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[Interview] IU Says Nothing will Change

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2011.11.29 10:26 Mwave Kim, JiYeon

There’s nothing like doing what you want to do. Your concentration is fixed all day and all night, not because someone told you to, but because you truly want to. IU, who made her debut at the young age of 16, was just like that. Although she was young, she threw her all into her work, as she had been given the chance to fulfill her dream much faster than others.

[Interview] IU Says Nothing will Change

Four years later, IU received the Best Song Award, an equivalent to the Grand Prize, at the MelOn Music Awards, and claimed the honor of being the most beloved singer of the year and she′s not even 20 years old yet.

What brought IU to where she is now?

“I don’t think I realize [what it means] yet. Sometimes I wonder whether it’s true I’ve actually made my debut, and sometimes I’m surprised at how comfortable I’ve come to feel in broadcasts. The main thing that brought me to where I am now was the motivation that I was moving closer toward my dream of becoming a singer/songwriter. As I started promoting as a singer, I started to think I wanted to try going on variety shows, acting or MCing, but the most important thing was that I’ve been walking a straight road toward my original dream to become a singer/songwriter.”

For her transformation into a singer/songwriter, IU cautiously stepped forth in her recent second studio album Last Fantasy, and put on a self-composed song, the track titled Lost Dog. She also wrote the lyrics for six of the songs in the album, and she also managed to add an IU touch by trying out some mixing work, also.

She’s written a fair number of songs, but only after many failures did she actually bring herself to proudly present an ‘IU style song’.

“Before, I wasn’t that confident. Then after releasing my first song through the OST of The Greatest Love, I became courageous and put one in my album this time. (Laugh)”

[Interview] IU Says Nothing will Change

She still shakes her head saying that she still has a far way to go, but the song makes you exclaim and wonder whether it truly was written by a teenage girl. It’s enough to make you look forward to the music IU will be pouring out to her listeners in the future. What’s more, in the four years of her career, she′s learned a lot and managed to draw out a blueprint of her own future.

“I’ve learned a lot during the last few years. I’ve learned how to control myself, and I’ve grown stronger too, since I can only show the brighter side of myself on camera. And because I’ve learned everything step by step from the start like someone lay it down for me, and everything worked out, I don’t feel sorry about anything. I’ve even been given the chance to try out acting, variety shows and MCing, even though I just wanted to sing. I believe the most important thing for my future now is to continue doing what I’m doing now and make it better.”

Perhaps because of her maturity and calmness, IU has walked a fairly smooth road. She’s even won the grand prize, so the most important thing for her now is to make her ‘happy present’ continue into her future.

And so IU says, “I’m happy and I’m thankful, but nothing will be changing just because I won the grand prize. I’ll continue to run toward my dream to become a singer/songwriter, like I do now.”

In the same way she had the grand prize drop out of nowhere while she was just walking the road she was given, she believes that if she continues to walk on the same road, she’ll find the bottomless love and support of her fans, more precious than any grand prize, at the end of it.

Photo credit: Loen Entertainment
Translation credit: Erika Kim

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