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[Twitter Roundup] CN Blue Feasts, 2NE1 Rocks Shades and More

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2012.10.19 18:05 Mwave Stewart Ho


We’re wrapping up another week, but not before we give you all the scoop on what the stars were up to through our Twitter Roundup!

Get in on all the buzz below!

[Twitter Roundup] CN Blue Feasts, 2NE1 Rocks Shades and More

[Twitter Roundup] CN Blue Feasts, 2NE1 Rocks Shades and More

CN Blue is keeping busy with the members′ respective drama shootings and concert preparations, but CN Blue’s fans made sure the boys were eating all right as the CN Blue members happily revealed in this tweet on October 18.

Along with pictures of Lee Jung Shin sitting before an array of packed lunches, the CN Blue members tweeted, “This is the first time we’ve eaten so deliciously while shooting our drama and in our arena tour!! Hehe, thank you so much to our BOICE members…”

Feel free to send us any leftovers, Lee Jung Shin…

[Twitter Roundup] CN Blue Feasts, 2NE1 Rocks Shades and More

The 2NE1 members gave this update on October 18, as Sandara Park tweeted, “2NE1 in Okinawa! It’s our first time in Okinawa and our concert today was so fun. And the response from the crowd was great too. Okinawa sugoine!”

The black and white photo showed the 2NE1 members donning shades (Sandara Park didn′t get the memo) for a group picture.

Looks like the Okinawans really know how to party at a concert!

[Twitter Roundup] CN Blue Feasts, 2NE1 Rocks Shades and More

Former CSJH member Stephanie was seen chilling with miss A’s Fei as she tweeted on October 18, “Do we look alike? Kekeke. Man, Fei is a whole lot prettier…”

Both are looking equally stunning in our eyes!

[Twitter Roundup] CN Blue Feasts, 2NE1 Rocks Shades and More

Kara’s Nicole was a bit apprehensive to show her makeup-less face as she tweeted this picture on October 18.

With the picture, she wrote, “At the airport, I received this birthday present. Thank you. Since I’m bare-faced I’m only showing my eyes. It’s okay since I covered the bags under my eyes.”

It can’t be that bad under there without the makeup, could it?

[Twitter Roundup] CN Blue Feasts, 2NE1 Rocks Shades and More

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Seo In Guk was more than dolled up as revealed through this picture tweeted on October 18.

He wrote with it, “This is from my magazine shoot last time. The concept used mascara, which many women use, and was fascinating. I’m putting it up just because it was fascinating.”

The smokey-eyed Seo In Guk also seemed to have blush on his cheeks and a little color on his lips to show a radically different side to the singer.

We’re not sure about you guys, but we’re prefer the au natural Seo In Guk better.

[Twitter Roundup] CN Blue Feasts, 2NE1 Rocks Shades and More

Actress Kim Sun Ah shared a bit of unfortunate news through her me2day on October 18, revealing the actress was a under the weather.

Showing a black and white photo of a tired and worn-out looking Kim Sun Ah, she wrote, “I opened the windows in the car and am feeling the wind for the first time in a while. It’s cold and chilly. I feel like winter will come before I really experience autumn.”

She later wrote, “I learned now not to take a self picture and reveal it anytime. I was sick for a few days and had recovered but the bags under my eyes are as stretched out as the cold wind! P.S. I normally do look a little sick when I don’t wear makeup.”

Stay warm and healthy, Kim Sun Ah!

[Twitter Roundup] CN Blue Feasts, 2NE1 Rocks Shades and More

Also looking a little worn out, or perhaps just a little tired, was JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong, who tweeted this picture of a sullen and droopy-eyed Kim Jae Joong wearing a hoodie on October 18.

He wrote with it a short, “I’ll be right back.”

Hmm, wonder where he’s headed? Hopefully it’s to get some rest!

Photo Credit: Above mentioned stars’ SNS

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