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Jung Joon Young Goes Home After Making a Crucial Mistake on ′Superstar K4′

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2012.11.17 10:32 Mwave Ko Hong Ju Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Jung Joon Young in the end was the one to be sent home after the top 3 battle of Mnet′s Superstar K4. Roy Kim and DickPunks will be fighting for the ′superstar′ title in next week′s contest.

The competition between the three teams to become the top 2 took place on November 16. The day′s round consisted of two missions, a judge mission and the ′My Favorite Song′ mission.

Jung Joon Young Goes Home After Making a Crucial Mistake on ′Superstar K4′

Why, then, was Jung Joon Young the one to be eliminated?

In the judge mission, the top 3 teams took songs originally sung by the judges, Yoon Mirae, Lee Seung Chul and Yoon Gun, and performed them with their own interpretations. DickPunks took over Yoon Mirae′s song, Roy Kim took Yoon Gun′s and Jung Joon Young took Lee Seung Chul′s.

In the next My Favorite Song mission, the contestants got to choose their favorite songs regardless of genre or theme to bust out their skills.

The main deciding factor was the judge evaluations for the top 3′s judge missions, as the My Favorite Song mission wasn′t affected by the judges.

Roy Kim chose to sing Yoon Gun′s October Rain. Roy Kim was given the difficult task of having to retain the gentleness of the original and yet at the same time show off his own powerful vocals. He managed to pull it off, however, getting a total of 283 points along with the praise that his performance "was better than the original."

Next, Jung Joon Young sang Lee Seung Chul′s Did You Forget. "It seems your vocals have really matured," the judges said, and gave him a total score of 272 points. Lee Seung Chul was the one who pulled the total down as he gave Jung Joon Young an 85 while the other judges gave him points in the 90s, due to a mistake Jung Joon Young had made with the lyrics.

DickPunks appeared last to perform Yoon Mirae′s Please Don′t Go. It garnered a total of 285 points for its creative rearrangement.

DickPunks emerged as the one with the highest points after the judge missions. Roy Kim followed closely with 283 and Jung Joon Young with 272. This was when Jung Joon Young started trailing behind, as Roy Kim and DickPunks battled a close battle just two points apart when he was behind by 11 points.

Things could′ve changed with the live polls, but with everything turning out to be so close Jung Joon Young ended up as the one packing his bags for his crucial lyrics slipup.

Jung Joon Young Goes Home After Making a Crucial Mistake on ′Superstar K4′

Jung Joon Young had fallen behind in the pre-broadcast internet poll that closed on November 15 also. DickPunks led with 38 percent, Roy Kim scored 34 percent and Jung Joon Young settled at 28 percent. 30 percent of judge points, 60 percent of live text polls and 10 percent of online poll results mixed together revealed Jung Joon Young to be the one to leave.

This episode was the first episode in which Superstar K held two missions in a competition that wasn′t for the final top 2, a development which proved how close the race was.

DickPunks and Roy Kim will compete in their final challenge on November 23, concluding Superstar K4.

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