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[Interview] Han Hyo Joo Says Lee Byung Hun was the Best Actor She′s Met

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2012.10.03 23:00 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Lee Seung Gi, So Ji Sub, Jung Woo Sung, Sul Kyung Gu and Lee Byung Hun. These are some of the actors who have acted with the actress Han Hyo Joo. As can be seen in this list, Han Hyo Joo has acted with some of the best, and most good-looking, actors of the time.

The results SBS′ Shining Inheritance and the films Always and Masquerade have garnered prove her worth. She′s an actress who knows how to help her partner shine, and this helped her pile up on an unbelievable career at age 25.

Last year she had her audience crying with Always, and this time, she′s off on another period piece challenge with one of Korea′s most skilled actors, Lee Byung Hun, through the film Masquerade. How would she think about her acting and her career? Enews met with Han Hyo Joo to find some answers.

[Interview] Han Hyo Joo Says Lee Byung Hun was the Best Actor She′s Met

Han Hyo Joo Up Close

One hour was such a short time to get to know this person. During the short interview, I got to meet two Han Hyo Joos; the actress and the person. The two were completely different.

For the first 40 minutes or so she was a sharp actress with seven years under her belt, while in the remaining time she was a little sister who has her own worries and complaints.

She hadn′t endured seven years in showbiz for nothing. She said, however, that she′s usually brighter and more cheerful than others may think. She had to hide her cheerfulness because of her fragile heart. She was worried her actions or her words would be twisted to hurt others.

When told she didn′t smile much just like she is in her movies, she smiled brightly to disprove the statement, saying, "I do smile a lot." The smile made her look like the 25 year old girl she was rarely taken to be.

Around this time last year ′Always′ premiered. It was the opening piece for the ′Busan International Film Festival′ (′BIFF′) last year too, and ′BIFF′ is coming around again this year. It must remind you a lot of those times.

"Since the weather has become colder and the wind has started to blow, I′m reminded a lot of how it was back then. It was a meaningful piece for me. I was able to drink with a lot of great people, and it was great.... I don′t think I′ll make it [to BIFF] this year because of my schedules, though."

Your barefaced acting in ′Masquerade′ has been making issues. Did you ever have to do something like that before?

"I′ve been in scenes with no makeup on. I feel burdened when I have thick makeup on, so I rarely put on makeup outside of my pieces. It feels like my original self is being covered up (Laugh). That′s why when I put on thick makeup for photo spreads or press conferences, I′m awed and it feels funny."

How does it feel to watch your film?

"It′s hard for me to give objective reviews. Still, it′s fun. I personally laughed a lot watching it."

What was the most impressive scene?

"The scene where I ran around holding hands with [Lee] Byung Hun sunbae (senior) was the most impressive. My heart fluttered at the sight of the two of us holding hands nicely and running with music playing in the background. When we were shooting it, we had to run for a long time so I was tired, but it felt great to see what a nice scene it turned out to be."

[Interview] Han Hyo Joo Says Lee Byung Hun was the Best Actor She′s Met

We can′t avoid touching on your work with Lee Byung Hun.

"He′s a praiseworthy actor. He′s a great actor, the best actor. He′s a sunbae that can have all the titles he wants. It was the first time I met such an actor in my acting career. I could see how immersed he was in his act. It was great."

Just what about him left the biggest impression on you?

"He touched me as a junior and as an actor when I saw him lead the scene as the lead actor. His voice, too (Laugh). His voice in commercials is memorable."

You′re said to be one of the few actresses who fits in both period pieces and more modern settings. Which do you think fits yourself the most?

"I don′t know.... They all have their own charms, so it′s hard to choose just one. Modern pieces are comfortable to move around in, but period pieces help actresses look more beautiful. At first when I was in a period piece I was criticized because I didn′t fit in. I think I′ve been getting good reviews because everyone′s gotten used to seeing me. (Laugh)"

You′re only 25 years old. You′ve been in many pieces, but do you still have any other pieces you would like to try?

"I′ve worked hard (Laugh). Still, I′ve never gotten to act in trendy dramas like I Need a Romance or Coffee Prince. I want to try those types."

You′ve had great fortune in your selection of partners. Which actor fit you the most?

"I don′t really like evaluating others. I just think I was lucky as an actress to have such partners. (Laugh) I cherish the new ties I gain when I get to know a good person, and those ties then lead to more ties; it′s like one leads to three, and those three lead to six."

It seems you would really be strict.

"I′m not. I′m very delicate. I debuted at such an early age, and I′ve been hurt by the ways my words and actions have been twisted to mean other things. I think that′s led me to be more passive and timid. I′m hurt easily. I′m actually pretty bright and prone to laughter."

It seems ′Masquerade′ will be another turning point for Han Hyo Joo. Is there anything you would like to add?

"I starred in the film, but I think objectively it′ll be a fun film. I believe it′ll be one that leaves a definite message too. It′s a piece that will show me in a new light. I hope you watch on to see how I mature as an actress, and I hope you continue to show me your love."

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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