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[Interview] Secret Will be Happy to Stay in Second as Long as It′s Loved

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2012.10.21 17:00 Mwave Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Secret is back after staying undercover for 11 months. The members have shed the girly image they built up for Love is MOVE in October last year, and returned with another sexy track along the lines of its earlier pieces, Magic and Madonna.

Again this time around, the group has brought out the sexy with surprising choreography.

The members, who met with enews at the CJ E&M Center in Sangam, confidently said, "It′s a different sexy from our previous [pieces]," and spread out before us how they felt after their first month of promotions and where they will be headed in the future.

[Interview] Secret Will be Happy to Stay in Second as Long as It′s Loved

It′s not the same sexy

The group is back with another sexy track, but the members and their agency keep emphasizing that they′ve "changed."

In 2011, Secret continued on its cute and girly track, with such singles as Love is MOVE, Shy Boy and Starlight Moonlight. Because the changes were so dramatic, they drew much attention. What difference, then, does their new sexy have that′s not in their old sexy?

Member Jeon Hyosung said, "Secret has always been known as a cute group that appeals to the general public. This time, however, we′ve escaped that and showed off our unique charms. Our visuals have also changed for the sexy. In the past we used to be a bit chubby and healthy, but now we′ve lost weight and so we give off a more mature vibe. Of course, that we′ve become older also had an effect."

The girls′ attitudes toward love have also changed. Secret used to be an amateur in love or would warn men and women as bold women in relationships, but for Poison, the group started to sing about a toxic and dangerous love for the first time.

"We′re actually closer to Shy Boy in real life, but we wanted to sing a love song like [Poison]," the members said. "Poison is a love song you have to listen to around 2 a.m."

[Interview] Secret Will be Happy to Stay in Second as Long as It′s Loved

A passionate runner-up is better than a lukewarm win

It′s already been four years since Secret made its debut. It′s released a string of hits such as Magic, Madonna, Shy Boy and Starlight Moonlight, and was deemed strong in music streaming charts by ranking high with its songs every time.

Despite its online wins, however, the group hasn′t been able to win as many trophies on music shows because of the opponents they′ve been up against.

Zinger doesn′t care. "First place? It′s okay if we don′t get first place. I wouldn′t want a first place trophy that the public doesn′t understand why it should be given to us. It′s more important to be acknowledged and loved by the people," she said.

Song Jieun added, "Starlight Moonlight, which was much loved by the public, also stayed at second place. We did get first place on Inkigayo near the very end but.... If we can be loved by the public, second place is as good as first place. It means we would prefer a passionate second place to a lukewarm first place."

[Interview] Secret Will be Happy to Stay in Second as Long as It′s Loved

Want to be familiar and new at the same time

Girl groups are a dime a dozen these days, and in this flood, Secret has endured for over four years. Now, it′s come time to think up something only Secret can do. The members think a lot about how exactly they could define ′Secret-like′.

"We weren′t good with our words, and we didn′t know how to be coy at first," Jeon Hyosung said. "I believe our honesty appealed to more people. We revealed how we struggled to live in a semi-basement, and gave our own thoughts as answers instead of preparing them in advance. We′re not a made-up, manufactured idol; that′s us."

The members all agree, however, that they don′t want to tie the group down to one image. Sometimes they want to be cute and bouncy, sometimes they want to be sexy and sometimes they want to be dark and fatal.

Han Sunhwa said, "Secret will definitely work harder than now in the future. We want to show off more sides to us in music and concept. Anything ′Secret-like′ will be fine, but wouldn′t it be great to come up with something ′Secret-like yet unexpected?′"

Photo credit: TS Entertainment

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