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Why Does the Musical FAME Star so Many SM Artists?

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2011.08.30 17:17 Mwave Choi, EunHwa

Producer Shin Chun Soo of the musical FAME revealed the reason why he cast so many artists from SM Entertainment. FAME stars a total of four singers from SM Entertainment: Girls Generation′s Tiffany, Super Junior′s Eunhyuk, CSJH the Grace′s Lina, and Trax′s Jungmo.

Why Does the Musical FAME Star so Many SM Artists?

At the press conference for FAME, held on August 30 at Seoul Junggu Sogong-dong Lotte Hotel Crystal Ballroom, producer Shin Chun Soo said, “Many SM artists are starring in this musical, but they were all cast through an audition process."

He added, “We held auditions for two months, and we cast our actors based on their vocals and dance, the basics of what any musical actor should have. The musical is about students in a high school for the arts. The characters are all young and talented, so we cast the actors who fit this description.”

He also showed his anticipation by saying, “I wanted to make Seoul the Broadway of Asia, and I believe I cast the actors who fit this dream. Son Ho Young, Tiffany, Jung Mo, Eunhyuk, Lina, and many other actors have been cast to power this musical. They will take this Korean musical on their shoulders now.”

FAME is about the passion and effort of the students of P.A Performance Arts High School. FAME was adapted to film in 1980, and it was made into a musical in 1995. The musical has been showcased in 16 countries.

Tiffany, Son Ho Young, Eunhyuk, Lina, Go Eun Seong, Kim Dae Hyun, Shin Ui Jeong, Choi Ju Ri, Yim Sun Myung, Lee Young Gi, and Corn will star in the musical, which will run performances from November 25 to January 29, 2012 at the Seoul Bangi-dong Olympic Park Woori Finance Art Hall.

Photo credit: Kim Byeong Kwan

The nation’s quintessential handsome actor, Go Soo, has even earned the nickname of Govid (Go Soo + David), for his clean-cut features that resemble Michelangelo’s David.

But even though his perfect looks and faithful image could affect the range of the roles he is offered, he stakes all on his acting abilities, and thanks to his tireless efforts and devotion to his craft, he′s finally has turned into an actor renowned for his acting prowess.

Why Does the Musical FAME Star so Many SM Artists?

From debut to enlistment, comeback, love and recently announced marriage, his path in life has stretched out upright up till now without a scandal or single unsavory incident, in stark contrast to other big stars.

We delve into how he evolved from being just another handsome actor, to being an actor who is critically acclaimed on both the small and big screen.

Why Does the Musical FAME Star so Many SM Artists?

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Go Soo debuted with an appearance in the music video for Letter by Position in 1998. Afterward, he honed his acting skills with a slew of television dramas including
Mothers and Sisters(MBC) Piano(SBS), Age of Innocence(SBS), Marrying a Millionaire and Will It Snow On Christmas.

He extended the scope of acting career to the big screen starting with the movie Some, White Night, Psychic, and The Front Line. He won the Best New Actor award with his role in his debut film Some at the 42nd Daejong Film Festival.

But his activities haven′t been limited to just television and film. He′s been active as a model for advertisements and photo shoots, and also released a poetry reading album, I’ll Be Happy in 2006, in which he recites Won Tae Yeon’s poems against the background of beautiful and soft instrumental music composed by Kim Hyung Suk.

The public might speculate that he might have debuted with ease thanks to his good looks, but in fact, he moved to Seoul, with the dream of becoming an actor, in the face of opposition from his parents, and lived by crashing at his acquaintances’ houses, and ended up sleeping on the streets around Seoul Station. Around that time, he was discovered by an entertainment agency and took his first steps toward showbiz.

Why Does the Musical FAME Star so Many SM Artists?

A flawless face is his enviable weapon. Of course, good-looking actors are a dime a dozen. But it’s hard to find actors like Go Soo who possess good looks and also work tirelessly. In the industry, even those with good natures change as they rise to fame and start getting the big checks. The behind-the-scene stories of top stars who are ill-tempered and earn bad reputations from crews aren’t totally ungrounded.

Because of this, it’s common for top stars to fall from the top spot, to a point so low that a comeback is all but impossible. DUIs, gambling, drug use, fraud – these kinds of scandals are worlds apart from the sincere career that Go Soo has built. In the same vein, Go Soo is considered an actor who’ll be lucky enough to have a long and prosperous career, thanks to the fact that he works harmoniously with other actors and believes in the importance of a sustainable career.

Why Does the Musical FAME Star so Many SM Artists?


But despite his seeming perfection, there’s something lacking. He hasn’t had much luck in the award division, despite earning critical acclaim. Even in the age of today’s awards ceremonies, which are often criticized for giving away too many awards, and too easily, Go Soo hasn’t received any major awards since 2005 when he received the Best New Actor award at the Daejong Film Festival and the Best Actor Award and Popularity Award at SBS Drama Awards. Some say he simply didn’t have much luck in terms of the roles he’s taken on.

Besides, when celebrities’ military duty is a sensitive issue, he served as a public service worker for military duty, not as a serviceman on active duty. And after being discharged, he chose a theater play as his comeback piece, making people feel his absence even longer. Certainly, however, this choice was considered later as having helped pave the way for him to improve his acting abilities.

It’s a concern that his popularity might dwindle to a certain degree, which is natural thing to happen to handsome guys after marriage. Since the majority of his fans are women, his relationship and marriage can affect his popularity more than imagined. On the other hand, there is possibility that he’ll be able to display matured acting on the basis of a stable life brought by marriage, on the back of more solid fan base.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, SBS, MBC, Hana Financial Group Ads

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