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[Interview] The Goddess Lee Min Jung

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2011.12.14 13:43 Mwave Lee, JinHo

What would it be like to drink with ‘Goddess’ Lee Min Jung? Every man who’s seen her soju commercials has probably dreamed of drinking with her one day.

Fortunately, I happened to meet her for an interview over drinks, at the pub night of the film Wonderful Radio, held on December 14 in Seoul. We touched on a lot of issues, and I found she was as attractive off-screen as she was on it.

[Interview] The Goddess Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung up close

I kept thinking I should be drinking soju with her, because she’s currently modeling for a soju brand. The main drink for that day, however, was makulli. I always thought she would live off morning dew (?), but she drank makulli well. She managed to disarm everyone with her outgoing personality and her cute voice. She was exactly as she was in the SBS drama Smile, Love. I was drinking with the Goddess; what more can I say?

[Interview] The Goddess Lee Min Jung

“Song Joong Ki, You~”

Wonderful Radio comes a year since her last big screen venture, Cyrano Agency. She teamed up with Lee Jung Jin, Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jung Tae, forewarning a big screen takeover to take place in 2012. She’s returning to the big screen for the first time in a year; does she feel pressured?

“I’m very nervous, but it was so much fun to be working with such great people. Beside the film characters, I worked in perfect teamwork with the good boy Lee Jung Jin and bad boy (?) Lee Kwang Soo. I told my friends if the film brings in more than 5 million people I would buy them marbled beef, but if it really does go over that number I want to get them even more.”

Lee Min Jung was very attached to her film, and she felt a great responsibility toward it as its lead actress. The day we met, however, we were having drinks. We talked not only about the film but about personal gossip. We even talked about the much popular Song Joong Ki.

“Joong Ki is my junior in college (Sungkyunkwan University), but I never saw him when I was at school, and I’ve never seen him while I’ve been acting, either. He’s so beloved these days, so I think he’s busy. But still, ‘Joong Ki, you~ Won’t you come visit me someday?’ (Laugh)”

Her name is pronounced ‘Goddess’. That’s what her fans say to each other as a joke. This day also, she was called ‘Goddess’ more than her name. I wondered whether she felt pressured by the Goddess title.

“It’s actually pretty burdening. And I’m not a goddess (Laugh). There are things I can’t do because of the goddess image. I love gopchang (intestines), but I have to eat it in a feminine way because people keep watching me eat. You’re supposed to gnaw on gopchang to really eat it properly. It doesn’t taste as good if you eat it lady-like (Laugh).”

[Interview] The Goddess Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung was such an attractive actress and human being that even I became jealous of her qualities. But it′s those exact qualities that shine through the screen, making the actress as beloved as her characters, leaving me to wonder, ′How can you not fall in love with this beautiful actress?’

Photo credit: Wonderful Radio, Chamisul ad

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