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Won Bin Receives Warm Welcome in Japan

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2011.08.30 14:33 Mwave Choi, EunHwa

Actor Won Bin, who is currently promoting his film The Man From Nowhere, was welcomed to Japan by a crowd of cheering fans and members of the Japanese media.

Japanese sports newspaper Sankei Sports reported on August 30, “Hallyu star Won Bin stopped by Japan on his promotional tour for the film The Man From Nowhere. Two hundred and fifty fans gathered at the airport early to welcome the actor who arrived at 3 p.m.”

Won Bin Receives Warm Welcome in Japan

The report continued, “Child actress and costar Kim Se Ron joined Won Bin in greeting fans.”

The actor shared, “My last visit to Japan was in January, and I’m back. I’m pleased and excited to meet all my fans.”

Meanwhile, Won Bin, Kim Se Ron and Lee Jung Bum, the film’s director, will hold a press conference at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo on August 30. The Man From Nowhere will be released in Japanese theaters on September 17.

Photo credit: Sankei Sports

MBLAQ is ready to take a big leap forward in the Year of the Black Dragon. The group has been active in its promotional activities for its fourth mini-album 100% Ver and its title track, It’s War. The album, which was released on January 10, has been gaining a lot of popularity, allowing the group to start off the new year in high spirits.

“There are people who say they like it, but others who′ve expressed regret. But the reviews on our performances weren′t bad. I think people look favorably on our efforts to seek out change every time we release a new album,” said Seung Ho.

It’s War is characterized by strong dance beats that allow the MBLAQ members to show off their intense and chic style.

The group members said with a smile, “Intensity is the main concept for the song. If people feel it, we have achieved our aim.”

Won Bin Receives Warm Welcome in Japan

The group prepared for the album while busy with a jam-packed year-end schedule. Though they were so busy, they said with a smile that they′ve gotten used to such tight schedules.

“Since we have been busy all the time, I didn’t feel it was harsh in particular. In 2011, we’ve been working hard to narrow the intervals between the releases of new albums. Because of that, we′ve been busier. But the schedule was bearable since we have been always busy. I got used to living under a tight schedule. In fact, the work for the new album was done earlier than planned due to the year-end awards ceremony schedule. We even felt relaxed,” Seung Ho said.

“I feel rather scared of having idle time. I feel empty when I don’t work. Though it′s hard, I feel a sense of satisfaction after working on our activities,” said Mir.

MBLAQ has been enjoying solid popularity since it debuted in 2009, but unfortunately, the group has failed to release a national mega hit. Understandably, the group members feel some regret over the matter, but said they weren′t in any hurry.

Won Bin Receives Warm Welcome in Japan

“Since we still have many things to do, we aren′t trying to achieve results quickly. If a song hits the big time, it would be hard to get away from that song later. We have been showing our potential in various ways as we change concepts with each song since our debut. We are planning to try hard until our songs are loved by the masses. That’s our commitment,” G.O said.

Lately, many idol group members diversify their activities by splitting into unit groups but the MBLAQ members have worked all together so far.

“We still have many aspects to show. We have plans to work as unit groups based on what we have learned so far. Through such work, I think, we can show various aspects. We want to show [fans] fun music and performances," said Thunder.

But before the group delves into unit groups, MBLAQ is planning to focus on overseas activities this year, as the group has been receiving many offers from foreign countries.

“Even though we didn’t perform in our solo concerts, we’ve been well-received wherever we performed. We are happy that we are scheduled to go on an Asia tour this year. The tour might consist of 12 legs. We’re also planning to go on a Japanese tour. This year will be the first year for MBLAQ to extend its influence to overseas. Please keep an eye on us,” Seung Ho said.

While working on overseas activities, the group is planning to try hard to acquire its own unique color, while aiming for music awards as well.

“We want to exude intense and sexy vibes. Fans nicknamed us ‘Chicdol’ (chic + idol) for our activities for our new album," said G.O. "We’re not sure about what kind of color we will give off in the future, but we might continue to show our intense and chic style."

Photo credit: J.Tune Camp
Translation credit: Misun Lee

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