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[K-Pop Battle] Tasty Twins vs. Boyfriend Twins

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2012.11.22 18:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

You know what they say - two is better than one - and what more proof do we need than to look at the twins in the industry?

That′s right - for this week′s K-Pop Battle, we′re pitting the Tasty twins against the Boyfriend twins!

[K-Pop Battle] Tasty Twins vs. Boyfriend Twins

When Tasty first debuted, no one was quite sure if the two members, So Ryong and Dae Ryong, were twins - and then finally Woollim Entertainment confirmed, yes, the two tall boys singing ′You Know Me′ were indeed bros.

The two, who were originally backdancers under JYP, made a colorful splash with their shirtless suits, charming all the ladies with their goofy smiles and extremely long limbs.

While the duo isn′t currently promoting, we have no doubt that they′ll return to their adoring fans soon - because who wouldn′t want a taste of the Tasty twins?

[K-Pop Battle] Tasty Twins vs. Boyfriend Twins

The other famous set of male twins in the industry, Boyfriend′s Kwang Min and Young Min were actually fairly well known before launching a singing career with Boyfriend.

The two were famous as ′Kim Hyun Joong look-a-likes′ which they took full advantage of, acting in MBC′s sitcom, All My Love as Brown Eyed Girls′ Gain′s students.

The pretty boys recently returned, only much more manly, with Boyfriend′s Janus - and while they may be six years younger than the Tasty boys, they′re still technically Tasty′s seniors.

Whether that matters in the K-Pop battle ring, only you can decide - so make sure to vote on our K-Pop page!

Photo credit: 1st Look, Starship Entertainment

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