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Bobby Kim and Gummy Praise One Another

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2011.12.02 15:23 Mwave Kim, JiYeon

Bobby Kim and Gummy, who are both showing new colors with every new performance on MBC’s I Am a Singer, will be joining together again for a new type of performance.

The duo will perform in the 2011 The Vocalist Concert, starting from Jeonju on December 10, continuing on to Daegu on December 24 and Gwangju in December 25, to wrap up on December 31 in Seoul. The two vocalists Bobby Kim and Gummy, the composer, music director and guitarist Son Mu Hyeon, and hit-maker Kim Hyeong Seok will come together to build a perfect concert.

Bobby Kim and Gummy Praise One Another

Bobby Kim and Gummy appeared at the press conference for the 2011 The Vocalist Concert on December 1, and couldn’t hide their anticipation at performing together. This is their second The Vocalist concert, and the two have showed they are also growing even closer through their appearance in I Am A Singer.

Considering how the person you think you are, and the person that others think you are differs, what kind of person do these two singers consider each other to be? We asked Bobby Kim and Gummy what kind of singer they believe the other is.

Bobby Kim said about Gummy, “You’ll all have seen it when Gummy first stood on the stage of I Am A Singer, but she’s a singer that conquers the stage. When I first appeared on the show, I was so nervous I messed up, but just like her name, Gummy (Spider in Korean) was a fierce person. I believe she’s a singer that can do anything.”

He added, “You’ll be seeing it in the future, but Gummy is an artist and singer who has a great passion toward music and a great confidence. I felt this when we performed together last year, but she knows how to be considerate and yield to others, and this makes the stage shine more brightly.”

Gummy looked embarrassed at being praised so by her senior, but she didn’t hesitate in opening her mouth to return the compliments. “After I performed with him last year, I thought I would like to do it again this year,” she said. “He’s an artist I look up to for his music. I also love the humane side of him aside from his music.”

She added, “Because he’s so humane, although we’re competing on I Am A Singer, I think that more than competing, I actually rely on him a lot. I think since a long time ago we’ve been relying on each other musically and so we’ve become friends. He’s a great person.”

Collaborative concerts especially shine when those singing go well together. Seeing Bobby Kim and Gummy look up to each other as singers made expectations for the upcoming concert heighten. Also, as two of the best musicians, Son Mu Hyeon and Kim Hyeong Seok, will be pitching in, many are anticipating through what type of performance this dream team will be able to satisfy the ears of its listeners.

The Vocalist is a concert which started in 2009. It is in its third performance, and this year will feature Bobby Kim and Gummy, continuing on from last year.

Photo credit: Oscar Entertainment, YG Entertainment

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