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Ali Criticized Due to Her Song on Sexual Assault Case

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2011.12.15 11:11 Mwave Park, HyunMin

Ali has come under harsh criticism due to her song Na Young-i, which she composed and wrote. The song is about the victim of sexual assault case, which took place in 2008. The title of the song is the alias of the girl who was just eight years old at the time of incident.

Ali said she wrote the song to comfort the victim but the public has been criticizing that it only compounded the suffering of the victim and her family.

Ali’ agency, Trophy Entertainment, conveyed Ali’s message in a press release on December 14, “I’d like to heartily apologize to Na Young and her parents. Whatever my intention was, I feel really sad and sorry that I opened up their old wounds.

Ali Criticized Due to Her Song on Sexual Assault Case

She continued, “I wanted to encourage Na Young to have belief in herself and not to lose hope. In the part that people criticized the most, ‘While giving up on your youth, you sold your body and soul, your pitiful life,’ I meant to rebuke the offender’s shameless conduct. I didn’t mean to talk about the victim. It’s my fault that I failed to deliver the meaning clearly.”

As the public criticism mounted, the singer’s agency set out to patch things up by deleting the song in question from music sites while announcing that they will collect all albums distributed offline and discard them.

Even with the singer and the agency’s efforts to resolve the issue, there’s no sign that the public criticism will subdue anytime soon.

Netizens showed their mainly negative reactions, by saying, “How could she keep saying that she did it for the sake of Na Young?”, “If she meant that, she should’ve titled the song, ‘Du Sun’ (the offender’s name),” “It’s no use crying over split milk” and “It is a sort of marketing tactic to attract attention by any means.”

A lyricist who requested anonymity said, “That’s a memory that the victims might want to forget. She should’ve been more careful in writing and at least she should’ve asked for their understanding. She might have thought it could be comforting, but to them it must be just a reminder of a heinous crime. Rather than giving solace, it′s more of a stain/stigma. It was a thoughtless conduct overlooking the power of a song.”

In 2008, Na Young, the eight-year old girl, was sexually assaulted by Jo Du Sun, a man in his 50s in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province. Jo was sentenced to 12 years in prison and seven years of wearing an electronic anklet, as well as five years of the court publishing his personal information, whereabouts and sex offender status in public arenas.

The lenient punishment, which was given after the court learned that the offender wa very drunk at the time of the offense, caused severe controversy and extreme public outrage.

Photo credit: Trophy Entertainment

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