and Jei together, Jun.K mutters that the two look good together and that Jei keeps on smiling.

Jei says Jun.K is weird, and hearing that, Jun.K comes running and they bicker at each other and walk away, leaving JB in the back alone.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

After riding horses with Jun.K, Hye Jeong leaves for a drama schedule.
Now alone, Jun.K takes comfort in Jei, who links arms with him. JB laughs and turns his head away.

Jun.K teases Jei, saying she won’t let go of his arm. After hitting Jun.K, Jei returns back to JB.

With the empty spot of Hye Jeong, Jun.K and Jei naturally end up walking side by side, leaving JB to sadly hang out by himself. Pretending not to pay attention, JB secretly watches Jun.K and Jei taking selca pictures together.

It’s so sad that we want to jump into the screen and give JB a hug.

In an interview, JB admits that he looked pretty pathetic. “I just couldn’t go towards them, so I just turned around and threw rocks (into the water).”

He reveals that while the male idols were talking to each other, he kept getting the feeling that Jun.K kept trying to come back to Jei. Deep sigh.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

Washing all of their worries away, the men jump into the ocean, as the girls secretly film their crushes so far.

Later at night, all the cameras have been collected and the idols gather around the screen to watch each person’s secret camera.

The idols get all nervous about who goes up first and asks about the order.
The first one up is Seung Ah, who drops her head in aggravation that she’s the first to reveal her feelings in front of everyone.

Seung Ah reveals that her selection was made pretty easily, and her video starts to play.

In the screen, JB, Jun.K, and Hyung Sik are all shown. Everyone eagerly waits as the camera zooms in..... on JB.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

A bit flustered, JB tries to smile off the situation as Seung Ah silently watches his reaction. Then JB sends a ‘I’m sorry’ to Seung Ah, making everyone wonder what’s up.

Away from the group, JB regrettably says he’s so wishy-washy.

“I didn’t know my heart would be like this.” He reveals that he made his decision on his lady just that day. Does that mean Nam Ji Hyun and Seung Ah are out of the question? Did Jei steal his heart away, despite flirting with Jun.K right in front of him? Or maybe a complete twist where he chooses Hye Jeong?

Right before JB’s video is played out on the screen, all the idols, including the boys, comment that they were all curious about JB’s feelings, since he’s kept them so well-hidden from everyone.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

JB’s cam scans everyone then zooms into Jei, but then the camera moves onward.

Hyung Sik appears on the screen and everyone laughs momentarily, thinking JB’s choice is Hyung Sik, until suddenly, everyone gasps out in surprise.

Jei sneaks into the camera and smiles at him and the camera stays on her.

JB bashfully smiles, avoiding Jei’s eyes.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

“As of yesterday, things were really awkward with her. We didn’t talk and I didn’t know much about her, but after our date today, we talked a lot and I was swept by her charms,” said JB in his interview. “Then I thought I made a hasty decision (for the text message).” He tells the writers that he’s going to pretend that he didn’t write Nam Ji Hyun in his text.

When asked if he thinks Jei will choose him, JB lets out a deep breath.

“If it’s not me, I think it will be Jun.K.” JB thinks he has a 50 percent change.

With JB choosing Jei, it’s now Jei’s turn to show her video. The other idols comment that now the love story is getting all mixed up with Jun.K also in the picture. Mir’s certain that Jei has chosen JB, but Jei just continues to smile.

The video starts to play. It’s when all the boys jumped into the ocean and were splashing around.

The focus of the video is on JB and Jun.K.

Jun.K is zoomed in on for a second, when the screen moves onto JB, who’s smiling brightly.

The idols all are surprised, as Jei continues to smile.

“It’s enjoyable being with both of them, but I chose the side that i had a little more fun with.”

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

All the idols cheer, as both JB and Jun.K appear as if they don’t know what to do with themselves.

Jei is asked by the staff if that person who appeared on the screen is the right person, and Jei shyly answers yes.

But we don’t get to find out who it is until next week.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person


Oh, so many heart fluttery moments in today’s episode.

We just have to say that it’s fate between Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun. They should just date, because they are so vomit-worthy adorable together.

Although, Hyung Sik is really quiet in a group setting, when he’s together with Nam Ji Hyun, he mans up and takes control of the situation, despite the fact that he’s the younger one in the relationship.

Likewise, although Nam Ji Hyun says that Hyung Sik is like a little brother to her, whenever he comes near, she becomes a shy little girl, who doesn’t know what to do with her emotions.

On Jei’s choice, we predict that she’s going to choose Jun.K, because even while her partner was JB, she ended up spending more time with Jun.K. So far, she’s been steadfast in her choices with Jun.K, and while JB is so endearing and adorable, he sort of just watched from the sidelines when Jei was with Jun.K on the beach.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 3rd Date - A Heart for One Person

But we really can’t decide who we want Jei to end up with because she has really good chemistry with both. It’s just that she’s had more screen time with Jun.K, which is what led us to our prediction.

Compared to the other two episodes, Mir was quite silent for this one.
Maybe it was because Nam Ji Hyun was nowhere near his radar, but we’re a bit lost to where his heart is right now. Is it still with Nam Ji Hyun, or did it move onto another person?

We personally hope that Seung Ah ends up being the girl who matures Mir, mainly because they fight so much and opposites totally attract with each other. Plus, they’re the most lively and amusing couple ever.

We’re just wait for that cockroach to crawl up his brain, if it ever happens.

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