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[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

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2012.11.23 23:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Did you read the recap for episode 5?

Now, prepare yourselves for another heartbreaking episode.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Joy continues to walk away, not noticing any of Jung Woo’s screams.

Jung Woo finally realizes that there’s no way he can climb the gate. He tries to find the button to open the gate, when it magically opens on its own. (Strange. How did it open? Was it Harry? Maybe a sensor? Curious.)

He chases after Joy and grabs her wrist, twisting her around and startling her.

Joy freaks out, probably wondering why all these random man are grabbing her today.

Jung Woo stares at her intently as Joy tries to make sense of the situation.

Something seems familiar, and Joy calms down as Jung Woo’s tears get mixed in with the rain.

Jung Woo’s partner comes running, asking if Jung Woo is arresting her and he slowly lets go of her wrist, saying, “No.” Without another word, he turns and leaves, as Joy has her eyes locked on Jung Woo.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Back at the mansion, Harry’s staring at the (most overused) picture that Harry and Joy have taken together.

Joy comes out of the shower, asking for clothes to borrow. Harry replies in a cold tone, clearly unhappy that Joy made plans without telling him.

Joy explains that she came just thinking about him, but Harry, still pretty upset, makes her promise not to surprise him like this anymore. Although he tries to remain stern, Joy sees that he’s not upset anymore and asks for food.

As she eats, she talks about how she almost got arrested in front of the house. Harry’s intrigued as he continues to ask for details. When Joy explains that nothing happens, Harry turns away in deep thought.

Does he know that the Hang Jung Woo he met is the Han Jung Woo??

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Back at the police station, Jung Woo is also taking a shower… but with all of his clothes on.

He thinks about Joy and how similar she is to Soo Yeon.

Sitting on the floor, Jung Woo flips through photos of what Soo Yeon would have looked like as she grew older. As his partner asks if he’s okay, Jung Woo cries and cups his ears, not wanting to hear his name being called. Then the young Soo Yeon inside his head does, and he calls for her.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Meanwhile, Soo Yeon’s mom is at a clothing shop, buying a jacket for her son, the detective. The employee’s a little worried because the shop is a bit expensive, but Soo Yeon’s mom doesn’t care because she just got her first paycheck at the new restaurant she′s working at. th

The employee picks out a jacket for Jung Woo, and although the price is ridiculous, Soo Yeon’s mom decides to get it for Jung Woo. But she stuffs it into a black plastic bag, saying if the packaging looks too fancy, Jung Woo won’t take it.

Jung Woo dashes out from the station to greet Soo Yeon’s mom. She pulls out the jacket and puts it on Jung Woo. Jung Woo complains that he has enough clothes as he’s trying it on and Soo Yeon’s mom explains that she got a bargain deal at the market.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

They have a cute mother-son moment, as Jung Woo hugs her tightly, saying, “How did you know I really wanted to see you today? I was wondering what my honey was doing.”

Soo Yeon’s mom pulls him off, telling him to bring a real girlfriend instead because she wants to see a daughter-in-law.

Jung Woo gets upset, just as the phone rings and Soo Yeon’s mom leaves, slapping him away. Jung Woo yells, “Honey! Don’t cheat on me while I’m not there!” and we die because Jung Woo is so adorable.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Jung Woo takes the call. It’s Harry asking about the investigation.

Staring at a picture of Joy, Harry then asks Jung Woo not to come to the house without a call since he might not be home due to an unexpected issue. Jung Woo understands and hangs up, wondering why he’s worrying about Harry.

Just then, his partner walks by hearing that Jung Woo’s worried about someone and headlocks him, asking if Jung Woo is cheating on him.

Bromance for the win.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

It’s late at night, but Joy is having a hard time sleeping.

Just then Harry comes into her bedroom and hops into bed with her.

They lie side-by-side, staring into each other’s eyes.
Joy notices that his mole by his ear is more visible after his haircut. “When we were young, in the case you ran away from me, I planned on finding you again with this mole.”

Harry says he couldn’t possibly run away with his leg. “You make sure you don’t go anywhere. I can’t chase you down.”

Harry mentions that Joy hasn’t talked about Nurse Hyemi at all, and Joy replies that she doesn’t want to remember anything. “I have a gift of erasing memories.” Then she waves her hands in front of her face.

She closes her eyes to sleep, as Harry holds her hand and watches her fall asleep.

When he finally closes his eyes, Joy opens hers and waves her hand in his face, erasing his bad memories.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Meanwhile, Jung Woo is looking through the CCTV, when he notices that Harry’s room is lit up, even though it was locked. His partner doesn’t respond, since he’s sleeping and Jung Woo puts a jacket on his partner.

The cleaning lady, who appears to have a close relationship with Jung Woo, comes to chit chat with him. They talk about her daughter, who she wants to set up with Jung Woo. “I’m afraid you’ll say no to her though, because she looks just like me!”

All jokes aside, the cleaning lady tells Jung Woo not to go around, putting his life at risk for other people’s business. It’s nice to know that Jung Woo has motherly figures all around the place.

Jung Woo flips through the CCTV tapes again and is alerted when he sees his father’s right hand man, Assistant Nam on the screen.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

The next day, CEO Han enters his building, but at his side is not his usual assistant, but a younger man. Jung Woo hides behind a wall, watching his father walk by before confronting the Assistant Nam.

After greeting and sitting down with Assistant Nam, he asks how Assistant Nam knows Michelle Kim (Nurse Hyemi), but Assistant Nam say he has not met her in person.

Jung Woo takes out some pictures of Michelle Kim for Assistant Nam to identify, and suddenly, Assistant Nam freezes in shock to see Nurse Hyemi’s face.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Jung Woo gets suspicious over Assistant Nam’s reactions, and he soon says he was at the house because Fake Mom ordered him to go ask Michelle Kim about her business. Assistant Nam then excuses himself for a meeting.

Assistant Nam asks who is taking care of the funeral arrangements and Jung Woo reveals that Michelle Kim has a nephew and wheels start turning inside Assistant Nam’s head.

Running to his car, Assistant Nam takes out a promissory note between signed between Michelle Kim and Assistant Nam for 3 billion won. In the note, the account holder is written as Harry Borrison and suddenly, everything makes sense. Hyung Joon has been found.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Jung Woo arrives at Fake Mom’s clothing shop to check facts.

Fake Mom is shocked when Jung Woo spills that Michelle Kim’s dead and Jung Woo asks if Fake Mom killed Michelle Kim. But Fake Mom has also never seen Michelle Kim either. Jung Woo asks again, but this time, he’s interrupted by Ahreum, who comes running to her older brother.

After getting kicked out of the shop, Ahreum chases Jung Woo and complains about how her parents are trying to make her life perfect because her older brother didn’t meet expectations (First world problems). Jung Woo tries to make up for it and take her to eat, when Ahreum joking asks if he’s really her brother because her heart is beating.

Jung Woo starts singing Park Jin Young’s I Have a Girl and points to his heart and head. Ahreum comments that even if he finds Soo Yeon, she probably won’t recognize him…because he’s all wrinkly and old. “So just come back home.”

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Jung Woo flicks her on the forehead as a phone call comes in.

It’s Jung Woo’s partner, who is at Harry’s house to investigate. The maid tells the partner that Joy is the woman Harry lives with.

A little bothered by the fact that the police is here, Joy calls Harry to tell him, immediately asks if she met the policeman. She didn’t. Harry says he’ll be home soon.

As she prepares dinner for Harry, Jung Woo arrives and Joy is bothered. The maid tells Jung Woo to come back another time and Jung Woo takes the hint.

Just then, his partner from the second floor calls out, “Han Jung Woo,” and Joy freezes.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Jung Woo turns to check something, when she silently repeats his name then turns around and walks towards Jung Woo’s direction. Her eyes start glossing over as she repeats Jung Woo’s name aloud, just in time for Jung Woo to hear it.

She turns around and meets eyes with Jung Woo, who creeps closer to her with a serious face.

“Who are you? Who the hell are you?” yells Jung Woo. Joy turns away, but Jung Woo grabs her. “Say my name. Say my name again!”

At that moment, Harry comes in, calling for Joy.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

The scene cuts to Jung Woo’s partner explaining about the lights on in Harry’s room as Joy continues to fix food. Jung Woo watches her, not caring about what his partner is saying to Harry.

Likewise, Harry’s not listening to the partner either, but attentively watching Jung Woo. (Harry totally knows that he’s the Han Jung Woo.

Harry explains that it was probably his aunt who went into the room since she had a key. And without missing a beat, Harry asks, “Did my fiancée do something wrong?”

Both Joy and Jung Woo freeze at the title as Harry smirks.

Jung Woo asks to speak to Harry’s fiancée. Harry comments that it’s probably not for the investigation but because Jung Woo’s interested.

“Ah, that can’t happen,” says Harry, nonchalantly. Joy comes over, putting her arms on Harry’s shoulder. “Me too. I only like Harry.”

Jung Woo continues to stare as Harry and Joy sweet talk to each other.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

As Joy gets up to return to the kitchen, Jung Woo stops Joy from leaving.

“I’m sorry. I was a bad guest,” says Jung Woo. “But I’ll show you something interesting.”

He pulls off a button on his jacket (NO! NOT THE EXPENSIVE JACKET FROM MOMMY!) then drops it into the water cup, making ripples.

“It’s raining. It’s not raining,” repeats Jung Woo, as Joy starts to flinch. “It’s not raining today. My friend especially told me this secret“ but Joy cuts him off.

Jung Woo straightforwardly asks how Joy knew about the hydromancy. With her back towards Jung Woo, Joy swallows back tears. Just then, Harry speaks up, saying it’s Nostradamus or someone. Joy follows after Harry’s reply, saying she’s confused as well.

Jung Woo starts to chase after her, but Harry turns the attention back to his aunt’s death and indirectly asks them to leave.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

At night, Jung Woo and his partner are having dinner with their superior, talking about the case, as Jung Woo chugs down cups of water. It turns out the water isn’t water, but soju and Jung Woo is already drunk.

Even in his drunken state, Jung Woo points out that Michelle Kim didn’t commit suicide – who commits suicide wearing her swimming suit?

Then he starts to bicker at his superior.

“You always tell me to take off my uniform. You pervert,” mutters Jung Woo. Oh my gosh, we love drunk Jung Woo.

He continues his mutters by quoting Detective Kim. “Knowing about something but not doing anything about is worse.” He talks about Soo Yeon and how everyone acts like a dog, even going as far as calling his superior a crazy son of a b*tch.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Before his superior can do anything, the phone rings. Jung Woo answers, asking if it’s Soo Yeon, but he falls over before we find out who′s on the other line.

“Do you know what my dream is?” asks Jung Woo, still on the ground.
In unison, the partner and the superior say, “An adult. A proper adult.” Guess Jung Woo does this often.

His partner and superior take him out of the restaurant as Jung Woo says they should go to the karaoke for round 2. The partner and superior pretend to go to the karaoke room, but then make a U-turn back to the restaurant.

His partner hands him a spoon and starts humming the introduction to Magic Castle and Jung Woo starts to belt out the song again as his partner apologizes to the other diners.

When Jung Woo seems to be done, the partner announces the karaoke score as Jung Woo passes out.

His superior tells his partner to watch over Jung Woo carefully when the druggie-napper gets out of jail the next day.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

His parter sends Jung Woo home in a cab, but it’s not home where he ends up at.

Instead... he’s at the old warehouse where he last saw Soo Yeon.

He opens the warehouse and looks around before sitting against the wall. He cries in the dark and we wonder how many times he’s replayed the horrific event at its location.

Young Soo Yeon calls out his name again.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

The next day, Jung Woo waits outside of the prison, waiting for the druggie-napper. Just as he’s ready to leave his car to greet the man, his partner comes in saying there’s trouble.

He continues to repeat the sentence as he steals the car keys and then grabs Jung Woo’s hand and handcuffs it to his.

Jung Woo starts freaking out, just as the druggie-napper comes out of the prison. Jung Woo yells to be let go, but the partner lies and says he didn′t bring the key.

As the druggie-napper walks away from his sight, Jung Woo starts screaming at his partner, saying that the druggie-napper knows something – the real person who made him lie about the case.

“I’m going crazy. Even that woman looks like Soo Yeon. She’s even starting to sound like Soo Yeon.”

But that’s exactly why his partner’s not letting Jung Woo go, because he’s not emotionally ready and he may ruin the case if he chases after the druggie-napper now.

While his partner has a good point, Jung Woo continues to desperately beg, but his partner says to wait, because that′s what detectives are supposed to do, echoing Detective Kim′s words.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

At the same moment, Harry and Joy are driving around, trying to find a restaurant when Harry accidentally hits the druggie-napper crossing the street.

He gets out of the car to check on the druggie-napper and calls someone to come take care of the accident.

The druggie-napper turns to the car and meets eyes with Joy, who immediately recognizes him and freezes up in complete fear.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Then the druggie-napper starts walking towards Joy, who whispers for Harry, but Harry’s too occupied on the phone. The druggie-napper starts talking to her, even tapping her shoulder as Joy crumbles down and starts hyperventilating at his touch.

Just as Harry notices, druggie-napper pulls Joy’s cellphone from the car and slips it into his pocket. Harry pulls the druggie-napper back and druggie-napper nonchalantly tells him to take Soo Yeon to the hospital instead of him.

Harry angry gives the druggie-napper a business card, not wanting the druggie-napper to cause bigger problems with the accident later on.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Still traumatized by meeting her rapist, Joy locks herself in the bathroom as she cries as the shower water runs down on her. Harry slams on the bathroom door, asking her to open the door, but she just cries, slowly remembering everything that happened that one night when Jung Woo let go of her hand.

Harry finally enters the bathroom through the patio window. When he grabs a towel and hugs her from behind, Joy begins to scream, “I did wrong! Don’t hit me!”

Sitting dazed in the car, Jung Woo asks, “How much longer do you think I can wait?” He worries that he’ll just pass by Soo Yeon without recognizing her. “I look at her pictures every day, but I can’t remember what her face looks like, so I miss her even more.”

He lets out a sign as his phone rings.

To his shock and disgust, someone whistles a song on the other line – the same song the druggie-napper whistled on that day.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Then with his creepy voice, “Did you get a new girlfriend? Why is there a young lady at your house?”

Jung Woo tells his partner to get out of the car, but when his partner reacts too slowly, Jung Woo gets out of the car and starts running.

He calls Eun Joo and tells her to stay inside the house no matter what.
Then he grabs a cab and heads home.

As expected, the druggie-napper is there and he attacks Jung Woo.

Pouring all fifteen years of hate, the druggie-napper starts to beat Jung Woo up, but being the younger, stronger man, Jung Woo quickly takes control of the situation.

As Jung Woo is about to punch his kidnapper, the druggie-napper says, “Your Soo Yeon isn’t dead.” Jung Woo freezes, as the druggie-napper says that if he dies, Jung Woo will never find Soo Yeon again.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Taking this moment, druggie-napper starts beating Jung Woo to a pulp, as he reveals that some man told druggie-napper to take the blame for Soo Yeon’s death.

Wanting to find out more about the situation, Jung Woo continues to take the hits, as the druggie-napper demands an apology.

Jung Woo just about ready to pass out, as memories of the druggie-napper beating his young self and Soo Yeon flow into his head. Young Soo Yeon calls for Jung Woo again.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

The druggie-napper stops punching, when Jung Woo starts laughing.

Just then, Eun Joo comes out of the house and see what’s happening. She runs to the druggie-napper, only to get pushed down. The druggie-napper leaves, saying he’ll see Jung Woo again later.

As Eun Joo tries to grab for Jung Woo’s gun, Jung Woo holds her hand and says that the druggie-napper knows where Soo Yeon is. Eun Joo’s outraged that Jung Woo actually believes him, but Jung Woo smiles, knowing that the druggie-napper didn’t kill Soo Yeon.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Now out of the shower, Harry watches Joy sleep, when he gets a call from Assistant Nam, who addresses Harry as Hyung Joon. He hasn’t told CEO Han about Harry yet and the two decide to meet.

That night, Soo Yeon’s mom cries about Jung Woo, who is sleeping as he gets scolded by his partner for getting beat up. His partner promises Soo Yeon’s mom that he’ll find the real criminal and Soo Yeon’s mom yells at them for trying to find Soo Yeon, since it has nothing to do with them.

Soo Yeon’s mom begs Jung Woo’s partner to stop Jung Woo from finding Soo Yeon.

“I don’t want to see her. Even if she comes, she’s not welcome,” cries Soo Yeon’s mom, as Jung Woo opens his eyes. “People who are still alive need to live. So tell him to just stop.”

Jung Woo closes his eyes again and tears slip out.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

With Harry out to meet Assistant Nam, Joy picks up a phone call.

It’s druggie-napper again and Joy drops a cup in shock. The druggie-napper lies and says he’s in pain from the accident. He tells Joy to come to his house.

Joy starts hyperventilating again as the nightmares quickly pass througfh her head.

She finally tells the druggie-napper to wait.

Oh my God. She’s going to go to him.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

By the river, Harry meets with Assistant Nam, who reveals that Michelle Kim had loaned him a ton of money. She was trying to use his gambling debt to get revenge on CEO Han.

Harry says to hurry and name the price, as Assistant Nam brings up Soo Yeon’s name and how the police are still searching for her. He knows Harry has her.

In exchange for keeping Harry’s existence a secret, Assistant Nam rips up his debt papers. Then he asks Harry what he wants for the interest. Harry asks how much Assistant Nam got for killing his mom.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

The druggie-napper is chilling when the door bell rings. He has a package.
He opens up the box to find a newspaper article inside. It’s the one about him and Soo Yeon.

But before he notices or can check what’s inside the box, the door bell rings again. He calls out, but no one answers.

He looks through the peep hole and sees the backside of a girl in black.

Thinking it’s Joy, he opens the door and suddenly falls back from being tasered by a person wearing black leather gloves.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Jung Woo′s at the playground, spinning around on the swing, as Soo Yeon’s diary entry comes to mind.

The sky is spinning around.
My head must be going crazy.
Even though you’re next to me, I think of you.”

“Today, I wish it would rain.
I think of you.
The wind is blowing.
I think of you.
Because the wind hurts my eyes, I think of you.”

Then adult Jung Woo adds, “The street lamp is flickering. I think of you.”

Then Soo Yeon continues, “I remember you, erasing my bad memories. I think of you.”

Soo Yeon: Jung Woo. Han Jung Woo! What are you going to do on the day of the first snow?
Jung Woo: I’m going to meet you. I only have one friend. Lee Soo Yeon.

He jumps off the swings and starts running.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Back at the druggie-napper’s apartment, Jung Woo’s partner is pounding on the door, disturbing the neighbors.

But that’s the least of the druggie-napper’s worries, as he’s actually inside, lying in the bathtub, tied up with his mouth taped.

He looks up at his attacker in fear as he/she puts a wet red cloth over his face. He soon loses consciousness. OMG…is he being murdered right now…and by Joy/Soo Yeon?!

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Coming back to the mansion, Joy stops the car right before the gate, as she shakes in fear.

She pulls off her black leather gloves and opens the gates, when out of nowhere, Jung Woo steps out, scaring her even more.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Meanwhile, Harry’s still by the river, as a police officer stops by to check if Harry’s up to any suspicious behavior. As the policeman leaves, Harry takes his laptop and checks on the CCTVs back at his house.

Joy gets out of the car to address Jung Woo, who asks her to call out his name.

He says, "Lee Soo Yeon," and Joy freezes for a slight second, and Jung Woo continues his sentence.

“I know you’re not her, but...I think you’re the person I’m looking for.”
Joy asks what he’s doing and Jung Woo continues.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

“I look like a crazy person, right? That’s why...I’m going to stop,” says Jung Woo. “I’m just going to find her today, then end everything. Seriously…the end.”

He asks for the favor and tells her his name.
“My name is Han Jung Woo.”

Joy watches him with shaky eyes, as Harry also watches over the two through the CCTV screens.

Proving it means nothing, Joy says his name.

Jung Woo turns around and asks for her to say it again.

Hesitantly, she does it again.

He closes his eyes. One more time.

“Han Jung Woo.”

He covers his eyes with his hand and asks for it again.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

Staring at him, Joy says, “Jung Woo…Han Jung Woo.”

Then he hears young Soo Yeon’s voice calling out his name, and Jung Woo starts to cry.

He lowers his hand away from his face and turns back to Joy.

In his head, he whispers, “Soo Yeon…”

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′


We are so heartbroken right now for so many reasons.
We thought the writer was going to make this easy on us and have them reunite early on, but who are we kidding. We wouldn’t have a drama if it was that easy.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

We were a bit surprised to know that Soo Yeon didn’t even bother to find her mom after all these years. But then we thought about it and think that Soo Yeon just wants to forget everything from her childhood, since nothing was positive about it, except for Jung Woo, who even ended up leaving her behind.

The scene with Soo Yeon’s mom tore us apart, because even though she says she doesn’t want to see Soo Yeon, we know she’s lying, especially from how much pain she was in at the crime scene. The entire reason why she is so good to Jung Woo and Eun Joo is because she’s trying to make up for not being a good mother to Soo Yeon.

So it’s especially painful to see Soo Yeon think she’s been abandoned, especially when so many people are still trying to find her.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

In some way, Hyung Jun has just completely brainwashed her out of his own selfishness so that he would have someone by his side at all times.

But we can’t necessarily blame him either, because he’s lived a tough and lonely life, where people began to leave him behind one by one. First his dad, his mom, and even Nurse Hyemi.

However, judging by Joy’s reaction when Harry introduced her as his fiancée, this couple seems to not be as romantic as we thought.

Sure, they might be affectionate towards each other, but it seems that they’re both just clinging on because they have no one else. They’re both just trying to fill the void, the loneliness, and the insecurity in their lives.

That in itself is heartbreaking.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 6 - ′Jung Woo...Han Jung Woo′

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