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Park Bo Young Fills the Big Screen with Her Warm Presence in ′A Werewolf Boy′

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2012.10.27 20:00 Mwave Choi, EunHwa Translation Credit : Erika Kim

In the warm sunlight, Park Bo Young′s soft smile brings a peace to the screen, while her voice charms the audience.

The young actress has re-emerged and has proven that she′s ready to fill the big screen with her presence in A Werewolf Boy.

Park Bo Young Fills the Big Screen with Her Warm Presence in ′A Werewolf Boy′

In A Werewolf Boy, which is set to premiere on October 31, Park Bo Young appears as the main lead Kim Soon Yi, a girl who takes care of her werewolf friend like a mother.

Suffering from tuberculosis, she has given up hope on life, but after meeting the werewolf boy, she starts to sing once again about living and life.

Park Bo Young conveys her story through the pure emotions of a little girl. She unfolds her own experiences on screen, as she survives cold suspicions and experiences unconditional friendship, helping hands and separation.

Park Bo Young Fills the Big Screen with Her Warm Presence in ′A Werewolf Boy′

As she shares her time with the werewolf boy, Park Bo Young′s character has the audience crying and laughing along with her.

Song Joong Ki has most recently set the trend as a rising star, but Park Bo Young steals most of the attention in the film.

Everything from her eyes to her small actions as she approaches the werewolf boy leaves her audience hanging on, and as her friend starts to become a frightful figure, her acting adds to the tension and guides the story along.

Park Bo Young also perfectly expresses the emotions of Soon Yi, who continues to sway from one emotion to another. She starts off singing calmly with her guitar, but in the end changes into a girl breathing hard with eyes that betray her terror.

Through this film, Park Bo Young proves that she is an actress who knows how to control her emotions perfectly. She concentrates on her acting yet figures out what her audience needs and helps it understand what her character is going through.

Despite its title being A Werewolf Boy, Park Bo Young is actually the one who makes up more than half of the film.

It seems Park Bo Young will be able to prove that she is an essential part of the Korean box office through A Werewolf Boy. The future of this 23-year-old actress is looking pretty bright.

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