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[Concert Review] The Psy Experience, Accomplished

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2012.10.05 10:55 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

People started gathering even eight hours before the actual concert time at Seoul Plaza near City Hall. And for what? Gangnam Style? To do the horse-riding dance? Maybe shine their faces on Youtube as the concert was streamed live to the world?


But for the close to 100,000 spectators that showed up at Seoul Plaza on October 4, it wasn’t just to celebrate the tremendous success that the now international singer has gathered in the past three months or so, but to be part of the Psy experience.

[Concert Review] The Psy Experience, Accomplished

We arrived three hours before 10 p.m., thinking we would be good with getting a decent spot – and we did.

But as the clock started ticking, the crowd became bigger and rowdier.

After getting stepped on, pushed, and pulled by strangers, we escaped the large crowd and watched from the back.

But even from the back, the experience was just as crazy and we can hardly imagine how much crazier it was in the giant pits closer to the stage.

Psy appeared on stage briefly before the live streaming, to thank fans for the mind-blowing turnout. He asked everyone to be considerate of each other since safety came first.

He reminded fans that everyone in the world would be watching, so to show the excitement and passion of the Korean people. He then walked off the stage, asking fans to pretend like it’s his first time appearing when he came back later on.

And then, it began.

[Concert Review] The Psy Experience, Accomplished

Being a true patriot, Psy started off the concert with the National Anthem, which was quickly followed by all of Psy’s huge hits, Celebrity, Right Now, Bird, Paradise, We Are the One, It’s Art, and even Please Shake it from MBC’s Infinity Challenge, although to our disappointment, Noh Hong Chul never made a surprise appearance. He mentioned that his family was in the audience and sang a heartwarming performance of Father.

He took a few breathers from performing to talk to the audience, always encouraging the audience to keep their energy up.

“If you are tired, that’s losing. If you go crazy, that’s winning.” Throughout the concert, he said many things that were witty, hilarious, and sometimes, heartwarming.

“This concert isn’t something that is done, but something that needs to be accomplished,” he said at one point, telling audience members that he couldn′t do it alone.

[Concert Review] The Psy Experience, Accomplished

Then he brought out the sunglasses, saying it couldn’t be done without them. And suddenly, everyone in the crowd – young and old, were jumping up and down, singing and dancing along to Gangnam Style.

While this song was the one that brought Psy the international fame, Psy said that Champion will always be the song he keeps dear in his heart, because it’s the one that brought him back to the stage when he thought all was lost. It seemed that the crowd agreed with him as it was perhaps the loudest song sung by the audience that night.

After looking at the large crowd in front of him, Psy became teary-eyed and thanked all of the citizens for bringing him back to the stage. “I am just a chubby Korean guy with two kids. I want to thank you for making me into Psy.”

Psy made sure spectators would not forget October 4, even chugging down a bottle of soju handed to him by an audience member and taking off his shirt, despite not getting the number one spot on Billboard.

Even after the encore of Gangnam Style was over and Psy left the stage, large crowds of people continued to belt out in song as everyone scurried to go home.

[Concert Review] The Psy Experience, Accomplished

Despite the craziness, the long waiting hours, and the fear of getting squashed to death, by the end of the night, all complaints were forgotten because that’s what Psy does.

So was watching Psy perform worth being squashed between the 100,000 Psy-KOs there?


Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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