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Film Poster for ‘The Crucible′ Released

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2011.09.01 16:37 Mwave Choe, MinJi

The main poster for the upcoming film, The Crucible, directed by Hwang Dong Hyuk, has been revealed.

The poster shows the two leads, Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi, posing alongside children with wounded expressions on their faces, against a misty background. Jung’s firm, but stricken look as well as Gong Yoo’s tear-filled eyes express the emotions of the compelling text, “I vow to tell the world about this.”

We met with Miryo. Through stages as a guest rapper for Honey Family and as a member of Brown Eyed Girls she’s made a definite impression on the minds of the public and thus we were a bit anxious to meet with her as well. We were nervous that we would be interrupting the rapper, currently in the middle of a jam-packed schedule promoting her first solo album, MIRYO aka JOHONEY to create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

However as soon as Miryo flashed her smile across from us,after completing her scheduled interview and photo shoot in the Yeoido area café in Seoul, those thoughts vanished. We had a hard time believing the Miryo on stage was the same Miryo in front of us. In that atmosphere we decided to take a closer look at unveiling the true Miryo.

Film Poster for ‘The Crucible′ Released

Film Poster for ‘The Crucible′ Released

The film is based on the shocking true story about a new teacher who discovers child abuse at a school for hearing-impaired students and his struggles to reveal the situation, despite opposition from the school’s staff and officials.

The film has been adapted from the 2009 best-seller of the same title, written by Gong Ji Young, who personally looked into the case.

This film, which will hit theaters on Sept 22, has already been gathering a lot of expectation among moviegoers, making it to the top spot of lists of the most-clicked movies on the way to being released and movies that people want to see in September.

Photo credit: Samgeori Pictures

Round 1: Brown Eyed Girls Miryo vs. Solo Miryo
We began by asking her about the difference between performing activities as a group member and solo.

“When doing interviews as a Brown Eyed Girls member the articles generally focused on our music’s color or the direction we wanted to go. However in nine out of ten interviews as a solo, the main focus became on my love life. Even if I discuss my music, the article titles still are focused on my romance life,” she responded.

Standing on stage alone is a first for her. She confessed at first she had the confidence of thinking herself as an established rapper and thought that all that was needed was to spit some rhymes and then include some melody and narration. However it didn’t take long for her to realize this was a wrong thinking.

“It was difficult. Being responsible for over three minutes and thirty seconds [of a song] was very pressure-filled. From start to finish I had to make sure I was doing my movements, dance and expression right while making sure I was rapping well. When I got through with just one verse I would be out of breath. Perhaps because of my age?” she said while laughing.

Film Poster for ‘The Crucible′ Released

Round 2: Rapper Miryo vs. Producer Miryo
Miryo spent over ten years as a rapper and then was involved in this album’s entire production and wrote all the lyrics for the songs in the album. Because it was her first time, the thought that it would be entirely her fault if things didn’t work out never left her mind. She soon got caught up in the rollercoaster of emotions by reading the reviews left online.

“Thankfully a lot of people left positive reviews which gave me strength,” she said. “Of course the reviews criticizing the flawed portions were visible as well. When I would read those comments the thought of, ‘why did I stupidly decide to produce this album?’ entered my mind.”

She confessed that there were aspects of her album she still felt not fully satisfied about. The positive response, to the solo efforts of her group members before her, also added to the pressure.

“The other members solo efforts were received very well. And as a rapper for the group there were some difficult aspects in releasing a solo album. But just as much as people responded positively to the title song, Dirty, there were elements that I was disappointed as well. I have fairly good intuition. So I have a good feeling my next album will be much fresher sounding and receive an even more positive response,” she said with laughter.

Film Poster for ‘The Crucible′ Released

Round 3: Dating Miryo vs. Solo Miryo
How is Miryo different while dating and when solo? Generally when one hears the phrase, ‘female rapper’, one gets the image of a woman that’s more aggressive, independent and is an expert in relationships compared to other women. To this Miryo responded, “It’s a false assumption and unfair.”

“I’m actually not that aggressive or independent. I like spending time alone but it’s more that I’m lazy that I spend time home alone surfing the internet than it is me being ‘independent’. My personality is actually more delicate than it is aggressive. The aggressive presence I display on stage? That doesn’t come out in real life that often. Truthfully on stage I’m playing the role of the song’s character,” she said.

To put it simply, she considers herself a fool when it comes to love rather than an ace.

“I don’t really show it but when I’m in a relationship I become invested heavily. I’m actually a fool when it comes to matters of relationships. Even my last relationship was over five years ago. If it was all according to plan I was supposed to be married by now.” (Laughs). “If I am to reorganize my delayed life plans it would be to receive love from creating fresh, honest and easy-to-listen-to-music then make my entry into the American market, meet a nice guy there and get married. My wish is to continue working even after I’m married,”she said.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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