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[Star of the Week] Song Joong Ki, the Variety Show Star

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2012.11.18 14:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Song Joong Ki has already proven that he can take on a wide range of roles, whether it be a pretty playboy in the Joseon era or a con man out to get revenge, and managed to do an outstanding job with each project.

[Star of the Week] Song Joong Ki, the Variety Show Star

But there is something that cannot be done with just memorization and constant rehearsals. And that is the world of variety.

When Song Joong Ki was still new and fresh as a rookie, he participated in a number of variety shows, where he tested out his comedic skills.

Whether he passed or failed, we’re certainly not complaining as it gave us a chance to see the rising star at the time in a whole different light.

Stiff Dancing

Writing down his personal information, Song Joong Ki said that his specialty was dancing, which all the other Running Man members disagreed with.

Having been personally taught by TVXQ how to dance to Girls’ Generation’s Gee in a previous episode, Song Joong Ki showcased his ′skills′ and had all the members booing. But he was persistent and even did one of the stiffest and more awkward waves ever.

But even though his dance skills could use some smoothing out, the other members did notice that Song Joong Ki confidently did everything that was asked, and that’s what more important, right?

Have You Ever?

While his body was stiff, Song Joong Ki’s lip service proved to be smooth as a baby’s bottom.

On KBS’ Perfect Score, Song Joong Ki had a talk battle against SHINee’s Minho, where the two stars tried to mention things they’ve done that the other hasn’t.

While Minho did his best to outdo his hyung, the obvious winner in this round was Song Joong Ki.

Letting It Go

First rule of variety is that you have to let yourself go. Otherwise, doing all the random, crazy, sometimes stupid, things on variety shows maybe become too difficult and you’ll just end up looking dumb.

Realizing this half way through Running Man, Song Joong Ki did really let himself go, allowing the show’s cast members to completely destroy his pretty flower boy image.

It’s safe to say, Song Joong Ki has overcome the fear of variety.

The Romantic

Variety doesn’t always mean you need to be funny. It just needs to have a lasting effect on its viewers (For example, it’s been many years since X-Man and people are still hoping for something between Kim Jong Kook and Yun Eun Hye to work out).

While this next clip didn’t have as a last effect as Kim Jong Kook-Yun Eun Hye ear covering incident, it still had heart fluttering all around, as Song Joong Ki, the beautiful flower boy tugged on a nuna’s heartstrings and made all the girls wish they were Song Ji Hyo.

Gary was jealous as well, and there’s nothing better than seeing Gary jealous.

The Leap Away from Hardships

It took Song Joong Ki many years and many roles before he hit the spotlight with KBS Sungkyunkwan Scandal and while he was appearing on KBS Dream Team as a rookie star, the team went to Canada where they were given the task of bungee jumping.

For some odd reason, Song Joong Ki began to tear up before his jump. With his parents and future in mind, he jumped, followed by tears that brought up his past hardships and struggles.

“I was at a state where I had no self-confidence,” said Song Joong Ki. “But after the jump, everything felt light and relieving.”

He later went on to say, “I had a lot of struggles before this...but now I’m going to forget them all and do my best.”

And it was only uphill for Song Joong Ki from that point on.

Photo Credit: Sidus HQ

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