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Cho Seung Woo Says Baseball Legends Can’t be Compared

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2011.12.13 11:03 Mwave Lee, JinHo

Cho Seung Woo revealed how he felt about the continuing rivalry between the legendary Korean baseball rivals Choi Dong Won and Sun Dong Ryul.

Cho Seung Woo Says Baseball Legends Can’t be Compared

The press preview and roundtable for the baseball film Perfect Game took place on December 12 in Seoul. On this day, Cho Seung Woo appeared with Yang Dong Geun, Choi Jung Won, Ma Dong Seok and Cho Jin Woong to speak on the film.

To a question on who he thought was the best player in Korean baseball, Cho said, “The message of our film is that there’s no need to have such standards. [Choi Dong Won and Sun Dong Ryul are both] great pitchers who’ve written a part of baseball history.”

Cho took on the role of Choi Dong Won, and was praised for perfectly imitating Choi’s unique throwing pose. Choi’s rival, Sun Dong Ryul, was played by Yang Dong Geun.

Cho also touched on what happened when he got to meet Sun Dong Ryul, who is currently a coach, and said, “Coach Sun said that he was lucky to have been set up as a rival of ex-coach Choi Dong Won. Because baseball is a game of records, people want to compare who’s better. But ex-coach Choi Dong Won started playing four years before coach Sun Dong Ryul, so he’s thrown that many more balls. An absolute comparison has no meaning whatsoever.”

He added, “I was again surprised at coach Sun’s modesty and persuasive powers.”

“After we finished shooting this film, coach Choi Dong Won passed away,” said Cho. “I kept thinking ‘I should’ve worked harder’ and ‘I should’ve thrown until my arm broke.′ I feel like I could’ve shown a warmer and more humane side of him.”

Perfect Game is a baseball film which outlines the rivalry between two of Korea’s legendary pitchers, Choi Dong Won and Sun Dong Ryul. The film is set to premiere on December 21.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Gwan

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