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[Interview] Park Jung Min Grows from Idol to Musician

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2012.11.25 21:00 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Park Jung Min is back alone, with a new solo album 22 months since his last. He′s prepared to launch himself again with his new single Beautiful, and he even took over the production of his album and his music video to show off his new face as a musician.

[Interview] Park Jung Min Grows from Idol to Musician

Was this why it was so hard to see him sing again? Park Jung Min says no. He was actually fairly active all this time not in Korea, but in Japan. Still, he says he′s happy that he′s back in Korea.

"I′m so happy to be back on the stages of Korea again. I′m happy and pressured at the same time though. (Laugh) I′m worried and excited about my first self-produced album, about whether the public will like it. It feels like I′m getting my homework looked over. My heart′s really pounding. (Laugh)"

It really seemed his heart was pounding over his new album. The album indeed showed traces of the efforts that he poured in to make up for the 22 month gap, and the album cover and the music video expressed the concerns Park Jung Min held as an artist while producing them. It probably occurred to him too that it′s time he found his real place after leaving his idol self behind.

That′s why his music video for Beautiful was so surprising. The video showed a Park Jung Min that was more colorful than anyone remembered. Everything about him was different; he was no longer the boy who practiced hard to do whatever his agency had told him to do.

"I wanted to emphasize my voice more than anything. I asked my fans, and most of them answered that the no. 1 reason they like me was because of my voice. I tried to express what I didn′t get to express when I was in SS501. The energy that I give off is different from when I′m solo and when I′m the member of a group. I wanted to fill my performance with a good voice."

[Interview] Park Jung Min Grows from Idol to Musician

Perhaps because of this deep determination, everyone who saw Park Jung Min′s new performance couldn′t hide their amazement. It was a different Park Jung Min from the one everyone knew. This shows that he′s really maturing, as a solo singer.

"Soon it′ll already be 10 years since my debut. I still feel like I′m a rookie, but these days I feel time goes so fast. I′ll have to work hard to become a senior that can be proud in front of his juniors."

Photo credit: Yamaha A&R

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