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Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

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2012.10.05 19:00 Mwave Stewart Ho

It was an eventful week like any other with Psy rocking out with an estimated 10,000 at his free public concert and Kang Ho Dong announcing his much-anticipated comeback.

On the other hand, a few stars had some brushes with the law this week while a heavily-hyped idol drama closed out in a whimper.

All this and more in this edition of Weekly Roundup!

Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

Stars on the Rise

1. Psy Holds Concert in Front of 100,000 and Surpasses 300 Million Views

Though Psy remained in second place on the Billboard charts for a second week, that didn’t hold Psy back at all.

Psy rocketed past the 300 million view mark on YouTube this week with the latest figure showing the video fast approaching the 360 million view mark (as of October 5 KST). That puts Gangnam Style currently at #7 on YouTube’s most-watched video of all-time with it likely to crack the top five in a few days.

Though he came just shy of the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, Psy still went ahead with his promised free concert in Korea where he riled up the estimated 100,000 individuals in attendance including a few of our very own writers who took part in the Psy experience.

That concert may even make the Guinness World Records reflecting another astonishing week of accomplishments for Psy, or for Psy, simply business as usual.

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2. Kang Ho Dong Announces His Return

After over a year in temporary retirement, Kang Ho Dong announced his much-anticipated return to the world of variety this past week.

Working with producer Chang Hyuk Jae (Family Outing, X-Man), Kang Ho Dong originally intended to make his return through a new program, but the MC expressed his desire to return to Star King.

And with the support of SM C&C as his new agency, Kang Ho Dong’s comeback is shaping up to be one of the biggest in years.

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3. LeeSsang Makes a Return to Its Variety Shows

After a whirlwind of events and statements, LeeSsang’s Gary and Gil caved in to the demands of their fans and respective show castmates by announcing their return to their variety programs through an official statement.

The solidarity and support the LeeSsang duo have been receiving is nothing short of amazing and so far, it seems both Infinity Challenge and Running Man will return stronger than ever.

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Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

Stars Falling Flat

1. Comedian Kim Kyung Min Implicated in Domestic Assault Charge

rThough the Chuseok holiday is known as a merry time with family, the public became shocked when the news began reporting that a comedian/MC had been charged on September 30, on the day of Chuseok, of assaulting his wife by attacking and attempting to strangle her.

Though the comedian, later revealed to be Kim Kyung Min, was booked without dention, things became all the more confusing when the police refused to confirm or deny the incident saying the case had been closed.

Kim Kyung Min and his family eventually sat down with SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment in which his wife, Lee In Hui, acknowledged a quarrel had occurred between her and her husband but denied reports she had been attacked.

Kim Kyung Min has since filed a lawsuit against the media outlet that first published the news report.

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2. Amy Leaves Suicidal-Like Message After Arrest for Propofol Use and possession

Entertainer, Amy, made headlines after being arrested for the usage and possession of Propofol back in September.

She made headlines once more when it was discovered her Kakaotalk message had recently changed to say, ‘Goodbye World’ which concerned friends as a possible suicide message.

A petition has since been filed on behalf of Amy, asking for leniency so that she can rehabilitate, however, the issue remains up in the air for now.

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3. ‘To The Beautiful You’ Concludes With Paltry Ratings

Though the hype and wait for the SBS’ To the Beautiful You was great, the viewership ratings unfortunately failed to meet the expectations with the series concluding on October 4 with a lowly 5.2 percent rating.

Although it did mark a rise from its all-time low rating of 4.1 percent from the previous night, it was far below that of its competitors of MBC’s Arang and the Magistrate and KBS’ Nice Guy which pummeled the idol-led SBS drama throughout its entire run.

SBS is heavily relying on its follow-up drama, The Great Seer to make a rebound in the time slot.

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