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[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

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2012.11.13 20:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

We had an adrenaline rush with this episode, because it feels like the series is finally kicking off with the making of the drama within the drama.

We finally see a silver lining for Anthony Kim, no matter how big of a douchebag he is, and also just how much faith Go Eun has in humanity, no matter how many times it trips her up and rubs dirt on her face.

Not to mention the introduction of new characters and the hilarity they bring forth.

Things are getting exciting y’all. Are you all ready?

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Anthony witnesses President Watanabe shooting a man, who’s supposedly broken the trust. He steps back and makes noise, immediately grabbing the attention of the mob.

A hand cups over Anthony’s mouth and it turns out to be Akiko’s, President Watanabe’s young and beautiful wife, who is just smiling up a storm in the middle of all this.

She covers for Anthony’s mistake and leads President Watanabe to bed, as Anthony watches horror-stricken at what he just witnessed a few minutes back.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

He’s totally confused and freaking out inside him room, when Akiko comes in….. speaking in perfect Korean. “I’m a Korean drama fan, so I needed to learn Korean.” Dedicated fan right here.

Anthony’s even more shocked now, because Akiko knows he mistranslated everything to Go Eun earlier that day, but Akiko promises to keep it a secret from her husband as she continues to smile.

She tells Anthony to relax because her husband doesn’t kill people that often.

Then she breaks the news to him: President Watanabe is the number one yakuza boss in that region. Other than the fact that he can be a cold and brutal man, Akiko compliments her husband to be quite gentle and kind.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

“As long as you keep your promise to create this Korean drama, you probably won’t die, so don’t worry!”

She says this all with a smile on her face, and Anthony stares at her completely flabbergasted and still processing what he’s just heard.

Akiko adds that the reason why the drama must air by this year is because President Watanabe is dying of cancer.

On her way out of his room, Akiko brushes off the dust on Anthony’s shoulder, just in time for Go Eun to witness the event. She calls him a lowlife and hurriedly leaves.

But that’s the least of Anthony’s problems.
At night he can’t sleep because he’s fighting with himself.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Is this one in a lifetime opportunity more worth than his precious life?
He can’t decide and ends up have a nightmare, where he’s brutally murdered by President Watanabe.

He finally decides the dice has already been rolled. There’s no backing out now, especially since dying by the hands of a yakuza boss and dying without being able to make a comeback are pretty much the same thing at this point.

Meanwhile, Jin Wan receives word that President Watanabe already signed off with Anthony. Jin Wan broils in anger as he quickly plots up a new strategy to bring Anthony down once and for all.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Anthony and Go Eun return to Korea, with Anthony warning Go Eun that the real battle has started, so she better brace herself. At the office, they’re greeted by Dong Suk, the loyal production director who guards the empty office.

(FYI: Dong Suk used to be Anthony’s driver from Jaekuk Productions. It’s good to know that someone trusted Anthony and followed him out of the compny.

Once in the office, Go Eun asks about the author’s rooms, which turn out to be just a corner of the office. It’s not that she didn’t know things were bad, but Go Eun’s realizing just how bad the situation is based on the conditions of the author’s quarters.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

That’s when Jin Wan arrives to push Anthony’s buttons.

He congratulates Anthony on getting the Watanabe deal then notices that Go Eun is also there.

“I thought she wanted to see the end of you, just like me.”

Anthony’s face hardens, asking what Jin Wan means by that. Jin Wan then admits that it was he, who leaked all the information about the dead delivery man to the press. Everyone, including Anthony, is shocked and surprised by Jin Wan’s backstabbing.

Totally unfazed, Jin Wan reminds Anthony that he’s not Anthony’s right hand man anymore, but the CEO of Jaekuk Productions. He tells Anthony to stop chasing after hopeless dreams and just sit where he is in the ditches before he makes a bigger loser out of himself.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

On her way to throw out the trash, Go Eun meets Jin Wan, who’s been patiently waiting for her. He presents her with a beautiful apartment – her new writing quarters. He promises to sign her up with Jaekuk Productions and to give her the best treatment a rookie writer could ever get.

Suspicious, Go Eun asks if Jin Wan’s doing this to get revenge on Anthony. Jin Wan denies the claims, saying he’s doing it because President Watanabe fell in love with her writing.

“Did you get tricked by Anthony again?”

Ouch. That goes straight to the heart. Anthony really needs to take better care of the people near him, or they’ll all leave him.

Jin Wan leaves Go Eun with the apartment key and says he’ll return with her contract the following day. “Remember, Anthony will never be able to make this drama.”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Anthony gets a terrible feeling in his gut when Go Eun doesn’t return, and likewise, Go Eun is completely torn from choosing between keeping a promise with a man she doesn’t trust, or breaking the promise for a successful future. She calls her mom, who picks the latter, but even so, Go Eun is stuck.

In the morning, Go Eun’s stil not picking up her phone, leaving Anthony even more worried.

Jin Wan returns to the apartment to find it empty, except for a note on the floor.

“Thank you for the good opportunity, but I don’t want my drama to be used to stomp over somebody, but to be a drama that’ll be strength to somebody.” Love, Go Eun, xoxo.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Go Eun rushes to the production meeting and a wave of relief washes over Anthony’s face. To keep his front, he bickers at her for ignoring her calls. She makes up excuses that she was at a friend’s luxurious apartment, but there was no reception.

“It’s so grand that it doesn’t fit very well with me.”

Not wanting to let Anthony back in the drama world, Jin Wan orders a production meeting for The Elegant Revenge 2, which was initially scheduled for next year. The assistant starts to say something, only to be shut down by Jin Wan.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

At World Productions, Anthony introduces Go Eun to the newly hired staff.
Han Kang Wook – good at management, not so good at marriage, newly divorced.

Park Seok Hyun – in charge of finance. A single man far from divorce. “Also far from marriage. Just ignore him,” says Anthony.

And finally, the maknae of the team, Goo Hee Jae.

Anthony gives a pep talk, saying they have nowhere to go, except up, so they must work hard to make this drama air within this year.

Hee Jae asks what’ll happen if they fail in their goal.

Anthony’s face stiffens, as he lets out a deep sigh.

“We’ll die.”

The staff members look at him, surprised by the answer.
Too bad Anthony’s not kidding at all.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

The meeting begins for both World and Jaekuk Productions, as they both find out that Station S will probably have a free slot, since the main actor of a drama was recently injured and rumors say the drama will be canceled. If so, there will be an open slot for November.

During a break in the meeting, Anthony asks why Go Eun decided to come back to him, especially after Jin Wan offered her a lifetime opportunity.

“You probably won’t understand, but there’s a thing called promises. There are also people who have nothing, but these promises to keep. I’m just protecting those promises.”

All Anthony has to do is say thank you, but no, he has to be a jerk about it and brush it off with sarcasm.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Back in the office, Dong Suk explains to Hee Jae just how competitive the drama world is.

There are only three broadcast stations, three primetime drama spots, 248 different drama production companies just within Korea, usually with at least three writers within the company.

So the probability that their company can get this slot is 0.144 percent.
Let the fun times roll.

The meeting is back in action as both production companies start scouting for actors.

They knock out actors who aren’t fit for a miniseries and those who are filming movies. They even cut down on an actor who was caught with drugs a year back.

“The words you should never trust are when a drugged-dol says he’s quit drugs, and a game-dol says he’s quit gambling.” Out goes that actor.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

After dropping an actor who couldn’t overcome his depressing role, there are only two candidates remaining: Kim Jin Woo and Kang Hyun Min (Choi Siwon).

The other staff members all recommend Kim Jin Woo, the hot item, but Dong Suk looks at Anthony with worry in his eyes. Anthony rejects Kim Jin Woo and goes with Kang Hyun Min. He doesn’t explain why.

Likewise, Jin Wan picks Kang Hyun Min. His assistant doesn’t understand why Jin Wan is dropping Kim Jin Woo, until a Jaekuk Production staff slips the reason why.

Kim Jin Woo hates Anthony because Anthony stole his girlfriend.

The reason why Jin Wan is choosing Kang Hyun Min is because he’s the only one Anthony can choose. To Jin Wan, this drama isn’t about making a drama, but a full-on war against Anthony.

Anthony gets word that Hyun Min is at a hotel for a fan meeting.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Cue to Hyun Min on a grand piano, dramatically singing You Raise Me Out to a group of fans, who are severely enjoying the moment. As the song ends, Hyun Min wipes away a tear.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

He exits the fanmeeting to be greeted by Anthony, goes straight to the point: I have a drama that’ll make you hallyu-famous.

Anthony starts dropping numbers, which has Hyun Min intrigued. Anthony offers 20 billion won and hallyu fame, which will help with Hyun Min’s online shopping mall which isn’t doing so hot.

Hyun Min asks for a script and leaves.

Dong Suk asks Anthony if Hyun Min will really come to the dinner to talk about the contract.

“People know one thing but don’t know another about Kang Hyun Min. Everyone knows he’s a star, but they don’t know that he’s a money-loving rock head. He’ll definitely come.”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

As if on cue, Hyun Min’s in his van, excited about taking the 20 billion won contract and going into the world.

“Go to Hollywood! Let’s go party time!” he screams in English as he parties inside his van.

Just then, he receives a call from Jin Wan, who offers him the main role of The Elegant Revenge. Hyun Min freaks out a little on the inside, but puts up a cool front.

Jin Wan tells Hyun Min to be careful with Anthony. Hyun Min counts to three seconds before pretending like he remembers who Anthony is. He lies that Anthony didn’t come to him as Jin Wan tells Hyun Min that the Japanese contract might go sour, so be careful.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

At home, Hyun Min’s manager goes through both scripts, marveled by Go Eun’s The Morning of Gyeongseong in particular. The manager asks Hyun Min what he thinks, and Hyun Min replies that if he knew how to pick out good scripts, why would he have the manager around?

Hyun Min does like The Morning of Gyeongseong, but is unsure because the money from Japan isn’t set in stone.

At the restaurant, Anthony receives news that Hyun Min’s high school teacher died and he won’t be coming to dinner. Anthony notices right away that it’s Jin Wan’s doing, just as he gets a call from the backstabber.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Anthony asks why Jin Wan’s so focused on getting Hyun Min.

“Why would I be so interested in an idiot who can’t even write his name in Chinese characters? Why would I be so intrigued by a punk, who is money-crazed and thinks his acting’s awesome with terrible vocalization and lame poses?”

Jin Wan says he’s only using Hyun Min to keep Anthony where he is.

Articles about Hyun Min getting cast in The Elegant Revenge 2 start rising, and Anthony decides to go find Hyun Min himself. Anthony receives word that Hyun Min’s out celebrating Kim Jin Woo’s birthday.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Blowing out his birthday candles, Kim Jin Woo tells Hyun Min that he made the right decision, since Anthony is good-for-nothing scumbag.

Hyun Min asks about if the rumor about Anthony stealing Kim Jin Woo’s girlfriend has anything to do with all the Anthony hate.

Kim Jin Woo denies it, but repeats that Anthony is just bad news.

..Just as Anthony and Go Eun crash the celebrity birthday party.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Kim Jin Woo sends an evil eye to Anthony, who doesn’t even pay attention now that Hyun Min’s in sight. Hyun Min informs Anthony that he’s going with Jaekuk Productions.

Anthony smirks, saying, “You can trust Jaekuk, but don’t trust Oh Jin Wan.”
He takes out his phone and plays the conversation he had with Jin Wan about Hyun Min.

As Jin Wan describes Hyun Min as an idiot, Hyun Min freezes as the other actors look around, unable to say anything. Oh the embarrassment.

Hyun Min tells the other actors to leave the room, birthday boy included.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Kim Jin Woo shoots a silent glare at Anthony before leaving.
What is the real deal behind those two?

With all of his friends out of the room, Hyun Min whines that Anthony didn’t have to embarrass him in front of all his little friends. Wha wha wha~

Anthony cuts to the chase and asks if Hyun Min in or out. Hyun Min replies that he’s in and asks why the two CEOs are doing this to him.

Anthony said this drama is a war between him and Jin Wan.

“You’re now on my boat and the war has already started.”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Just as predicted, the chief director of Station S drama division announces that the drama, scheduled for the November slot, will be canceled due to the severity of the actor’s injury.

The drama division heads gather to discuss what drama to fill in the empty spot. Most people are pushing the Jaekuk Production, because it’s Jaekuk, but CP Nam Woon Hyung thinks otherwise. “Just because it’s Jaekuk doesn’t mean it’s good.”

Woon Hyung suggest The Morning of Gyeongseong, but also lays it down that there might be some financial issues that come with it. The chief director is a bit skeptical since Anthony hasn’t made a drama in three years ago.

Meanwhile, Anthony’s busy calling up all his reporter friends, telling them about his new gig with Hyun Min. Articles start rising, and Hyun Min’s agency head gets involved.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

He’s pissed that Hyun Min chose his next project without consulting him.
“It’s Jaekuk. Do you want get on CEO Oh’s bad side and end your acting career?”

Hyun Min finally blows up.

“All the kids already heard what CEO Oh said. If I do a drama with CEO Oh, what will the other kids say?”

We laugh. Hyun Min has the mindset of an elementary school student.

Like a parent consoling a child, the agency head promises to get Jin Wan to apologize to Hyun Min in front of all the kids. The head calls Jin Wan and says Hyun Min will go for Jaekuk.

Articles go up and down, up and down, and the person who’s most confused is Chief Director Moon, who can’t figure out who Hyun Min is siding with. He calls both CEOs to his office.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Chief Director Moon gives them final proposal: whoever brings Hyun Min to him first to the morning meeting the next day will get the November drama slot.

Unfortunately for both CEOs, Hyun Min has disappeared.

Everyone scopes out Seoul to find out where Hyun Min could be, when Anthony gets a great idea.

He meets up with a detective he’s friends with and asks for a favor: Find out where Hyun Min is through his phone GPS.

In the midst of the searching, the manager spills that he does know where Hyun Min is.

At the exact moment, Anthony receives information from his detective friend about Hyun Min’s whereabouts and quickly speeds there.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Meanwhile, Hyun Min stares longingly into the mirror, praising his good looks and practicing random movie lines.

“Go to Hollywood. I’m your father.”
He’s moved by his own acting, while we roll on the floor laughing.

Can Hyun Min just do this entire drama in English?

Anthony finds out that Go Eun is the closest one to Hyun Min and immediately calls her. She’s in the middle of working on her script with a professor. But when Anthony lays it down that their entire life is on the line here, Go Eun bolts out of there to find Hyun Min.

She jumps in front of a truck and begs the driver to take her somewhere. She promises to pay him for his inconvenience.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Go Eun peeks inside the cabin through the window, to find Hyun Min still shirtless and wrapped up in a towel. Just then, an actress appears out of nowhere, and they share an intimate hug.

The actress leaves soon after, and Go Eun moves in for the kill.

She rings the bell, interrupting Hyun Min’s game time. He’s puzzled, wondering if it’s actress girlfriend. Just as he’s about to open the door, Go Eun has to open her mouth and freak the heck out of Hyun Min.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

He’s shocked and pretends to not be home, but Go Eun blurts that she saw everything with the actress and going to spread it around. Then the knocking suddenly stops. Hyun Min looks outside and sees no one there.

So easily relieved, Hyun Min returns to his game, feeling smart that he didn’t let her in, but then he notices a strange reflection on his TV monitor.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Go Eun jumps out of nowhere and throws a jacket over Hyun Min’s face, momentarily confusing him. Suddenly a gunshot is heard and Go Eun holds a gun, wrapped in a towel, pointed straight at Hyun Min.

She tells him to get up and get dressed because they have somewhere important to go.

The poor innocent driver is sweating bullets, as Hyun Min’s still held at gunpoint. Go Eun calls Anthony to tell him Hyun Min is headed to the station.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

In a moment of distraction, Hyun Min manages to grow some balls and finally attack Go Eun, grabbing the gun. The driver becomes hysterical, afraid he’s going to die and crashes into a rock, just as the ‘gun’ explodes and an umbrella opens up.

Jin Wan his entourage arrive at the cabin, but it’s too late.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Everyone survives the car accident, and Hyun Min angrily tries to exit the premise.
Go Eun grabs his arm and refuses to let go.

And while he’s all muscles, Hyun Min’s unable to shake off Go Eun, who keeps a tight grip on his arm. He says to let go, but Go Eun asks Hyun Min to hear her out.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

“I know the final decision is up to you and only you. But know this. This is a drama that I wrote for many years, solely for me, but from now on, I’ll write only for Kang Hyun Min. I’ll do my best to prove to people what a sincere and worthwhile actor you are.”

Did Go Eun’s sincere proposal work with Hyun Min?

Hyun Min jerks his hand out of hers.

“That’s why you’re just a rookie. All the writers obviously write for me, the main character. Understand?”

Okay, not so much.

Hyun Min brushes off the emotional speech and walks off.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Jin Wan calls the chief director that he’s coming with Hyun Min. The director nods in approval. At the same time, Anthony drives to the station with Go Eun in the car.

The meeting begins and everyone’s in favor of The Elegant Revenge 2, especially if Jaekuk has gotten Hyun Min. Just as the director’s about to make the final call, the door slams open.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Anthony rushes in, followed by a disheveled Go Eun. The director tells them to leave, not even knowing their place.

But Anthony stays put and looks to the door, as Hyun Min enters with a confident smile.

Every jaw in the room drops in shock.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

“I’m Kang Hyun Min. I’ll do my best.”

Go Eun and Anthony smile in triumph.


[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

YES! To the entrance of Hyun Min. We needed a character like him – someone who doesn’t calculate everything by percentages and statistics but goes with what he wants, even if he’s completely wishy-washy.

He can come off as a little brat, but we feel like these are the characters who will end up growing and changing the most at the end of the series.

We’re excited to see how Go Eun carves both Hyun Min and Anthony into human beings and the process of it.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Either way, Hyun Min brings a breath of fresh air, not just because he was shirtless for most of his scenes in this episode, but also because we needed a dim-witted character like him since everyone else is too smart.

It’s nice to have a simple man around, especially when he keeps us so entertained with his random spurts of English.

We totally loved his Charlie Brown getup. It makes us wonder who his Lucy is to steal the football right before he decides to kick it.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

We liked that although most of the time, Go Eun is being dragged around by Anthony, she was the one taking control of the flow in this episode.

She decided to stay with Anthony even after he lied to her for the hundredth time, and she was the one who convinced Hyun Min to stay through her touching words.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

Go Eun insists on believing in the good in people, despite the numerous times she’s been let down, and she’s a character that’s really needed in this world, since everyone is all about putting on a fake image and negotiating - the push and pull.

Go Eun’s the only humanistic person, which makes us wonder how many Go Euns actually exist in the real drama world.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 3 – The Return of the King

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