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Kim Jang Hoon and Psy Make Up Over Soju

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2012.10.11 10:55 Mwave Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Kim Jang Hoon and Psy ′made up′ on stage with some soju.

Kim Jang Hoon was the one that decided to drop by to make amends. While Psy was performing Paradise at the Night of the Stars 2012 event held by Mercedes-Benz on October 10, Kim Jang Hoon suddenly burst onstage.

Kim Jang Hoon and Psy Make Up Over Soju

He said, "This foolish hyung (big brother) is so embarrassed, and I′m so sorry. I was sad because I felt my narrow-minded attitude was stopping my little brother from growing bigger in the world. Jae Sang (Psy′s real name), please forgive this hyung. I brought up my courage to drop by today because I thought there would be no other opportunity since he′s leaving for America next week."

Psy then apologized to his audience, saying, "I′m sorry that a private event like this that doesn′t fit the atmosphere had to happen here. I′m also sorry I′ve drawn concern from many people through the press recently."

Kim Jang Hoon washed away his worries with two packs of soju he had prepared in advance, sharing them with Psy.

"I was sad after seeing foreign outlets report on us," Kim Jang Hoon said after drinking his soju. "Psy is a unique figure in Korea, and his importance doesn′t fall behind that of Dokdo. I thought this shouldn′t be happening for the good of the nation."

Psy added, "I often fight with Jang Hoon hyung, but this one was the biggest fight."

Only a few from even Kim Jang Hoon′s agency knew Kim Jang Hoon would be making the surprise appearance, and the visit took place secretly and carefully. Kim Jang Hoon had checked Psy′s schedule through his manager the day before, left his hospital and went to visit Psy.

Kim Jang Hoon and Psy Make Up Over Soju

One rep from Kim Jang Hoon′s agency told enews, "I believe he suffered inside because the issue blew up to be so much bigger than he thought it would. I think that′s why he thought up this event after much consideration. He′s not fully recovered yet, so he′s entered another hospital after the reconciliation, but he will be able to leave the hospital this weekend, or early next week at the latest."

The two friends have been rumored to be in strife ever since they suddenly stopped holding their joint concerts late 2011.

The rumors were confirmed when Kim Jang Hoon suddenly left messages on his me2day after attempting to commit suicide on October 5, right after Psy had held his free concert at Seoul Plaza, drawing attention from the press and the public.

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