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‘High Kick’ a Hit Song Maker?

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2011.12.06 18:17 Mwave Ko Hong Ju

MBC sitcom High Kick: The Short Legs Strike Back (High Kick) has captured the eyes and ears of viewers with entertaining remake songs.

When Ahn Nae Sang faints on the December 5 episode of the show, the entire High Kick family comes together to gather its strength for him.

‘High Kick’ a Hit Song Maker?

Yoo Sun delivers newspapers for Nae Sang, while his son Jong Suk picks up work as a security guard and his daughter Soo Jung uses her signature charm to sell beer bread. Ji Suk and Kye Sang work at the gas station and as a chauffeur in Nae Sang’s stead. Through his family members’ efforts, Nae Sang gains strength and realizes the importance of family.

The highlight of the episode, however, is when the family breaks into a group dance (yes, a musical-style group dance with jazz hands and all). The family members dance to a remake of theme song Eagle Five Brothers, which was changed to Noryangjin Six Mouths to Feed.

This isn’t the first time a remake song has been featured on the show. A remake of Brown Eyes’ Already One Year, Already 20 Years, garnered a lot of interest after it aired on November 24.

Kang Seung Yoon’s ‘psalm’ for Krystal on the November 17 episode of the sitcom became a hot topic as well. On the episode, Seung Yoon falls for Soo Jung’s smile and sings a song of praise for her.

In the ‘Kang Seung Yoon Krystal Song’ that became a hot topic soon after the episode aired, Seung Yoon sings, “Ahn Soo Jung, when you smile, your teeth shine like crystals. Krystal, your smile is my style. Your laughter is as beautiful as the earth. Krystal, you’re really my style.”

This also isn’t the first time a song from the High Kick series has become popular.

In High Kick Through the Roof, Bo Suk goes to a club for the first time after being rebuked by Soon Jae and transforms into a rapper. He engages in a freestyle rap battle with rapper Hoony Hoon, and the cut remains as one of the most memorable scenes from last season.

The show has been praised for broadening the horizons of Korean sitcoms and its originality remains unmatched. From the entertaining lyrics to the easy-listening melody of the remake songs, the sitcom is garnering a new kind of interest.

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