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Dal Shabet Serri A Fan of U-Know Yunho

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2011.08.31 13:27 Mwave Oh, MiJung

Serri, of six member girl group Dal Shabet, practically sang out her praise for TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho.

In a recent interview with eNews, Dal Shabet talked about its new song Bling Bling, how the members felt, and what they′re planning for the future. In the middle of the interview, Serri blushed and said she is “a fan of U-Know Yunho.”

Serri said, “I had a chance to see him after I made my debut because we were performing in the same show, and he worked so hard even for his rehearsal. He is worthy of respect as a singer. His efforts keep up with his name as a big star.”

Dal Shabet Serri A Fan of U-Know Yunho

Serri’s praise didn’t stop here. She continued, “The U-Know Yunho I saw up close had great talent but he also puts in a lot of effort. He is the best.”

The other Dal Shabet members also shyly revealed their favorite stars. Kaeun likes Gang Dong Won; Ayoung is a fan of Hallyu star Rain. Subin, the youngest member, said she likes all idol groups from TVXQ to Mblaq and Infinite.

Dal Shabet is currently promoting its new song Bling Bling. The young Dal Shabet members showed their determination by saying, “We want to receive the rookie award at the year-end ceremonies. We will work hard; please keep your eyes on us.”

Photo credit: Happy Face Entertainment

Story Seller is a female hardcore rock band, something that′s hard to find in Korea′s music scene. But despite being a female band, it can withstand comparison with any male band with the intensity of its sound.

The band′s four members, Binna (31, vocals), Noji (35, guitar), Hobak (29, bass) Sky (27, drums) prove that girls can rock as hard as guys can.

Story Seller has been mainly meeting its fans through concerts since it released its first full-length album XX last December. The album title ‘XX’ refers to female chromosomes, or betrayal in slang, which indicates its music will be a sort of betrayal to what people expect from female musicians.

Dal Shabet Serri A Fan of U-Know Yunho

The band established its name by releasing four single albums and EP albums since 2004. The band started off with the name of ‘Bloody Cookie’ but ended up changing its name to ′Story Seller′.

The members said, “We couldn’t do bright music as the band name was dark. So we changed our name to Story Seller.”

They continued, “We’ve been performing together over the last eight years since we first came together after getting know each other online. We didn′t have this musical ability back then but we’ve grown up to be good performers as we worked together.”

When asked why only females came together to form the band, Noji said, “We were concerned that we wouldn′t be able to do the music that we wanted to do while working among male musicians, and we didn’t want to be admired like a flower in a band.”

“It’s comfortable to work with only females. We rarely fight and resolve things with conversation.”

It is not that they wanted to do hard rock music in the first place. At first, they wanted to do music that could appeal to women’s sentiments, like modern rock, but their sound has grown stronger.

Binna said, “Noji liked metal music and our former drummer liked intense sounds, so our music has grown stronger and stronger. And we wanted to show female musicians can create strong and powerful sounds as well.”

They called the idea that women wouldn′t like strong music prejudiced.

Hobak said, “Contrary to what people think, women like music with strong beats. So our sound has grown stronger to keep abreast with that trend.”

But it’s not that their music is just strong. There exists delicate sentiment inside strong sound. For example, melody and a good sense of dynamism are found in strong and speedy guitar sound, while the lyrics have parts that would strike a chord in a woman′s hearts.

They said, “18th Area expresses hostility against base fellows and In Tatters criticizes sexual favors committed in the entertainment industry.”

“Women often fall victim to these unfair situations. That’s why female listeners easily empathize with our songs.”

The four members were strong enough to go on a penniless national tour in 2006. They put on street performances without money and they held concerts in the district after gathering money, indicating they have strong confidence in their music.

Story Seller is scheduled to participate in a rock festival, which will be held in Shanghai in May and plans to hold concerts in Germany, Austria, Italy and France among other places. Their eight year long musical career in the indie music scene will finally be brought into limelight.

Story Seller said, “We want to be musicians who can make a living by doing music. It’s our dream to perform for our entire lives. That sounds simple but it will be a goal that is hardest to realize. We’ll try our best.”

Translation credit: Misun Lee

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