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[Star of the Week] B.A.P Adorable, Unwarrior-like Moments

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2012.10.28 18:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

For the majority of its career (nine months, to be exact), B.A.P has shown its fans and audiences a tough, macho image that fits well with the group, especially with Bang Yong Guk leading the way with his charismatically low voice.

[Star of the Week] B.A.P Adorable, Unwarrior-like Moments

So what a shocking surprise it was to find out that these fierce warriors were capable of being sweet and adorable.

Here are some precious moments where we find out that these B.A.P members are not just the bad boys we always thought they were but that they also have a soft side full of aegyo.

Aegyo Fail

Perhaps still camera shy, the B.A.P members completely failed in the aegyo department when each member was required to do something to show their adorable qualities.

Not one member passed the test, but all six succeeded in creating a thick layer of awkwardness, which was then covered up with more awkward laughter.

Despite the discomfort and embarassment, we have to say that we did get a good laugh over this video, because now we know how far they’ve come since the beginning.

Jong Up’s Group Introduction

At the time of B.A.P′s debut, Jong Up tried to create a ‘cool’ introduction for the group.

His idea of a fantastic introduction?

To pretend like each member was doing a different exercise.

No matter how much the members were against it and even bullied him, Jong Up continued to insist that it was the best introduction ever and his stubbornness just made him completely endearing.

Crash and Brownie

When we first heard Crash, we were so surprised to hear such a bright and upbeat song, because it simply wasn’t what we were expecting from B.A.P. We also weren’t sure if B.A.P could pull this cutesy image.

But we were proved wrong when we saw the members playing around and pouring all of their aegyo onto the stage.

All of their Crash promotions were adorable, but we include this clip, because Brownie from Gag Concert makes a special cameo.

Zelo Doing Laundry

Zelo probably never expected to do laundry on television, but Weekly Idol made it happen when he wrote that he was good at doing laundry.

As he sat on that white studio floor, hand washing clothes, complete with pink rubber gloves, we couldn’t help but laugh at how innocent and obedient he was for actually washing clothes for a good ten minutes or so.

And how amazing was it when Himchan joined him with the janggu? We’ll never forget this duo. There will be no other performance like this one. Ever.

Bang Yong Guk’s Continuous Aegyo Fail

We know we already included an Aegyo Fail video, but that was when they were really babies. After nine months, all the other members have improved on being adorable. All except one.

Unfortunately, Bang Yong Guk just can′t seem to get used to oozing the cute that is hidden deep inside his soul. So even after all this time, the B.A.P leader still fails. But this is exactly why this video is adorable, because he will forever be the awkward aegyo-tastic leader.

Photo Credit: TS Entertainment

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