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Son Ye Jin Pulls Off a ′Hamburger Kiss′ for ′Chilling Romance′

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2011.11.22 17:31 Mwave Lee, InKyung

The pure and fragile Son Ye Jin attempted a transformation into a sadder yet bolder version of herself, and it seems to have worked.

In her new film Chilling Romance, Son succeeded in shedding her previous pure melodramatic image. In the press preview and roundtable for the film held on November 21, she showed that she had changed perfectly into the ‘weird horror melo’ female lead, a character somehow reminiscent of Choi Kang Hee in Petty Romance.

She became a bold single woman who didn’t hesitate in throwing out obscene dialogue, and also naturally changed into a mystical psychic when needed. It was enough to justify the praise that the film was ‘the rediscovery of Son Ye Jin’s charms’.

Son Ye Jin Pulls Off a ′Hamburger Kiss′ for ′Chilling Romance′

Because Son often acted in the ‘lovable first love’ role for films such as The Classic, April Snow and A Moment to Remember, the title of ‘melo queen’ followed her around wherever she went.

But in 2009, she aimed for a new image by taking on a femme fatale role, even appearing in bed scenes for White Night. Chilling Romance seems to be an assortment of her acting, as she brought all of her previous images together to mix them up to be pure, scary and sweet.

Son played the role of psychic Kang Yeo Ri, who gained the ability to see ghosts after she came close to dying when she was in high school. One day, she meets Ma Jo Gu (Lee Min Ki) on the street doing magic, and the two put together a horror magic act. They grow closer after getting drunk at a get-together, but because of the many ghosts that continue to appear near Yeo Ri, Jo Gu starts shaking in fear. The two agree on engaging in a life-threatening love, but in reality the love turns out to be more difficult than imagined.

Son fits perfectly into the role of the lonely Yeo Ri, who leaves her friends and family behind because of her ghosts (literal and figurative), and has never touched a man romantically since pecking one in middle school.

Thanks to her lack of experience, she turns to her best friend (Kim Hyun Sook) for advice - but takes it a bit too seriously in an attempt to seduce (read: kiss) Jo Gu. Remembering the info she heard about kisses also having levels, she tries a ′hamburger kiss′ on Jo Gu - which is as strange as it sounds. Yeo Ri looks into Jo Gu′s eyes warmly, but then suddenly says,“I want to feel an orgasm” and grabs Jo Gu by the collar, dragging him into the tent she set up in her home. In the tent, she asks, “Do you know about the hamburger kiss?” and kisses him with her lips traveling back and forth between his upper and lower lip.

Their cute and ridiculous kiss and bed scenes somehow work to Son′s advantage, bringing out her natural charms.

Son Ye Jin Pulls Off a ′Hamburger Kiss′ for ′Chilling Romance′

Son also acted as a drunken Yeo Ri, who goes over the edge when she drinks more than seven bottles of soju. With her blurred eyes, she keeps mumbling lines such as “How can you not drink when there are drinks in front of you,” “How can you not come when a man calls you” and “You’re like pork rinds; you have no true spirit in your heart.” She even starts ripping off Lee Min Ki’s shirt after holding onto it for a while.

When someone commented at the press roundtable that it might bring her a contract for a soju advertisement, she answered, “If it does, then thank you.”

Son’s sad crying scenes, something she’s flawless at, also shine more as the story progresses. At the roundtable, Son showed her affection for Yeo Ri as a character, saying, “The people around me tried to talk me out of it, asking why I was going for a role that would ruin my image, but I took up the challenge because I was thirsty for more acting.”

Will Son′s dive into this character make the film a success? Find out on December 1, when Chilling Romance premieres in most major theaters in Korea.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Gwan

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