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Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Jong Meet Children in Congo and Ask for Help

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2012.11.18 13:00 Mwave Jeon Su Mi Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The gentlemen Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Jong traveled to Congo to meet its suffering children.

As the honorary ambassador of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), Jang Dong Gun visited the People′s Republic of Congo in Africa with Kim Min Jong.

Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Jong Meet Children in Congo and Ask for Help

The two visited the area with the Hope TV SBS Program, in a collaboration with the WFP, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and UNICEF.

They saw for themselves the difficulties ravaging the country, as the refugees and children of the country suffered from an ongoing civil war and violent uprisings.

Jang Dong Gun said, "The life conditions of those living in the Goma refugee village were beyond imagination. A young mother chewed on leaves because she couldn′t produce breast milk for her baby, children sat on the cold ground in the middle of a downpour of rain and some children even licked up puddles of water gathered on the ground because they were so thirsty. It was more shocking than I expected."

He added, "There seemed to be no other way to save their lives other than our help. I became determined to work hard to let the world know of their difficulties, and I want to ask viewers to join in helping them through the UN."

Kim Min Jong also commented, "Africa seemed so far away for me and I had heard many people suffered difficulties in the region, but I was shocked at the conditions the Congo refugees were living in. I couldn′t believe they were living in such pain. I was saddened at the sight of children eating porridge made out of grass, and wondered whether this was really happening in the same age I live in. Like Korea was helped by the UN right after the Korean War, we should help these children through the UN."

Through this program, the three UN organizations participating in the effort hope to draw interest and support from Korean viewers for the region.

The episode will air on November 16.

Photo credit: UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP

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