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Stellar Blasts Off With Successful Debut on ′Inkigayo′

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2011.08.28 18:04 Mwave Choi, EunHwa

Seven members with light and bouncy movements, killer eye smiles and fresh and pure images like fairies in fairy tales. These are some of the phrases used to describe A Pink, one of the 30 or so girl groups that made their debuts in 2011.

A Pink debuted in April with its album Seven Springs of A Pink, which held the popular singles I Don’t Know and It Girl, and after a four month gap, released its second mini album Snow Pink on November 22.

Enews met with the members of A Pink, who, unlike their looks, were unexpectedly candid and easy-going.

Stellar, the girl group most notable for being produced by Shinhwa member Eric, successfully debuted on SBS′ music program Inkigayo on August 28 with Rocket Girl.

The group members attracted attention in their cute costumes and peculiar hairstyles, which matched the high-energy choreography.

Stellar Blasts Off With Successful Debut on ′Inkigayo′

Stellar Blasts Off With Successful Debut on ′Inkigayo′

Why A Pink made it through

In 2011 many girl groups again literally ‘poured’ out into the scene. The 30 or so new teams that confidently boasted they were “different from other teams” put up a fierce fight with senior girl groups, boy groups and fellow rookie groups.

In the end, a majority didn’t even get their names known to the public, while others had to say goodbye for the time being, promising they would come back to perform again in the near future.

A Pink, however, won the female rookie award on November 29 at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and won the idol music rookie award on December 16 at the Korean Culture & Entertainment Award, allowing the group to stand tall as the most successful new group of the year.

Member Jung Eun Ji said, “I think people remember us because our concept is different from current trends and stands out. We were also helped by many seniors when they mentioned our names on broadcasts and radios because they think of us like little sisters thanks to our age-appropriate music and concept.”

Many officials are saying that A Pink resembles girl groups from the 90s such as S.E.S and Fin.K.L, and this fact appeals in a familiar way to the fans back then, while to the new generation of teens the group’s charms are unfamiliar and new.

Stellar has made its rounds on various music programs, appearing on Mnet’s M Countdown on August 26, KBS’ Music Bank on August 27 and Inkigayo on August 28.

The girls have been the center of attention even before their debut. Member Kim Ga Young appeared on KBS2’s variety program 1 Night, 2 Days′ ′Tour with the Viewers’ special while Lee Seul was a choir member on the program Qualification of Men.

Rocket Girl, which was produced by Kim Do Hyun of Lee Hyori’s 10 Minutes fame and features Eric, is an electronic dance track about being carefree and enjoying life.

Photo credit: SBS

Stellar Blasts Off With Successful Debut on ′Inkigayo′

Going for cute when they can

Unlike other girl groups, which emphasized their strong performances and sexy concepts, A Pink has continued on a straight road since its debut with pure and fresh ‘girl’ sentiments. This strategy definitely differentiated the group from others, and as a result, helped A Pink emerge victorious in the fierce girl group battle.

“I think our company thought we would fit such a concept,” member Park Cho Rong said. “We think so too. I believe we’re doing music that would be hard to do if we’re not our age. Even if we get a little older, the concept might look awkward on us. Onstage, we follow the flow of music, but backstage, we’re just like any other teenagers.”

Will A Pink be able to throw out its pure charms for a sexier image when its members become adults? The members answer “of course,” and that they’re “just hiding the sexy.”

Cho Rong said, “When we’re at the practice room, we turn on some music and sometimes dance sexy dances. When we were still trainees this [pure concept] wasn’t our concept. We’re not doing sexy not because we can’t, but because we’re just hiding it so that no one can see. When we get older and mature, I believe our music and our concept will mature naturally [with us], also. But still, we have to wait 3.1 more years for all of us to be adults….”

Stellar Blasts Off With Successful Debut on ′Inkigayo′

Want to stay together 10 years later

A Pink has wrapped up 2011 with a bang. The members of their role model groups, S.E.S and Fin.K.L, have all gone on to become solo singers, actors and musical actors. What will A Pink be like 10 years from now?

After thinking about it for a while, the members came up with some answers.

Son Na Eun thought of holding an exhibition because she majors in art, Oh Ha Young guessed she would be married early, Jung Eun Ji thought she would be a vocal trainer in an agency or institute and Hong Yoo Kyung said she would like to own a bakery because she likes bread. Hong joked she wouldn’t use her members to model for her bread, and everyone chattered away while imagining what they would be like 10 years from now.

They then started talking about H.O.T., which was rumored to be preparing for a reunion, Shinhwa and the members of S.E.S who gathered for member Shoo’s wedding photos.

“I don’t know how much we’ll have changed 10 years from now,” Yoon Bo Mi said. “But like some seniors do, we would like to stand again on the same stage even after a long time has passed. We want to become a group that is still remembered 10 years from now, and can still be active.”

A Pink My My Music Video

Photo credit: A Cube Entertainment
Translation credit: Erika Kim

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