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[Star of the Week] [Song Review] Epik High Sends a Chill Reminder through ′It′s Cold′

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2012.10.14 14:00 Mwave Erika Kim

The long wait is over. Epik High is back, and it has decided to ease back onto the music scene than crash the party from the start with anything too new.

Everything, from its members′ looks and styles to its label and its marketing ways (someone please get YG some new fonts), have changed for the group, but never fear; even if you are daunted by the differences, you′ll probably be happy to know the group′s music, embodied in its new single It′s Cold, is still surprisingly, and mercifully, the same as ever.

[Star of the Week] [Song Review] Epik High Sends a Chill Reminder through ′It′s Cold′

Tablo and Mithra Jin′s voices, as always, balance each other out, and everything is coated with a certain hollow and chilling quality, as if to make the song as cold as its title and lyrics. You can practically see the breath coming out from everyone′s mouths as they sing and rap.

The downfall to this song′s familiarity is that the song is a bit too similar to some of Epik High′s previous ′quiet′ pieces. It sounds similar to the likes of Present from the group′s sixth album [e] and Love Love Love from its fourth album Remapping the Human Soul, and especially seems to be the twin of Umbrella from its fifth album Pieces, Part One.

The main reason the tracks seem so similar, despite the different subject matter and beats, is probably because of the vocals. Lee Hi is known to be a powerful vocalist, with her voice containing as much soul as any voice could, but in Epik High′s single she fades into a generic ′Epik High style female vocalist,′ with the characteristic high, ringing tone.

But even if you were disappointed by how the single doesn′t contain anything new, it′s a bit too early to judge. The single serves the purpose given it: To be a happy reminder that Epik High is still alive and well.

Who knows what punches are in store for us in the group′s upcoming seventh album? In the meantime, just hang on and wait until the time comes for the sprouts of Epik High′s new season to pop up out of the cold.

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