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[Interview] Electroboyz Wants to Shine with Brave Brothers

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2011.11.24 16:15 Mwave Kim, JiYeon

It’s not as easy as you think to keep going head on toward your dream. The older you get, the more thoughts you start to turn over in your head, and the number of the things you have to care for slowly grows one by one. And while it′s true that people always somehow find a way to make ends meet, fear starts to rear its ugly head higher as time passes.

[Interview] Electroboyz Wants to Shine with Brave Brothers

Members Maboos and 1kyne endured a few years of endless despair, wondering whether they would ever be able to release an album, because they had already wasted many years waiting for the promise that they would get to release their own album to be upheld.

In that time when there seemed to be no hope, they coincidentally got to meet the hit composer Brave Brothers. They felt that if they worked with him, they would actually get to start something. That feeling turned out to be right, as in the following two years and seven months, they were able to release a total of two albums.

Recently, Electroboyz released its second single album Rebirth, which contains Ma Boy 2, a hit, thanks to Sistar’s Hyorin. The duo also plotted a change in music style by recruiting a new vocalist, Chakun.

Maboos says, “We were in luck. We were fans of Brave Brothers and we were honored and happy when he offered to work with us. And we got to release two albums, something we’ve been waiting for since we signed with this company. What more could we want? (laugh)”

Just the fact that an album containing their voices made it out of the dark brought their dream closer to reality. The duo’s meeting with the group’s youngest member Chakun took place because of Brave Brothers, but the final decision on whether they wanted him to join the group was entirely up to Maboos and 1kyne. Now, both agree that “the decision to recruit Chakun was the best decision ever.”

“Brave Brothers talked about Chakun, and said he thought Chakun would fit in with us,” Maboos explains. “1kyne and I are both pretty picky, but as soon as we heard Chakun sing we realized he had blown us away. We asked him to join us at once. If Chakun said he wanted to go solo, we wouldn’t be here today. You have to train for at least five years as a trainee, but he made his debut in less than one year. Chakun benefited from us, too. (laugh)”

Although they continued to tease him with statements like this, Maboos and 1kyne showed they loved and trusted their youngest member. Ma Boy 2 especially let Chakun shine, and perhaps because of this, the interest in Electroboyz is shooting up along with the popularity of Ma Boy 2.

[Interview] Electroboyz Wants to Shine with Brave Brothers

Because Electroboyz is largely unknown by the public, its meeting with Ma Boy 2 was a big opportunity. Ma Boy 2 is part of a series started by Ma Boy, the hit song by Sistar’s unit group Sistar19.

Maboos says, “Some say we’re benefitting from Brave Brothers, but who cares? We’re commercial pop singers. I think there’s nothing sadder than a song that no one listens to. We can do anything if more people can listen to our songs thanks to Brave Brothers. That’s also the reason why our album title is Reverse. Electroboyz will be forgetting about its past and will start anew, flying high with the help of Brave Brothers.”

“We’ll work harder. That our agency trusts us makes us think we should work harder,” 1kyne says.

Electroboyz says that rather than save face when they don’t need to, they will act like pop singers. They believe that the more fans they gather, the more chances there will be to show their own musical color.

“I think it’s a matter of choice on whether to throw away your colors and first get the public or show your colors from the start and build up your small group of fans little by little. We chose the former way. As a public-friendly hip-hop group, we’ll deliver to you joyful and exciting music.”

Photo credit: Brave Entertainment
Translation credit: Erika Kim

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