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[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

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2012.11.20 01:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Our idols have met their counterparts, exchanged awkward conversation, and held hands with each other – all in the first episode of tvN′s Romantic & Idol.

We left off on a cliff-hanger, where four out of the eight idols wanted to change their partners.

So we move onward to finding who they are, why they want to leave their current partners, and who they’ve got their pretty eyes on.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

The idols laugh awkwardly at each other, as they find out that four out eight have decided to change their partners, and everyone starts wondering who chose what.

Jun.K and Hae Jeong reveal to have chosen ′stay′. The other two idols remain a mystery.

Jun.K immediately suspects Jei as one of the people who chose change, but she denies the claim with a suspicious laugh. But before we can find out more about it, a bakery commercial with Won Bin and Kim Soo Hyun cuts in and completely distracts us because we’re weak around pretty stars and food.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

We return to our romantic idols as the eight idols are instructed to cram inside one van and Hyung Sik hilariously yells out, “But we’re not ZE:A! This kind of thing is enough with just ZE:A!”

Jun.K comes to the group with the seating arrangement – all the girls sit by the windows to ensure comfort.

Jun.K gets behind the wheel and Mir sits in the passenger’s seat. He turns around to see Nam Ji Hyun with Hyung Sik sitting next to him. Mentally erasing Hyung Sik out of the picture, Mir asks to Nam Ji Hyun, “Where were you going three days ago…at night?”

And how does he know this?

Nam Ji Hyun replies that she was going to the practice room, and that’s all Mir needs before he goes on and on about how it’s fate between him and 4minute - all because he sees them all the time. Nam Ji Hyun simply says it’s because their houses are close by, but Mir think it’s something else...something called destiny.

All the while, Hyung Sik’s face stiffens.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

It doesn’t help that Mir continues to bring up more and more (forced) fateful events between him and Nam Ji Hyun. Hyung Sik tries to pretend it’s not bothering him, but it obviously is.

The car drives off and everyone’s in high spirits, singing along to Brown Eyes’ Already One Year.

Jun.K hopes the group will make lots of memories on this trip, which reminds Mir that they have to go visit the museum of sex (and health) because his mom told him he should. Jun.K’s so embarrassed that Mir brought it up, apparently not for the first time on this trip.

The idols are looking through some music and Mir shows some hope that Nam Ji Hyun will have a MBLAQ’s song on her phone. She says she does, but Mir doesn’t recognize his own group’s song.

Mir once again tries to link himself to 4minute, and Nam Ji Hyun says she likes the crazy non-idol personalities of the MBLAQ members. Mir glows, while Hyung Sik does a pretty bad job of pretending not to sulk.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

Then the moment of truth comes when the center camera falls and Mir picks it up. Peering into the camera, he sees through the monitor that Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun are talking intimately. It’s Mir’s turn to have the face of gloom.

A few moments later, Mir brings up the subject of the who chose change, and reveals that he chose to stay.

To our surprise, Hyung Sik admits that he chose to change.

Nam Ji Hyun and Hyung Sik both say in separate interviews that it was obvious for both of them to choose change, since they’ve already gotten so close.

Hyung Sik says, “Now that we’re close, I think we can get to know each other more naturally.”

The staff asks who’s the closest to his ideal girl, and with a bit of hesitation, Hyung Sik replies, “Currently....Ji Hyun nuna.” But we already knew that from the start.

Jun.K insists that Jei chose to change, but Jei continues to deny.

“I have a feeling she chose change,” says Jun.K, sheepishly laughing. “I’ll find out during the broadcast..and be upset about it a few weeks later.”

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

Coming closer to their destination, Nam Ji Hyun suggest that they play a game and send four idols to the supermarket. Mir suggest a game called ‘Hobbang, Jjinbbang, Daebbang,’ (This episode is full of bbang/bread themes) except no one knows the game so Mir explains the rules. They decide to play as soon as they exit the van.

A second camera falls and Hyung Sik takes it. He shines the forgotten three in the back row of the van, then himself and Nam Ji Hyun (Oh la la~) then Jei by herself.

The sun begins to set as the ocean comes into view

The van stops and everyone runs outside to start their bread game.
The losers going to the mart are quickly chosen - Oh Seung Ah, Nam Ji Hyun, Jun.K, and Hae Jeong.

The idols arrive at their destination to find out where they’ll be sleeping for the night. The boys peer inside, but are reluctant to go in. The reason? - they won’t be able to use the magical power of the kkalchangs or insoles.

Eventually everyone overcomes their fear and enters the room. The market team decide to head out. Nam Ji Hyun really wants alcohol, mentioning it a second time.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

Hyung Sik’s incredulous that they’re actually leaving by themselves and Nam Ji Hyun asks Jun.K to sit next to her and watch her driving, Jun.K turns to Hyung Sik to check his reaction before affirming to Nam Ji Hyun’s request.

Jun.K tells the boys not to eat Jei alive and heads out with the other girls to go food shopping.

On the way to the mart, Jun.K enrolls the girls into driver’s ed, teaching them how to drive a large van. Nam Ji Hyun laments that everyone’s afraid of her driving and Jun.K promises to let her drive on the way back.

Back at the cabin, Mir asks if Fei likes Jun.K.

Fei: We got close fast!
Mir: Do you like him as much as you know him?

Without hesitation, Jei replies, “Yes, I’m pretty satisfied.”

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

The supermarket crew decided to call themselves the A4, as all four of them are blood type A.

They enter the market, laughing and giggling, as they shop for dinner. Coincidentally or not, Jun.K and Nam Ji Hyun walk together as Hae Jeong and Oh Seung Ah trail behind.

They finally get to the alcohol aisle to satisfy Nami Ji Hyun’s cravings.

Jun.K even gets an opportunity to briefly warm up the ladies’ hearts by playing with some children who recognized the group.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

After shopping, Nam Ji Hyun hops into the driver’s seat, asking if the left pedal is brake, making everyone nervous. Jun.K kindly and patiently reminds Nam Ji Hyun of the basics and even starts the engine up for her.

Hae Jeong and Oh Seung Ah reassure themselves that everything will be okay since Jun.K oppa is in the car with them. Jun.K continues to shine to the girls with his thoughtful acts and patience.

They finally arrive back at the house and everyone cheers.

Interviews reveal that Jun.K saw some of Nam Ji Hyun’s charms, while Nam Ji Hyun noted his soft and thoughtful side, despite his beast-dol image.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

Despite realizing Jun.K’s charms, the first person Nam Ji Hyun looks for when she enters the house is Hyung Sik. Upon seeing each other, they discreetly touch each other’s arms. Hrm...

The initial couples get together to cook, bickering and nagging adorably with each other. Mir embarrasses himself lying that he’s 179 cm, only to be caught when he’s almost the same height as Hae Jeong, who’s 170 cm.

The only one not smiling and laughing is Hyung Sik.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

As they eat dinner, Jun.K suggests everyone just reveal who chose change or stay.

Jun.K, Mir, and Oh Seung Ah say they chose stay.
Hyung Sik is change as previously mentioned.

It comes to Jei, who says, “Change” and Jun.K has the most shocked face in the world.

Jei says in an interview, “I picked change because I heard everyone will travel together.”

On Jun.K’s mental breakdown expression, Jei added, “I felt really bad, because that’s not how i felt.”

The remaining people, except Nam Ji Hyun, reveal that they chose to stay, but according to the rules of math, the number doesn’t add up. Someone, who said stay, is lying.

Mir and JB are looked at with suspicious glares, but JB insists he’s not lying and he isnt, as shown through the text message. “I wanted to be with a nuna that I was comfortable with.”

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

The staff asks if JB will choose Oh Seung Ah until the end.

JB hesitates, then with sheepish laughter, he throws out Nam Ji Hyun’s name. Caught off guard, the staff members all laugh as JB asks for her name to be edited out. He adorably freaks out, as the staff reveals JB was the first to send in the Stay text.

The idols continue to be suspicious of each other, as the liar with pants on fire obviously turns out to be Mir. We know he has his eyes on Nam Ji Hyun, whom he wanted to have the first date with.

During the BBQ, Mir brings up Nam Ji Hyun being part of his fate, making Hyung Sik go silent again. Nam Ji Hyun doesn’t think living in the same neighborhood is fate, but JB backs up Mir’s claim, saying that f(x) Sulli and Luna live in the same apartment building as he does, but he’s never seen them.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

Hyung Sik’s face get darker and darker, but then Nam Ji Hyun calls him over to cook the meat together and he finally gains a smile again.

As the food cooks, the group sorts each other out by blood types.
All the boys are A, except for Hyung Sik, who is AB - supposedly crazy. The girls are all A as well, minus Jei, who is O.

Upon finding out that Nam Ji Hyun is A like him, Mir links himself to her again. Jokingly or not, Nam Ji Hyun says that she’s starting to feel a little burdened to be around Mir.

Silently, Mir and Hyung Sik cook meat together, as all the girls pour their interest on Jun.K. But Jun.K, being the easily hurt blood type A, still hasn’t gotten over Jei choosing to change and starts bickering with Jei, appearing like a nitpicky but adorable couple.

Oh Seung Ah and Jei have a quiet chat in the bedroom about Jun.K still being shocked that Jei didn’t stay.

Jei notes that because a majority of the idols are blood type A, everyone’s keeping their feelings inside.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

In the other room, the four boys have gathered together to talk about the girls. Mir jokes, “They all probably think we’re all lame.”

In a separate interview, Mir talks about the other guys, saying while they’re all nice, JB is perhaps the only one really accepting all the weird things Mir says. Jun.K adds on his separate time that JB is very innocent and pure and not a gangster at all.

Finally eating dinner, the group sends JB to heat up the rice. He dashes to the microwave at the speed of light, making both the male and female idols to coo at how adorable JB is. When no one’s in sight in the kitchen, JB manages to have a dance party by himself, proving his adorableness.

Moving on from JB to Hyung Sik, JB says he can’t figure Hyung Sik out. The same goes for the girls. JB continues to say, “Before I figure out the girls, I need to figure out Hyung Sik hyung.”

“I shouldn’t think like this, but Hyung Sik doesn’t seem to have any thoughts in his head,” says Oh Seung Ah. Cue to Hyung Sik, lying in bed, staring into space.

On the flipside, Jun.K chooses Hyung Sik to be the most popular guy in the group. “He’s handsome and rich...”

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

Hop to a few moments later, the staff tells the girls that the boys have a song prepared for the second mission: song shuffle. Each boy chose a song they would like listen with a significant other on a date.

If one girl likes a song and chooses to step out to greet the boy who picked out the song, she can have a starry romantic date with the boy who brought the song. If two or more girls choose the same song, the boy must pick one girl for the date.

Each of the girls wait in different rooms, as Mir is up first.
His song of choice is The Nuts’ You are My Person.

The three other boys freak out inside, repeating over and over that it’s game over. All four girls will come for this song. It is a good song.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

Music continues to play, when suddenly a shadowed figure by the window gets up and moves. The door opens. Mir looks up.

It’s Jei.

She shyly meets eyes with Mir, who silently celebrates that someone came out for his song.

Inside the room, Jun.K jealously remarks that Jei already came outside.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

Just then, the arm of a red sweater is shown, coming closer to the door.
The owner turns out to be..... Hye Jeong!

She laughs out loud, but for now, it’s uncertain if she’s happy to see that it’s Mir, or shocked that Jei is also standing outside.

Inside, Nam Ji Hyun waves her arms in the air, enjoying the music, but ends up saying, “It’s not my style! Farewell~”

Guess...it’s not fate after all, Mir.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

The music ends, and the three outside stand slightly embarrassed about the situation. Who will Mir choose?

It’s Mir’s turn to have a mental breakdown.

“This is so cruel,” says the man of the hour.

The staff gives him three seconds, but Mir still cannot choose.

After much hesitation, Mir takes Hae Jeong’s arm and leads her away from the courtyard, leaving Jei completely humiliated.

“I was really happy to see Jei nuna,” says Mir. “But her expression when she came out was like, ‘how dare you play this beautiful music?’”

Jei doesn’t agree, saying she came out very brightly. “He must have bad eyesight.”

Either way, Mir and Hye Jeong head out on a romantic (slightly windy)date under the stars. Mir even switches coats with her to keep her warm.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

The second man to head to the yard is Hyung Sik.
He lets out a large sigh as Park Hyo Shin’s Gift starts playing.

Oh Seung Ah’s not interested because it’s too loud.
Nam Ji Hyun agrees. It’s not her style again. She even lies down because it’s making her sleepy.

Is Hyung Sik doomed?

But as the song continues to play, Nam Ji Hyun starts bouncing her head. “The lyrics are really nice.”

After a few moments, Nam Ji Hyun asks, “Should I go out?”

She throws in the possibility that she might not like the song, but like the person. When the staff doesn’t give her any hints, she tries to aegyo. Only if everything in the world was solved by some aegyo.

The song is coming to an end, but still no one is by his side.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

Hyung Sik sadly joins Jei, who says it must be fate that the two both got cut.

These idols need to stop throwing around the word fate before it gets super overused, if not already.

During an interview later, Nam Ji Hyun admits that she hated the second song and it made her want to fall asleep. “But after the song was over, I heard a guy’s voice so I opened the window and saw Hyung Sik doing an interview! It was Hyung Sik!!”

Perhaps just a teensy bit discouraged and embarrassed, Hyung Sik said during the interview, “Do I look a bit pathetic? Let me broaden my shoulders up a bit.” He added that he knows plenty of good romantic songs. He just made the wrong choice.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

Third time’s the charm.

Jun.K comes out to the empty yard.
His song choice is a pop song: Jeff Bernat’s Call You Mine.

Almost immediately, Nam Ji Hyun perks up, saying she loves the song already.

“This person knows women really well. It’s sweetly calling for me to come .”

She tries to find a flaw in the song, but fails.

Oh Seung Ah gets a feeling that perhaps it’s JB who chose the song.

Still waiting out on the yard, Jun.K looks to the door and all of the sudden, his face is filled with complete surprise.

Who is it?!?!

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

A silhouette moves from inside. The door opens, and out comes Oh Seung Ah from her room.

Jun.K beams and waves brightly, welcoming Oh Seung ah to the yard. He continues to dance to the beat as they chat quietly.

Meanwhile, Nam Ji Hyun’s conflicted.

She likes the song, but she can’t leave because she’s curious about the next song.

“I bet a lot of girls came out for this song,” says Nam Ji Hyun. “It’s like a song of temptation, except I don’t know what they’re saying in English.”

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

The song is coming to an end, but Nam Ji Hyun’s still contemplating on whether to go out or not.

At the last second, she gets up and leaves her room.

Jun.K sees her coming out and freaking out. He cannot hide his ecstatic smile, while disappointment gets dumped on Hyung Sik in the shadows.

But even worse, dark rain clouds hover over JB, who didn’t even get a chance to play his sweet melody. We’ll never find out the song he picked.

Jei once again comments that this is too cruel.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

Stuck in the most difficult, yet happiest position in the world, Jun.K lets out a sigh, then...puts his arms around both girls. Hellooooo Playa~

Nam Ji Hyun’s thinking the same thing as we are, but Jun.K insists it’s not like that.

The staff counts to three and Jun.K....chooses Nam Ji Hyun, coldly leaving Oh Seung Ah in the dark by herself.

Hyung Sik bitterly watches Nam Ji Hyun walk away with Jun.K.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

After the music shuffle, Hyung Sik has lost his mentality and stares into space. He finally calls his mom. “Mom....Mom..... I want to go home.” Oh, you poor baby.

Just then, Jun.K and Nam Ji Hyun return from the date, and all the boys suddenly become lively.

Sadly, all three boys put on smiles on their faces, but shoot out daggers from their eyes as a Jun.K enters the room with a full-on grin. Hyung Sik’s still in la-la land.

Piecing all the clues together, JB finally says, “Looking at the situation, it seems like all the boys are only looking at one girl right now.”

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

Mir grins quietly, but notices the camera and suggest they don’t talk in there.

Cut to the interview to Nam Ji Hyun.
She lets out a sigh and says she really doesn’t know.

“Hyung Sik doesn’t talk, so I don’t know.”

She begins to say Jun.K talks too much, when she looks to the side and a wave of shock washes over her face and she covers her mouth laughing.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

So what happened?

We won’t find out, until next week!


All the arrows are pointing to one person and that one person doesn’t seem to know what to do with all the attention being poured on her. So conclusion of episode 2: it’s still unclear who will end up with who.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

It’s kind of interesting how the idols brought up blood types and how six out of eight were blood type A. Blood type A’s are known to be on the quieter side, a bit timid, yet deep thinkers. They usually don’t reveal what’s on their minds, which made this episode pretty mysterious in terms of what each idol is thinking.

That is, all except for Mir, who has no issues telling Nam Ji Hyun that she’s, you know, his destiny. But like Nam Ji Hyun says, Mir needs to tone it down a notch and stop throwing the word fate like a soccer ball, or else Nam Ji Hyun might just run away.

[Recap: The Romantic & Idol] 2nd Date - What is Love that′s Meant to Be?

Then there’s Hyung Sik, who is AB. AB’s are known to be quite unpredictable and Hyung Sik is doing a really good job, making all the girls confused with his quietness. But if he doesn’t step up, he might lose Nam Ji Hyun, especially with three other guys chasing after her.

It’s obvious the boys have a thing or two for Nam Ji Hyun and she is confused, but what about the other girls? What are they thinking about and who is on their minds? They even lack the private interviews and we’re left in the dark on what they’re feeling about the whole situation and whether or not they know all the boys are looking towards Nam Ji Hyun.

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