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[Interview] Vanilla Acoustic Sings Lightly about the Dark Times

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2012.10.21 21:00 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Fall is on its way, with its crisp winds and high skies. Like the title of Vanilla Acoustic′s new song, Beautiful Day, it′ll be a continuous string of beautiful days.

Vanilla Acoustic′s first studio album, with its promotional single cut Semi Basement Romance, is perfect for that weather.

[Interview] Vanilla Acoustic Sings Lightly about the Dark Times

The voice of vocalist Sungah blended with the acoustic guitar sounds, as well as the vocals of Vanilla Man and new member Tarin complete the music that has your shoulders shaking with its light beat.

Like the lyrics of the album′s seventh track Goddess of Comfort, ′Should we take a short rest when we′re weary of our busy lives? I′ll cry with you when you want to cry at times. Do you want me to listen to the secrets you have to tell?′, Vanilla Acoustic′s music is all about giving everyone weary of life a breather.

"Goddess of Comfort is the song that contains our keyword for the album. These days a lot of bad things have been happening in society and so many people are weary. It′s a type of music that heals us, while we′re living a world in which we need comfort," Vanilla Man said.

They don′t intend to fix anything or brighten the world. They just want to bring smiles to their listeners′ faces with music that jumps over boundaries, races and religions.

Vanilla Acoustic sings of the world of today without the melancholy. So what is Semi Basement Romance about?

[Interview] Vanilla Acoustic Sings Lightly about the Dark Times

"We sang about the young generation that wants to make it to ground level. We tried to talk about these difficult times without being too heavy," Vanilla Man emphasized.

Sungah and Tarin agreed. The group started off as an indie band with the one wish to release a studio album in an age of digital singles, and it′s managed to release a full album with 11 songs. There is hope.

Vanilla Man said, "There aren′t many places people with music like ours can perform in. Hongdae is good, but we want to hear bigger cheers."

"They say you should dream big," Sungah said. "It′s a world where Psy makes it to second place on the Billboard chart. (Laugh) We want to perform Vanilla Acoustic′s music not only in Korea, but also Japan and other countries overseas."

Tarin, the newest member, said, "Since I′m a new addition, I′ll try to breathe new life in Vanilla Acoustic′s music."

Photo credit: DalnByul Music

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