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[Star of the Week] The 5 Lucky Ladies of Lee Seung Gi

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2012.11.25 16:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Being the handsome, educated, and worthy man that he is, Lee Seung Gi has been on the wishlist of thousands of women – us included.

[Star of the Week] The 5 Lucky Ladies of Lee Seung Gi

And to make our jealousy grow stronger, Lee Seung Gi had five lucky women who were able to play out the role that all of us covet.

Ku Hye Sun

[Star of the Week] The 5 Lucky Ladies of Lee Seung Gi

Taking his first acting role, Lee Seung Gi appeared on MBC’ New Nonstop 5, where he acted as the boyfriend of Ku Hye Sun.

Although their romance was short-lived with Lee Seung Gi exiting the sitcom due to his busy music activities, Ku Hye Sun and Lee Seung Gi played out an adorable relationship and caused quite the drama with Lee Jung being part of their love triangle.

Shin Ji Soo

[Star of the Week] The 5 Lucky Ladies of Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi the Actor made his name known through KBS’ The Infamous Chil Sisters when he played out an adorable relationship with actress Shin Ji Soo as a young and immature couple with a baby on the way.

As a spoiled only son in his family, Lee Seung Gi played the smart, but arrogant Hwang Tae Ja, who ends up knocking up the youngest daughter of the Chil Family, forcing the two into an early marriage.

Despite the drama and scolding that came with the early pregnancy, Hwang Tae Ja ended up maturing quickly to become a strong head of his household for his wife and his child.

Han Hyo Joo

[Star of the Week] The 5 Lucky Ladies of Lee Seung Gi

Taking arrogance to another level, Lee Seung Gi took the role of Hwan Sun Woo in SBS’ A Brilliant Legacy, playing the selfish and bratty grandson of a major company.

While no one could control him, Han Hyo Joo, in the role of Go Eun Sung, who teaches Lee Seung Gi a lesson or two and finally grooms him into a caring and mature man, who ends up falling in love with his work trainer.

Their ‘love changes all’ relationship had hearts fluttering as Lee Seung Gi transformed to the man fit for Han Hyo Joo.

Shin Min Ah

[Star of the Week] The 5 Lucky Ladies of Lee Seung Gi

Crossing borders between legends and humans, Lee Seung Gi played out a romantic relationship with the fox with nine tails, played by Shin Min Ah in SBS’ My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.

Immature Cha Dae Woong accidentally releases Gu Mi Ho, who was sealed in a painting for hundreds of years, and after Gu Mi Ho saves his life using her powers, Cha Dae Woong becomes indebted to Gu Mi Ho, promising to protect her (almost forced to do so).

However, as all stories go, Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah fall in love with each other, causing the heavens to look past their differences and bring the two together.

Ha Ji Won

[Star of the Week] The 5 Lucky Ladies of Lee Seung Gi

As a bratty prince, who thinks about no one but himself, Lee Seung Gi portrayed the role of Lee Jae Ha, who is forced to train with the North Korean captain, Kim Hang Ah, played by Ha Ji Won in MBC’s The King 2Hearts.

The two start out rough, unable to set aside their differences, but when he is forced to rise to the throne with his older brother passing away, Lee Seung Gi realizes just how precious Ha Ji Won’s presence is in his life and gradually falls in love with Ha Ji Won, making her his royal and loved bride.

Together, they go through all the troubles and international turmoil that arise, and show that in the end, love conquers all, including conflicts between the borders.

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