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[Chuseok Special] Male Stars We’d Bring Home to Meet the Parents

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2012.09.30 10:30 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Chuseok, or Korean thanksgiving, is one of the biggest holidays in Korea, where the entire family gathers to celebrate together.

One of the most asked questions that we receive from our relatives during this time (or all the time in Korea) is the inescapable “Do you have a boyfriend?”

So it had us wondering, if we could choose five male stars to bring home to meet the family during this Chuseok season, who would they be?

[Chuseok Special] Male Stars We’d Bring Home to Meet the Parents

Song Joong Ki

He might not be the nicest guy around at this time, since he’s currently busy with his current KBS drama Nice Guy, but it still doesn’t change the fact that Song Joong Ki will steal the hearts of our family away.

With his good manners, Song Joong Ki proves he’s boyfriend material, since he’s willing to help others out even when his work is done, so we know that he’ll help us clean the dirty dishes after the holiday feast is over.

He’s intelligent and manages to keep a conversation going, in Korean or English, since he’s so good at both as shown in Nice Guy.

We know that despite being surrounded by people he doesn′t really know, he won′t shy away and stay true to himself since he hates being a fake person.

Plus, that smile of his is bound to melt our mothers and our aunts.

[Chuseok Special] Male Stars We’d Bring Home to Meet the Parents

Choi Siwon

Not only is he handsome with a hot body, Choi Siwon of Super Junior is probably one of the most well-mannered idols out there.

He goes out of his way to show his support for the people he cares about and always remembers to celebrate the birthdays of the important people in his life.

When danger arrives, he’ll become your personal body guard (and soldier of light), and we’re sure our fathers approve of that.

And did we remember to mention that he’s ridiculously good-looking?

[Chuseok Special] Male Stars We’d Bring Home to Meet the Parents

Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi is part of the umchinah crowd that makes the rest of the male population sort of hate his guts but makes our mothers just absolutely adore him.

He may be a slight workaholic , but we’re sure he’ll have time for us and the family, since he’s proven to be a good juggler of both his work and his education.

He′s usually good about keeping in touch and even does good deeds, and what person in his or her right minds would hate that?

He’s also in great physical condition, even helping to carry the Olympic torch for the London Olympics.

You would think that someone this perfect will have a huge smudge on his past, but he has people backing him up that he was just as amazing then too.

He′s good with kids too, so he can help baby sit our baby cousins.

[Chuseok Special] Male Stars We’d Bring Home to Meet the Parents

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho is such a well-mannered man that we don’t even know where to start with the countless reasons why he makes our hearts flutter and will make our families’ hearts flutter too.

First off, he’s just a hard-working man, who focuses all of his attention on what’s important and then excels from that. He’s constantly willing to take criticism and all the help he can get without getting pouty about it.

He wants to give back as much as he’s received. Plus, he looks great with everyone he’s with (although he may also outshine everyone with his good looks), and despite the party animal image he may carry, he’s actually a good boy that parents would approve of.

Plus he recently lost some weight, so we think it’s our responsibility to help fatten him up a bit with lots of traditional pancakes and rice cakes during this holiday.

[Chuseok Special] Male Stars We’d Bring Home to Meet the Parents

Park Yoo Chun

First off, he’s royalty. Okay, that seems a little forced, but you can’t deny his good looks and amazing skin that’s fitting pf a prince.

But more than his social status or his physical features, Park Yoo Chun in general is an amazing person that we would love to introduce to our family.

He’s a hard worker, who studies his butt off to be as perfect as he can when he’s working on something. Park Yoo Chun doesn’t take people for granted and always remembers to thank them for their hard work and consideration.

He’s also very family-oriented, as seen from his closely-knit relationship with his mother and brother. He always has his family in mind and remembers them even when they’re not present. Not only that, he’s even considered doing the tremendous deed of adopting a child so that his mother wouldn’t be lonely and because he always wanted a little sister or a daughter in the family.

In other words, He’s the perfect candidate to bring to a huge family event.

So here are our choices of men that we want to introduce to our parents this Chuseok season.

Who would you introduce?

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