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[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

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2012.11.16 19:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Did you get to read our recap for episode 3? Go read it first then come back here!

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Episode three opens to a battered Jung Woo, who looks out into space, as his little half-sister watches. She begins tearing up, telling her brother to stop crying, but Jung Woo doesn’t react as a tear rolls out of his eye.

Downstairs, CEO Han and Fake Mom gets a suggestion from a doctor to have Jung Woo sent to a mental hospital. It’s not good for his physical and mental health, but all Fake Mom cares about is the fact someone somewhere will hear about this and create bad rumors.

Without a word, CEO Han leaves, as Fake Mom is given the responsibility to take care of Jung Woo as she wishes.

Back in Jung Woo’s room, his little sister tries to cheer Jung Woo up, singing him a song (Soo Yeon and Jung Woo are so blessed with their sisters), when suddenly, someone outside starts calling his name.

It’s Soo Yeon’s mom and this time, Jung Woo reacts, but in fear.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Outside, Soo Yeon’s mom continues to call out, as Eun Joo encourages her, hiding from the corner. Soo Yeon’s mom skeptical of this plan, but Eun Joo says it will work. Just then, two of CEO Han’s men come out to shoo Soo Yeon’s mom away, when she pretends to be falling backward, dragging the men away from the gate with her.

Eun Joo takes this time to bolt into the house. After a brief introduction to Fake Mom, she rushes into Jung Woo’s room, as the little sister announces that there’s something wrong with Jung Woo.

Eun Joo runs into his room and locks the door. She looks around and finally sees Jung Woo scrunched up and hiding under the desk. Eun Joo confronts him angrily, until she notices that Jung Woo is all beat up.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Not losing focus, Eun Joo asks him about Soo Yeon and what happened

“You promised her that you wouldn’t ignore her anymore,” says Eun Joo, as she pulls out Soo Yeon’s diary and shows him the entries saying that Soo Yeon liked him.

Jung Woo finally raises his head, just as Fake Mom drags Eun Joo out of the house. On her way out, Eun Joo continues to ask where Soo Yeon is, as Jung Woo starts to cry.

It’s pouring rain outside as Detective Kim and his junior officer are walking through a forest. They received news of an abandoned vehicle and came out to investigate. Just as reported, the vehicle belongs to the kidnappers.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Hoping to find some clues, they search the van, but it’s completely empty.

The owner of the van is getting tortured by CEO Han, who decided to take out his frustrations on the kidnapper.

He demands to know where Nurse Hye Mi is, but the kidnapper does not know.

Beating the kidnapper to a pulp, CEO Han demands that the kidnapper brings everyone affiliated with the kidnapping in front of him.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Back at home, Jung Woo finally gets the courage to look at Soo Yeon’s diary, and with every entry and picture he sees, tears start to fall.

I like him.
I don’t like him.
I like him.
I don’t like him.
I like him.
I don’t like him.
If five ripples are created in water, that means that I like you.
It’s a little embarrassing, but I’ll tell you when it starts raining.
My little present.

Past times of Jung Woo and Soo Yeon studying and playing around together flash before our eyes – the happy memories Soo Yeon wants to remember and cherish.

Jung Woo continues to weep, reading about all the little details she’s written about him.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

It’s windy, so I think of you.
Because the wind hurts my eyes, I think of you.
When I run breathlessly, I think of you.
The streetlamp is flickering. I think of you.
From the streetlamp to my house – 280 steps. I think of you.
I think of you, who erased all of my bad memories.

He thinks back on the day of the first snow and how he broke his promise to meet with her. He cries, still filled with guilt.

Eun Joo greets her father with some of Soo Yeon’s things, which are bound to have Jung Woo’s fingerprints on them. Detective Kim compliments her saying she should get an honorary detective’s badge, and Eun Joo tells her father to get his honor back.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

As they have their father-daughter moment, Detective Kim gets a phone call from the forensic department about Soo Yeon’s shoe. Detective Kim gets confirmation that it is Soo Yeon’s shoe, and shares the sobering news that Soo Yeon was raped.

Shock overcomes his face as he loses strength in his knees. Eun Joo asks what’s wrong, as Detective Kim holds onto Eun Joo’s hand. He starts cursing the kidnappers.

Then he turns to Eun Joo and tells her, “From now on, I’m not looking for Soo Yeon, but I’m going to look for you. I’m going not as a detective, but as a father. So I’m going to do everything. I’m going to catch them, and after I do, I’m not going to leave them alone. Is that okay? Can I just go crazy?”

Eun Joo tells her father to go crazy, or else she’ll get angry. “Make sure to find her. Make sure to bring Soo Yeon back.”

We…love this family so much.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Detective Kim then proceeds to go crazy.

He threatens a judge to blow the Lee Tae Soo case if he isn’t issued an arrest warrant for Jung Woo. When his superior blows up at him, Detective Kim doesn’t back down, admitting that he was going to live as a dirty, lying cop, but after what the bastards did to Soo Yeon, he decided that he can’t.

He doesn’t care about getting fired, since he stopped being a real cop when he tried to cover up the Lee Tae Soo case.

The police arrive at CEO Han’s residence, and Detective Han confidently shows the family the arrest warrant. CEO Han and Detective Kim exchange a scary moment of tension, when someone says, “Why did you come now?”

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Everyone turns out. It’s Jung Woo.

Ignoring his parents’ orders to go back to his room, Jung Woo walks up to Detective Kim and raises his arms. “Arrest me.”

Detective Kim apologizes and then handcuffs Jung Woo. CEO Han glares furiously at Detective Kim , silently asking, “How dare you?!”

Outside, Detective Kim orders the other police officers not to follow him.
Obviously, the whole plan wasn’t to really interrogate Jung Woo, but to bring him outside of that wretched house, and it worked beautifully.

CEO Han follows the police out, saying as Jung Woo’s dad, he’ll come with them to the police station. Detective Kim scoffs and replies, “Go ahead and follow if you can.”

The police brigade drive off, leaving CEO Han and his men to watch.

CEO Han then orders his assistant to let Detective Kim find Soo Yeon.
Great. What other dirty rotten plan is he scheming now?

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

At a public sauna, kidnapper finds the kidnapper/rapist/drug addict (so many dirty names for this guy), asking why he didn’t pick up his phone. But before they can have a lovely chit chat about life, CEO Han’s minions surround the two criminals.

CEO Han’s assistant throws Soo Yeon’s blood-stained sweater. It’s too much DNA evidence for the druggie-napper to ignore.

Detective Kim takes Jung Woo by the river and Jung Woo slowly opens up about what happened that night.

Detective Kim acknowledges that Jung Woo has something to say to Soo Yeon, and so does he. He confesses to Jung Woo that Soo Yeon isn’t the daughter of a murderer and it was his fault for covering it up.

Detective Kim apologizes to Jung Woo, who tells him to find Soo Yeon and tell her personally.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

As Jung Woo tells all the details about the incident, Eun Joo notices that one of Soo Yeon’s dresses is falling off the laundry line. Without a word, Eun Joo hangs up the dress properly.

Inside the house, Soo Yeon’s mom lies next to Soo Yeon’s school uniform and cries, caressing the clothes.

Jung Woo thinks back on the kidnappers and remembers that the tip of his fourth finger was missing. He notes that the kidnapper was also doing drugs. Detective Kim hurriedly takes out a picture of the car that broke the speed limit and asks Jung Woo if he can identify the driver as the kidnapper.

Although the face doesn’t show in the picture, Jung Woo confirms that it is the kidnapper, bringing them one step closer in solving the case.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Detective Kim gives Jung Woo Soo Yeon’s shoe, the only thing left after the warehouse burned down. Detective Kim explains that the kidnappers tried to get rid of the evidence, but Jung Woo says that’s impossible, since CEO Han went to get the second kidnapper and headed to the warehouse.

Suspecting a thing or two, Detective Kim hurriedly mutters they must do more investigation, but Jung Woo says he’ll find out from his dad.

Detective Kim tells Jung Woo not to jump to conclusion just yet about his father. He then pats Jung Woo on the head, telling him to smile, when he receives a call that an eye witness has appeared.

As Detective Kim arrives at the station, another police officer gives the junior a hard time, indirectly cursing at Detective Kim for trying to be all self-righteous. Ignoring the remarks, Detective Kim starts asking the eyewitness about Soo Yeon, and while he looks a bit suspicious to us, he replies with all the right descriptions of Soo Yeon. Detective Kim demands why the witness suddenly decided to report is now and if he’s lying.

The police head to the place the witness says he saw Soo Yeon, but Detective Kim is skeptical, especially since it’s too far from where he found Soo Yeon’s shoe.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Meanwhile, Jung Woo’s at the river, throwing stones into the water and watching the ripples. He repeats, “Coming…not coming…coming…not coming.”

The police dog starts barking and the police hurriedly uncover a blood-stained sweater buried in the ground. Detective Kim immediately recognizes as the sweater he gifted to his two daughters.

Oh…that is wrong. This is how CEO Han is going to help Detective Kim find Soo Yeon?

As Jung Woo looks out into the distance, smiling, Detective Kim hugs the sweater and begins to cry. Just then, Detective Kim is informed with the prime suspects of the case – the druggie-napper.

By himself, Detective Kim chases around the kidnapper, as CEO Han continues to search for Nurse Hye Mi. Jung Woo decides this is the time to ask his father about the kidnappers and where they are.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

The assistant lies saying they got away as CEO Han coldly walks away without answering any of Jung Woo’s questions. The assistant suggest that Jung Woo go back to America, before leaving.

Feeling the cold draft between him and his father, Jung Woo puts his picture closer to his father’s on the desk. But really, isn’t he suspicious at all?

The kidnapper comes into a DVD room, to greet the druggie-napper with a bag of crack. The kidnapper tells druggie-napper to do as he’s told, or else, they’ll both die. Just then, Detective Kim casually walks in and locks the door behind him.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Being the gentleman that he is, Detective Kim introduces himself as Soo Yeon’s dad and asks where she is before beating the crap out of both kidnappers. He handcuffs one to the table, while the druggie-napper tries to fight back with a knife.

As the handcuffed kinapper cries that they were going to confess, Druggie-napper scoffs and says, “Kidnapping, rape. How many years do I have to live? Seven?” He then stupidly adds, “I did crack, so if I’m not in my right mind, maybe I’ll get just three or two years!”

Detective Kim turns to handcuff the druggie-napper, when he notices that the man is missing the tip of his fourth finger. It hits him right then, that this is the man who raped Soo Yeon.

In a sudden rage of anger and disgust, Detective Kim starts legit stomping on the man’s private area. “Does it hurt? Does it?” The druggie-napper will probably never have children.

He asks one more time where Soo Yeon is, and the druggie-napper, in his psycho state of mind, spells it out for Detective Kim. “Splash~ I threw her, because she was loud like you. I killed her.”

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

The druggie-napper is taken to the scene of the crime, where he reenacts what he did to Soo Yeon. Jung Woo, sitting in the waiting area, watches silently, while Detective Kim stares into space, hearing the news.

The body is presumed to have sunk to the bottom of the river because too much time has passed. The police asks where the druggie-napper buried the sweater, and he replies with an ambiguous answer as if he doesn’t know exactly where.

Soo Yeon’s mom watches the reenactment as snow continues to fall. She walks up to the kidnapper and reveals herself as Soo Yeon’s mom. She asks him why he did it, as she starts bawling, telling him to tell the truth and say Soo Yeon’s still alive.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

The entire moment is captured on television as Jung Woo closes his eyes.
Fake Mom comes to take him to the airport, but Jung Woo ignores her and runs off.

The playground is where he ends up. He looks under the slide, expecting to find Soo Yeon, but no one is there. Then he hears Soo Yeon asking if he’s coming again tomorrow.

Sweetly smiling, Soo Yeon stands before Jung Woo, who starts dropping tears.

“No….,” says Jung Woo. “Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after that… I’m going to come every day.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

The vision of Soo Yeon disappears as he hears a swing creaking.
Jung Woo calls out for Soo Yeon, asking where she is.

Jung Woo sits under the slide, as he thinks back on everything he’s heard about the incident. Suspicions arise and Jung Woo gets up and springs home.

To which, we say - FINALLY.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Without even thinking, he goes into his father’s office and starts going through all of his father’s things. His little sister warns him that CEO Han is coming and he’ll get in trouble as Jung Woo finds a locked desk drawer. He finds the keys and unlocks the drawer…..

…to find pictures of Detective Kim, as well as his personal information, perhaps to know more about the enemy before attacking.

Then in the back of the drawer, Jung Woo finds a plastic bag. Inside is his cellphone, which he hasn’t seen since that day.

He turns it on, as he cries, calling out Soo Yeon’s name.

Then suddenly, the phone starts to ring.


[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

After staring at it in shock for what feels like forever, he pushes the call button and cautiously says hello.

There’s complete silence, until a familiar voice says, “Jung Woo. Han Jung Woo.”

Jung Woo starts bawling, asking if it’s really Soo Yeon, but before he can ask where she is, the phone is snatched out of his hand.

Likewise, Nurse Hye Mi pushes Soo Yeon away from the phone (She’s alive!). Hyung Joon rushes to her side, and Nurse Hye Mi yells that she knew they shouldn’t have brought her with them.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Soo Yeon’s entire face is bandaged (Is this from the kidnapping or did Nurse Hye Mi really run her over?)

Jung Woo asks for the phone back, but CEO Han says Soo Yeon’s dead. When Jung Woo continues to insist that Soo Yeon’s alive, CEO Han slaps him and says Jung Woo is crazy.

Jung Woo asks if that’s what his father really thinks.

He says that he needs the phone since he has something to say to Soo Yeon. He adds that he can’t live if Soo Yeon is really dead, because like CEO Han says, it’ll be Jung Woo’s fault.

Jung Woo’s little sister cries that the phone did ring and asks her dad to believe Jung Woo. CEO Han tells his daughter to be quiet and throws the phone to the ground.

Fake Mom comes into to take the little sister away and it’s just Jung Woo and CEO Han.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

As Jung Woo gets the phone on the ground, it hits him.
He confronts his dad that he never planned on searching for Soo Yeon as promised.

Almost too easily, CEO Han admits it, saying that Jung Woo shouldn’t have gotten tangled up with trash like Soo Yeon, the murderer’s daughter.

CEO Han tells Jung Woo to pack up and leave for America, but something has changed in Jung Woo’s eyes.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

He gets up and walks straight to CEO Han and stares right into his father’s eyes.

“You said you only trusted me, right?” asks Jung Woo. CEO Han says, yes. Only his son, Han Jung Woo.

“Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either.”
BUUUUUUUUUUUUURN!! Oh, the satisfaction.

Jung Woo runs to his room, grabs Soo Yeon’s diary off his desk, and heads out.

CEO Han says if Jung Woo leaves, he can no longer come back.
Without a second’s thought, Jung Woo leaves the house, ignoring his father completely.

He turns back to look at the house one more time, before running down the street.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

At the police station, Detective Kim is wrecking the place, throwing plants into walls and computers on the ground. He even finds a bat to add to the destruction.

His superior arrives and yells that the results are out, the case is closed, but Detective Kim yells that the case didn’t even start. The superior shouts that Detective Kim’s fired, but he’s prepared. He throws down his badge, handcuffs, and a letter of resignation, saying he’s embarrassed to be a detective.

Detective Kim’s pissed because the case closed too easily, just because someone came up and admitted the crime, but with no evidence or reason whatsoever to explain why.

“Is Soo Yeon really dead?” screams Detective Kim. “The people who know everything but does nothing are even worse!”

Detective Kim promises to finds Soo Yeon and show everyone.

Just then, Jung Woo runs into the station. Staring into Detective Kim’s eyes, Jung Woo says Soo Yeon’s alive. Detective Kim says he knows. Jung Woo says it’s for real and Detective Kim repeats that he knows.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Jung Woo kneels down in front of Detective Kim.

“Please find Soo Yeon. I believe you.” He turns to the other police officers and tells them he trusts them too.

“ I have something to say to her,” cries Jung Woo, tightly holding onto Soo Yeon’s diary. “I miss Soo Yeon…”

Detective Kim kneels down next to Jung Woo and hugs him.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Meanwhile, Nurse Hye Mi asks if Hyung Joon is coming or not.
He’s conflicted because he doesn’t want to leave Soo Yeon behind.

Taking his necklace, Nurse Hye Mi tries to leave, but Hyung Joon shouts that she can’t do anything with the necklace without him, since the money will only be available when he turns 18.

“If she doesn’t go, I’m not going anymore,” says Hyung Joon.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

He then turns to Soo Yeon and shows her a newspaper article reporting her death. He tells her to wake up and realize why Jung Woo hasn’t picked up any of her calls.

“It’s because he threw you away.”

In denial, Soo Yeon starts to bawl. She screams out in pain as she beats her chest, remembering what happened to her that night and how Jung Woo let go of her hand and walked out on her.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Scenes from the future show an adult Jung Woo running and hugging the adult Soo Yeon. He tells her not to let go of his hand this time.

A change in scene shows Hyung Joon crying pitifully.

A gunshot is heard, and Jung Woo falls to the ground in shock.
A young Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon walk down a road, and suddenly Soo Yeon fades away with the wind.

Soo Yeon apologizes, and Jung Woo asks why.

“I’m not crying because I’m sad. It’s because of the wind.”

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′


What a satisfying episode.

It finally feels like we’re breaking out into sunlight after being trapped in a dark and dirty dungeon for what felt like an eternity.

This was Detective Kim’s episode, hands down.
He led the entire show, taking matters into hi
s own hands and learning that he can’t trust anyone because they are too selfish and greedy to do what is ethical.

His determination to reveal the truth and find Soo Yeon as her father struck us straight in the heart and even moved us to tears, when we found out that he wasn’t alone, but that Eun Joo was also right beside her father.

Jung Woo opened his eyes as well and was forced to mature quickly, which makes complete sense since you don’t go through what he did and remain a child forever.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

Although it seems that he walked out on CEO Han so easily, it was probably one of the most difficult things he’s had to endure.

Not only is he declaring war against his father, but Jung Woo is giving up on the one thing he’s really wanted his entire life – his father.

Since the first episode, Jung Woo desperately sought out for his father’s approval in everything he does, even though Jung Woo has only received disappointment.

Even when his suspicions about his father grow, Jung Woo forces himself to believe that if he explains everything, his father will understand and help him. It’s only when CEO Han reveals his dark side - the indifference he has for the thing most precious in his son’s life – that Jung Woo realizes his father is not the honorable person he’s been proud of for his entire life.

It’s a hard thing to take in, just like when Eun Joo found out that her own father was also corrupt, except the huge difference is that CEO Han feels no guilt over anything.

It looks like the children will grow up into adults in the next coming episodes, and we’re quite excited to find out what will happen.

[Recap: I Miss You] Episode 4 - ′Don’t trust me. I won’t be trusting you either′

While the story’s moving along, we want to address some of the issues that this drama has brought up.

The most obvious one would be the rape scene that everyone talked about in episode three. It is a terrible issue, but like many people have said, it was completely necessary.

It’s a realistic thing to occur in that situation and definitely an issue that needs to spoken about, especially now with more cases of adolescent rape and violence happening.

Also in episode 4, when Detective Kim confronts the kidnappers, the druggie-napper mentions that he’ll get like 7 years for rape and violence and even lesser sentence if he claims that he’s insane. This stood out for us because this is what actually happens in Korea.

There are too many cases happening in Korea where a child or a woman is raped, but the criminal isn’t getting sentenced properly because he claims to have not been in the right state of mind, and in a good majority of these cases, the rapists were drunk.

In the recent years, there have been movies addressing this very issue, such as The Silenced and even Don’t Cry Mommy, which is awaiting to be premiered. So it’s very relieving to know that now TV dramas are taking the step to address these issues, even with the criticism that they may receive.

They’re all ugly topics, but ones that should and must be addressed and discussed.

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