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Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

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2012.10.12 19:00 Mwave Stewart Ho

After years of turmoil, Tablo’s drawn-out fight against Tajinyo appears to have finally come to end with a court verdict, while in the same week, Infinite caved in to fans’ demands and added additional concert dates to its sold out tour in Japan.

Meanwhile, fans of JYJ’s Kim Junsu were sent into an uproar over the alleged mistreatment of the singer at an event, while Psy found himself in the middle of a very public drama with his close friend and senior, Kim Jang Hoon.

All this and more in this week’s Weekly Roundup.

Read on for the scoop:

Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

Stars on the Rise

1. Tajinyo Members’ Verdicts Upheld Bringing an End to Tablo Controversy

Epik High’s Tablo scored a major victory, putting an end to the drawn out battle with the Tajinyo members who have, for years, been trying to discredit his academic credentials.

On October 10, the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Tablo and dismissed an appeal filed by eight members of Tajinyo who had appealed their guilty verdict and punishment from a previous ruling.

In his ruling, Judge Park Kwang Keun declared the members had clearly committed a criminal act with an impure motive, and dismissed the appeal of the initial guilty ruling by the other members, aside from one of the members who received a lenient sentence, as groundless.

The sentencing brings near-clean closure for Tablo, who has been dealing with the organization and its members for years, allowing for the musician and Epik High to resume its comeback preparations with a lighter heart.

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2. Psy Gets Praised by Ban Ki Moon, Tops Chinese Chart and Racks Up More Endorsement Deals

Sure, he didn’t get the coveted number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 this week either, having to settle for second place again for a third week, but it proved yet another week of stellar accomplishments for the beloved pudgy singer.

In addition to recieving praise from UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, word got around that Psy would likely receive an Order of Cultural Merit from the Korean government- an honor reserved for the few that have demonstrated exceptional meritable services to improving the nation’s welfare.

Psy also topped China’s major music chart, a first for a Korean artist, all without any promotions there, as well as topped Billboard’s Rap Songs chart.

The cherry on top? Lucrative endorsement deals with Nongshim and a likely deal with HiteJinro.

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3. Infinite Adds Concert Dates to Sold Out Japanese Arena Tour

The term, “sell-out” can be applied negatively to an artist, but for Infinite and its wildly successful concerts, the term is anything but!

After quickly selling out all 50,000 seats of its upcoming Japanese arena concert tour, many fans were left disappointed at not being able to secure a ticket.

Infinite then responded by announcing two additional dates in November, upping the number of concert goers expected for this tour to a whopping 74,000.

And with this concert tour being its sixth consecutive concert series to have completely sold out, Infinite is quickly proving itself to be a top tier K-Pop artist.

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Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

Stars Falling Flat

1. Fans Allege JYJ’s Kim Junsu Treated Unfairly at the Para Games

The incident in question all unfolded on October 8, when Kim Junsu appeared at the 32nd National Para Games.

According to fans, not only was Kim Junsu denied a proper introduction, the cameras began packing up right before Kim Junsu’s performance.

This and other allegations sparked an uproar among fans, prompting the organization to issue a full explanation and apology.

Though crediting the incident largely as a misunderstanding with a few mistakes on their part, the explanation from the event’s organizers failed to convince and appease many fans.

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2. Kim Jang Hoon and Psy Enter Public Spat Before Making Up

It was a bizarre, whirlwind turn of events that kicked off with a series of cryptic messages left on Kim Jang Hoon’s SNS that verged on suicidal before the singer was admitted to a hospital.

The incident grew bigger however, after media reports began pointing to a major fallout between Kim Jang Hoon and close friend and junior Psy which was more or less confirmed by Kim Jang Hoon’s follow-up SNS messages.

Days of confusion, from conflicting reports from the media and differing statements from Psy and Kim Jang Hoon’s sides, added to the drama. It had become largely accepted, however, that the issue came down to Kim Jang Hoon feeling betrayed by Psy over his allegedly copying Kim Jang Hoon’s concerts.

Just when things seemed like there would be no amicable end to the disagreement, Kim Jang Hoon surprised the public once more by making an unannounced appearance at one of Psy’s performances on October 10 ,where the singer begged for forgiveness over his narrow-mindedness before the two emotionally made up over soju.

The long-time buddies have since seemingly patched things up, with Psy set to go abroad once more, while Kim Jang Hoon plans to kick off his overseas tour soon.

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3. Park Jung Min Files Two Hundred Million Won Lawsuit Against Former Agency

SS501’s Park Jung Min scored a major victory previously when he won a lawsuit effectively terminating his contract with CNR Media.

The legal battles between the two however, hasn’t ended as Park Jung Min’s new agency revealed the singer had recently filed another lawsuit, this time seeking 200 million won
in damages

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