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Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

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2012.11.09 20:00 Mwave Stewart Ho

Psy was all over the news this week as he received an Order of Cultural Merit and danced with 20,000 Parisians in France. He also made the news, however, for an unbelievable, alleged “scandal” involving SNSD’s Yoona.

Making the news also for less than positive reasons were Park Jin Young, as his plagiarism lawsuit continued, and Kang Ji Hwan, as relations between him and his agency continued to sour.

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Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

Stars on the Rise

1. Psy Receives an Order of Cultural Merit, Dances With 20,000 Parisians and Lectures at Oxford University

After taking the world by storm the last few months, Psy’s success was officially recognized by the Korean government after being announced as a recipient of Korea’s prestigious Order of Cultural Merit.

Meanwhile, Psy was busy taking Europe by storm, bringing out over 20,000 Parisians for a flash mob while giving a special lecture at Oxford University.

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2. Super Junior Makes History on the Oricon Charts

Though its eternal leader Leeteuk is now serving out his military duties, Super Junior showed no signs of slowing down by making history on the Oricon charts this week.

The group’s recent concert DVD placed first on the weekly ranking of Oricon’s DVD compilation album, music DVD and Blu-Ray charts.

By doing so, Super Junior became the first overseas male artist to place first in those three charts simultaneously in the same week.

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3. Idol Girl Group Members Are Admitted as Freshmen to College

Showing idol group members had plenty of brains to match their talents, a trio of idol girl group members proudly announced their admission into various universities this week.

First, Dal Shabet’s Subin revealed she was admitted to not one but two universities . F(x)’s Krystal then followed suit by announcing her admission into Hanyang University, while Kara’s Kang Ji Young made it into Sungkyunkwan University.

Congratulations girls!

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Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

Stars Falling Flat

1. Psy and SNSD’s Yoona Fall Victim to Absurd Scandal Rumor

Psy and SNSD’s Yoona became the center of a juicy (albeit out of the blue) love scandal as various press outlets in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China began reporting the two stars had carried on an affair. The reports even claimed Psy’s wife had discovered the rumor but had kept it secret for the sake of their family and Psy’s career.

The rumors were completely blown off by both Psy and Yoona’s agencies, but the reports were proven completely untrue by netizens who realized the alleged photo snapped of them together wasn’t even Yoona and Psy but a picture of Yoona with a staff member from her past Running Man appearance.

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2. Park Jin Young Testifies in Court Over Allegations of Plagiarism

Park Jin Young’s legal battle over allegations he had lifted the melody of another composer continued this week with the JYP Entertainment head appearing in person for his plagiarism hearing.

He acknowledged similarities at the hearing between his song and composer Kim Shin Il, but continued to deny he had plagiarized the song and insisted the incident was coincidental.

With the next hearing scheduled for December 12, it seems Park Jin Young’s legal headache will continue for at least another month.

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3. Kang Ji Hwan’s Rift With Agency Deepens

Relations between actor Kang Ji Hwan and his agency worsened over the past week with both the actor and his agency coming out with barbed statements.

In addition to differing accounts on their mediation attempts, the row has escalated to ugly accusations being thrown at each other with his agency accusing Kang Ji Hwan of mistreating his agency’s staff and money, while Kang Ji Hwan’s representatives denied such claims.

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Photo Credit: Psy′s Twitter, Online community

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