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What Happened on the Night Kim Sung Soo′s Ex-Wife was Killed

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2012.10.20 11:34 Mwave Choi, EunHwa | Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The specifics behind the killing of Cool member Kim Sung Soo′s ex-wife, Ms. Kang, have been released.

What Happened on the Night Kim Sung Soo′s Ex-Wife was Killed

The Gangnam Police Agency said in a briefing on October 18, "The suspect, Mr. Je Gal, stabbed three of Ms. Kang′s male friends in the bar. [Ms. Kang] followed him and protested against the stabbing, but the suspect stabbed her in the side without even listening to what she was saying."

"Mr. Je Gal thought Ms. Kang and her friends had asked him impolitely to pass them a wet towel," they added.

After being led out of the bar due to the fight, Mr. Je Gal had asked the valet to bring his car, brought out the knife he had been keeping in it, and returned to stab the three men.

He stabbed one man four times in the side, another one time in the arm and a Mr. Park, revealed to be LG professional baseball player Park Yong Geun, two times in the stomach. Park Yong Geun is currently being treated at an ICU in a hospital in Seoul.

The police emphasized that the suspect had said Ms. Kang had followed the suspect to the upper levels.

"She was stabbed on the ground level, while the other three men were stabbed in the bar."

An official from the bar in which the incident occurred had even more specifics to share.

The official told enews, "Singer Chae Ri Na, Ms. Kang and her three friends started fighting with the man sitting in the table next to them. They started fighting while watching a transgender show. The man brought out a weapon and started stabbing people."

"Ms. Kang chased after the criminal when she learned her friends had been hurt. She shouted out for others to ′get that criminal,′ but then the suspect heard her, returned to the doors of the bar and stabbed her with his weapon," the official continued.

The official said that "it seemed Ms. Kang had died on the spot right then."

What Happened on the Night Kim Sung Soo′s Ex-Wife was Killed

Another source said, "She looked a lot like [Cool′s] Yuri. The officers who had arrived at the scene and those who had been working at the bar all agreed. I believe that′s why there were false reports that Yuri was the one who had been killed."

The police arrested the suspect on the same day of the incident using CCTV videos, license plate numbers and eyewitness accounts. He said he had been drinking with his friends, and that he had returned later on alone after drinking about a bottle of liquor. He was caught while he was at a pharmacy to get his prescription sleeping pills, and the murder weapon was found under his sofa in his home.

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