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Six Cheesy Idol Movies to Watch on Movie Day

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2012.11.14 19:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

Korea loves it some cheesy couples’ holidays, and today we’re celebrating Movie Day.

Korean search portal website Naver defines this day as “A day when lovers watch movies together.”

Original, we know, but we’re not ones to pass up an excuse to celebrate.

So we thought, what better way to celebrate the holiday than to spend it watching a few of our favorite cheesy idol movies?

So get out the popcorn and nachos, but go light on the cheese because there’s plenty of that to go around in our movie recommendations.

Six Cheesy Idol Movies to Watch on Movie Day

Seventeen (1998)

We can’t talk about idol movies without paying homage to the original idol movie starring the members of Sechs Kies, Seventeen.

The film is centered on a bunch of high school students struggling with typical high school problems - teenage angst, dealing with authority figures, you know, the usual. Except it stars one of the hottest idol groups of its time. And that, of course, makes it exponentially more cool.

Age of Peace (2000)

Rival idol group H.O.T. was not to be outdone, however, as the members also took to the big screen in sci-fi, fantasy flick Age of Peace in 2000.

Following 100 years of war, the citizens of a futuristic world enter a period of peace and all that’s on their minds now is - what else - a huge soccer tournament, called the World Cup? No, try the Galaxy Cup.

Idol stars as soccer players? We’re in. But what would be even better is a remake of this film with today’s idols.

Six Cheesy Idol Movies to Watch on Movie Day

Emergency Measure 19 (2002)

A singer is elected to Congress. In order to prevent the singer from ever becoming president, the current administration proposes an act, “Emergency Measure 19,” which makes it illegal to be a singer. So, naturally, all singers are arrested, inciting fans to revolt in protest.

It also features cameos from a slew of idol groups, including Fin.K.L, Kangta, Shinhwa and Baby V.O.X.

Why wouldn’t you want to watch this movie?

Six Cheesy Idol Movies to Watch on Movie Day

Attack on the Pin-up Boys (2007)

The strange storyline, which is centered on a bunch of high school students, played by the Super Junior members, trying to solve a mystery surrounding a series of unusual attacks (involving feces, of all things) on the school’s pretty boys, is pretty much reason enough to watch this movie.

It may not, however, be the ideal film for a romantic Movie Day date, so we’re leaving it up to you to choose: Super Junior or your date?

Six Cheesy Idol Movies to Watch on Movie Day

Mr. Idol (2011)

Idol movies may have been trendy during the 1990s and early 2000s, but it’d be foolish to call them a thing of the past.

Mr. Idol, which stars Park Ye Jin, Ji Hyun Woo and Jay Park, was released in 2011 and is centered on a music producer who sets out to create an idol group.

From the fictional idol group’s terrible name, Mr. Children, to wannabes chasing their dreams of one day becoming a star, Mr. Idol has all of the trappings of a cheesy idol movie.

Six Cheesy Idol Movies to Watch on Movie Day

The Wonder Girls (2012)

Following in the footsteps of the Spice Girls, Korea’s own Wonder Girls starred in its very own TV movie The Wonder Girls on TeenNick.

Aside from the cheesy storyline (A successful K-Pop girl group tries to break it in America. Sound familiar?) and awkward moments (fo shizzle!), we think it’s remarkable that the girls not only landed a movie deal in America but filmed the entire film in English.

What are some of your favorite idol films? Let us know below!

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